Fappy Nik's Journal

Day 4 :3rd_place_medal: Settler.


Day 5 :2nd_place_medal: Peasant.

Day 6 :trophy: Contestant.

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Day 10 :1st_place_medal: Apprentice.

Day 11 :medal_sports: Struggler.

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Day 11 :memo: Challenger.

Reset the counter to ZER0 after 10 days streak. Didn’t PMO but did sort of. As survived y’day on edge after watching piss Porn & all the sexting n dirty talks with gf, I found it difficult to sleep in night. No Mastubation but I slept on my back & willy got rubbed wrong way. Had to retract foreskin to let it loosen up & sleep well. In morning, had a Wetdream & it was Orgasm I didn’t asked for. But still it was triggered due to my actions, so I was sulking all day abt it. Went to Temple in evening asking for forgiveness & peace. Now I’m back with resolve of total abstain from any kind of Porn. Have to change my ways & develop new habits. Day 0 :back: Prisoner.


Day 2 :2nd_place_medal: Migrant

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