Rewiring Phone Addiction📵 Major step against PMO addiction.🏆(September ENTRIES OPEN)

Leave the screens, live the moments.

First of all thanks for clicking on this challenge group. So this challenge might sound unusual. But, believe me, it is one of the kind that is worth trying. This challenge is about controlling your phone addiction which can even benefit your NoFap Journey.
As this app’s name says :- “Rewire companion” , rewiring can be done of any addiction.

I don’t need to tell you all, as you all know how much precious time is. And yet we still waste it in unproductive things.

I request all the interested candidates to read the following details carefully. I repeat carefully. Every detail is compressed into dropdown format. Click on the topic and read everything.

The JULY 2021 challenge has been started.

New entries for August 2021 month is open. Check “New Entry Board” section below.

Know the rules!


  1. Whenever you will use the phone, you have to look at the watch and note the start time and eventually the end time of your phone usage time of that period. (Check benefits of this in the benefits section)

  2. You have to note down each and every sessions of the phone use in the day(u can write done the sessions on a paper) and update total time in the score board (check example for easy help in updating).

  3. If you are using your phone for social media, gaming, YouTube, internet surfing and any kind of phone related stuff, you have to note down the time. Basically, you have to calculate the time used on the phone for EVERYTHING.

  4. You have to add the productive time also if that productive time is of short period (motivational videos.) If this time increases by 30 mins at a time, then you don’t have to add it.

Reason behind this :- sometimes, under the name of productive work, our mind gets carried away to use more phone and eventually diverting the productive content to unproductive content.

  1. The score will be calculated in :point_right: hrs and mins
  2. Peeking into your phone for even just checking the notifications is not allowed. ( Be honest with yourself if you want to make a difference in your life.)
  3. Time for using phone to use this app and for studying should not be calculated. You have to be honest with yourself and use the precious time wisely. I repeat, be honest with yourself


  • Benefits of rule no. 1 :- there are many apps that can calculate the phone usage time. But, i want you all to actually look at the clock and see how much time we are wasting. using a phone to check phone usage ang get rid of phone addiction doesn’t sound right.

  • For those who can’t update daily and can’t keep notes of the time used, can use whichever phone tracker app they want to. Its now a personal opinion for you all.

  • my personal opinion :- These apps make everything comfortable for us. And if we get comfortable in any thing, we should know we are not making any improvements. habit that we have of using our phone for everything = comfortable bed. Wake up and get out of the bed Thats why, a “small change” can make a big difference

  • Benefits of Rule no. 4 :- you will learn to prioritise your phone usage time for the things you actually need to do on the phone.

  • With decreasing phone usage, you will gradually see increase in your work hours and family hours

  • This will ultimately lead to not viewing pornographic content on phone. Thus contributing to your NoFap streak
    (Viewing pornographic content on laptops, PCs, tabs is not an option here. You have to control that yourself as this challenge is prioritised for phone usage addiction rewiring.)

  • You will be able to look at your monthly phone usage and do a monthly analysis and see how much time is been utilised or wasted.

  • Benefits of scoreboard :- seeing other companions really making a difference in their lives, you will automatically get motivated for making a difference in your own life.
    A small change can make a huge difference

scoreboard Rules


How the scoreboard works :-

There are two types of scoreboards here. One is the LIFE TIME RECORD BOARD and the other one is MONTHLY RECORD BOARD.
As from this you can see that the competitions will be of 1 month each.

The LIFE TIME RECORD BOARD is the score board for your total phone usage throughout all the months. At the end of every month, you will add the month’s total into the life time record board

There is also a MEDAL CABINET to keep your collection of medals throughout the journey.

Rules of scoreboard

  1. Just write your name is bold with “:-” this infront of it (check example section)
  2. You have to update your own score. Update your score daily night. If someone can’t update each day, then please write down the score on a paper and update the original score when you get time.
  3. (Monthly scoreboard) If a person fails to update for even one time in a week, a warning message will be sent on the 6th day of that week and still if no updation is done in the next 24 hours, he/she will be eliminated when the 7th day of the week ends.
  4. Be honest with yourself, if you haven’t written your score anywhere, then no need to update even after 6 days, get eliminated from the month’s challenge by your self. (Post a message mentioning it)
  5. If a person fails to update his total monthly score in the LIFE TIME RECORD BOARD, a warning message will be sent to update that score within next 7 days. If the person fails to update it in the give time. His record in the life time record board will be reset to 0. That means, all progress lost. ( No elimination )
New Entry Board


There is a third board named :- New entry board.
Use of this board :-

  1. Once the monthly challenge is started, there will be no new entries in that month’s challenge.
  2. So if any new challenger want to join from the next month, then he/she can put his/her name in this new entry board.
  3. Their names will then be shifted to the above two boards before the start of the next month.


If I, strongwillpower used my phone for 1 hr in the morning, 30 mins in the afternoon and 2 hrs in the evening, then i will update my score at the end of the day as :-

  1. strongwillpower :- 3hrs 30 mins

Similarly, if next day i use my phone for 2 hours in total, then at the end of the day i will update my score as :-

  1. strongwillpower :- 5hrs 30 mins

(Adding to the previous total)

Rewards System

In the monthly score board, the person having the least number of phone usage total time will be the winner of that month. There will be 2 runner ups each month.
1st runner up :- 2nd most least phone usage time
2nd runner up :- 3rd most least phone usage time

Medals will be given infront of their names in the life time record board. Compete with others each month to gain more n more medals.
Competition is simple! Just stay away from phone!

:1st_place_medal::- Winner

:2nd_place_medal::- 1st Runner up

:3rd_place_medal::- 2nd Runner up

Thus every month this system will be followed.

Extra rewards :-

:star: :- for the one who invites 5 companion on this challenge and all those 5 joins the challenge.

:medal_sports: :- for the regular motivators who use their important phone usage time to motivate everyone.(Sharing motivational contents)

:medal_military: :- for the regular helpers who use their important phone usage time to help other/new challengers

:fleur_de_lis: :- for the constant members of this challenge

(These rewards will be given to the challengers directly into the life time record board without mentioning/tagging their names in posts. Reason :- if their will be less post, then phone use will be less. All we have to focus on is how we can decrease the phone usage)

@strongwillpower @Aman1 @selfconqurer @SincereDev @Prox



Time is precious. Waste it wisely



Read scoreboard rules carefully

LIFE TIME RECORD BOARD (Till July not updated except for Sinceredev)

(Update score here at the end of every month)

Name Total use
Aman1 :fleur_de_lis::medal_military::medal_sports: 69hrs 31mins
richard21 :fleur_de_lis: 371 hrs 14 mins
Nep1234id :fleur_de_lis: 169 hrs 25 min(3months)
selfconqurer :fleur_de_lis::medal_military::medal_sports: 167hrs 44mins
strongwillpower 247 hrs 20mins (6 months)
SincereDev :fleur_de_lis::medal_military::medal_sports: 482 hrs 50 min (10 months)
Ivar07 :fleur_de_lis: 38 hrs (1month)
UnknownT :fleur_de_lis: 20 hr 51 min (1month)
Madhavbansal :fleur_de_lis::medal_military: 265 hrs 36 min (5 months)
rewire_user 79Hrs (1 month)
PrDr :fleur_de_lis::medal_military: 102 hrs 08 minutes (4months)
Prox :fleur_de_lis: 152hrs 08mins(2months)
i_use_linux :fleur_de_lis: 144hrs 26mins(2months)



(Update score here at the end of each day)


:pushpin: JULY 2021

Name usage
pingpong1 28hrs 36mins
Mahesh27_03 30hrs 0mins
nofaplegend96 48hrs 8mins
i_use_linux 67 hrs 4 mins
SincereDev 42 hrs 45 mins
PrDr 36 hrs 38 mins
Prox 96hrs05mins

:pushpin: AUGUST 2021

Name Usage
i_use_linux 13 hrs 39 mins
Zoro 77 hours
the_resilient_one 10 hrs
SincereDev 54 hr 20 min
MadhavBansal 40hrs 08mins
Pingpong1 8hr

:pushpin: September 2021




(Collection of all your monthly achieved medals)

Name Medals
Aman1 :1st_place_medal:(07/20) :1st_place_medal:(09/20)
richard21 :2nd_place_medal:(08/20) :2nd_place_medal:(09/20) :1st_place_medal:(10/20) :2nd_place_medal:(11/20) :2nd_place_medal: (12/20) :1st_place_medal:(01/21) :2nd_place_medal:(02/21)
selfconqurer :3rd_place_medal:(07/20) :1st_place_medal:(08/20)
strongwillpower :2nd_place_medal:(07/20) :3rd_place_medal:(09/20) :2nd_place_medal:(04/21) :1st_place_medal:(05/21) :2nd_place_medal:(06/21)
SincereDev :2nd_place_medal:(10/20) :3rd_place_medal:(11/20) :3rd_place_medal: (12/20) :2nd_place_medal:(01/21) :3rd_place_medal:(03/21) :3rd_place_medal:(04/21) :2nd_place_medal:(05/21) :3rd_place_medal:(7/21)
Ivar07 :1st_place_medal:(11/20)
UnknownT :1st_place_medal:(12/20)
Madhavbansal :3rd_place_medal:(01/21) :3rd_place_medal:(02/21) :2nd_place_medal:(03/21) :3rd_place_medal: (06/21) :2nd_place_medal:(7/21)
PrDr :1st_place_medal:(02/21) :1st_place_medal:(03/21) :1st_place_medal:(04/21) :1st_place_medal:(06/21) :1st_place_medal:(7/21)
Nep1234id :3rd_place_medal:(05/21)



(enter your name here for entry from next month)

:pushpin: October 2021


Hey @strongwillpower … Thanks to start this challenge

I’m in …

Time management is the most important thing in a life in every field. So calculate your phone usage help a lot to know actually how much time you really give to your phone .
Actually I am already practiced everyday to get myself away from the phone … And I count my daily usage also with the app.
But this challenge is going to help me to count my total usage of the month and also being competitive with other companions motivate me to push back a limit little bit less everyday… … Let’s see how it goes …
And I request to
@adulrakha , @HappySoul , @selfconqurer , @SelfMadeNinja , @nejihyuga, @Peter1505
to join this challenge … this will surely help in rewiring the phone addiction if you have …

All the best to all…


That is the actual motive of this challenge. Thanks for highlighting it @Aman1 Thanks a lot.


All my brothers, I know a app "yourhours"which will reduce your phone addiction you can install it from playstore.


@_TIGER read the benefits.:blush:


Ohh okay bhai :grin:


I don’t recommend any other apps to calculate your phone usage because:-

To rewire from your phone addiction, you will use your phone to calculate your phone usage. That means the goal, which is “REWIRING”, is not achieved. Their is no means to this challenge.

Because of this phone we have been pulled towards the virtual life and we are been disconnected from the real life.

I agree that phone is useful for many things in life. But question yourself (everyone). Spending time on internet surfing, YouTube, webseries, movies and all the unproductive stuff… how is all this useful in life.

While chatting with your friends on different social media networks, ask yourself have you ever talked that much with your family?

we have only one life and if we keep wasting our time in looking at other’s life (actors in the movie, webseries, youtubers etc.) When are we going to give time to ourself to make our own life?

Time is precious. "Waste " it wisely.


Wow thanks for the invite bro… but nah im not in… I don’t have a phone right now… currently using my mother’s. When will the next one start??


Hey @adulrakha … Bro actually its Ok if you don’t have a phone right now . You don’t have to do anything from your phone … It’s already the challenge about rewiring the brain to get away yourself out from phone addiction .
It does not matter if you have a phone with you or not … You just have to calculate the time you actually give to phone and update that here … You don’t have to share any screenshot just update your time honestly.
Actually the main aim to know how yourself how much time you put to the phone … browsing internet , watching videos over youtube … and in the end get yourself free from phone addiction.

And it’s totally OK if you don’t participate right now … Its a monthly challenge you can try next month .


This challenge will restart every month. You can join anytime.

All you need to do that time is to follow this. :blush:
Third board will be added to the score board when the first challenge (july 2020) starts.


True that :blush: time to take things seriously.


I’ll join for sure. Let’s do this!


@Aman1 cool I will participate next month :ok_hand:
Thank you for suggesting me this thread😊


Thanks everyone for joining in… and also for those who will join in the coming future.

Till the time this challenge starts, find out your own ways to decrease your phone usage and start practicing it little by little each day. So that when the challenge will start, you won’t be suddenly made to stay away from the phone.

A small change can make a big difference



Rules of scoreboard updated for a better conduct of the challenge. Check it.


I wanna join👆.
Please add me in it.

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Done brother! Read all the “know the rules” and “scoreboard rules” carefully.


I wanna join the challenge
Pls add me in


@masterofemotions @hp365 read “know the rules” and “scoreboard rules” carefully

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