I want a companion for 120 days nofap streak

I’m in for the 120 days challenge :slight_smile:
I’ll add you
Code - ggc9kp

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Thanks you sir/mam , i completed 15 day currently nofap,but i am phone addict ,my daily usege is 8hour help me


Sharing code il6ust
Current streak 20 days
Age 20
Gender M

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Sharing code : mymcsp

U need to cut back screen time, be more in nature, avoiding arousing content, staying always busy.


Sharing code - l7po4p

Current streak - 60 days
Highest streak - 99 days
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - India

Bruh, take me in. I have your back.
Been on NoFap for 2 months many times. Latest one got me to the roof of 99 days.
My next target is 999.

If anyone else wants to be my companion, you are always welcome. After all we are fam who wants to get better with every passing day.



You can join my thread…

New challenge will start from 1st September. If not joined… there will be waiting for 1 full month…

But before joining… i request you to please read all the rules thoroughly… they are very important to understand the challenge.

Here it is… :point_down: click to get redirected

And… im a Man… :blush:


Add me brother… daaf29

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Add me, I’m new and motivated

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I would also like to sign up for the challenge my sharing code is

I am up for a challenge, 90 days, but i can’t find my sharing code! Can someone tell where to find the code??

Are we begin or what @joker
I’m right about my cutting or what ?!

Let’s begin … come on

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Would like to join
Sharing code -uge304

Sharing code-69fbe7
Current srreak-15 days
Add me I also want to achieve 90 days with nofap​:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Yes @NhTbH lets begin.
What is the screenshot all about?

Excuse me ، I don’t understand ?!
Do you mean to show applications that I used in my day ?!

Why guys you are not effective you began or not :thinking::sweat_smile:.

To keep in mind …

This usage are like this because I walked with my friend so no mobile … this was the great point of the day

Be strong all of you …


Click on the 3 dot circular icon from the people tab
There you’ll find options

Sorry it is “companion” tab, not people
See the orange circle with 3 dots? That’s where it is

Is this started?
I had no response from this group
I want to begin now
My objectives in this challenge are 1. Not to fap, if I fap it will be a relapse
2. Not to watch useless online videos (especially YouTube), if I watch any I’ll call it a relapse too. I do need to watch some lectures for my studies so I won’t call it a relapse. But something else and I have relapsed

How are we doing this exactly
This is my first challenge so not sure how we do this
Also hi😊

All of you join the discord server because there we can get notifications about mssgs sent and would be a lot easier to communicate!