Rewiring Phone Addiction📵 Major step against PMO addiction.🏆(September ENTRIES OPEN)

I’ve added myself to the scoreboard.
I want to go back to doing my dopamine detox, where I leave my phone downstairs, and only check in the morning and evening once. I’ve been doing no social media/YT for two weeks now. I have been wasting time reading the news though, which isn’t useful at all.
I’m glad you made this challenge.


Welcome to the challenge buddy! Its actually a step of dopamine detox! I think we got a strong challenger here !!!


Reward system changed

:boom: :partying_face: More Rewards added!!!

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The challenge hasn’t started yet, but I have. Therefore I want to share my progress today.

Today I spent 15 minutes in my food tracker, adding my food I ate today, 3x 5 minutes.
I also spent 5 minutes doing Duolingo Italian.
I spent about 10 minutes wasting time on my computer.
I will also include my useless computer time, because it’s like a second phone to me. I won’t include time I spend practising my drawing or watching useful toturials, because I don’t feel this is time wastage.
I also went running for half an hour without music or phone.
I didn’t spend too much time on rewire app. Sometimes I do. If so, I will also include this time.

So my total for today is 30 minutes.
Good luck to all of you guys!


Yes you are absolutely right!!
Try to understand these 2 things :point_down:

If you even include your productive time on phone, and after that you see the total time you used your phone, you will definitely try to cut out the extra time of unproductivity and convert that much time for productive work too :blush:

Note :- you have to add the productive time also if that productive time is of short period ( motivational videos, short period of study on phone.) If this time increases by 1 hour at a time, then you don’t have to add it.

Reason behind this :- sometimes, under the name of productive work, our mind gets carried away to use more phone and eventually diverting the productive content to unproductive content.


Some additions in the text for better understanding of the goals of this challenge. Check it

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I think that’s a good rule, if you study for over an hour using phone/computer, you’re probably focused, and not wasting time. However, watching motivational videos can quickly become mindless browsing. I don’t watch these types of videos for this reason, except on the rewire forum, because I can’t browse further on here.


Good thing!! Keep working hard brother :blush:


I’m ready bro :muscle: @Aman1 @strongwillpower


Welcome to the challenge brother @SelfMadeNinja
Please read all the “know the rules” and “scoreboard rules” carefully brother. Dont miss out anything.


1- install it
2- make an account on gmail or,yahoo or yandex.
3-now sign up in kaspersky website with your gmail account.
4- now sign in in yiur kaspersky app in phn
5- now go to kaspersky website and open devices and yiu ll see following options which yiu can use.
1= you can restrict any app usage time
2= you can block any app
3= you can filter internet search
4- you can limit phn usage time
5- the best thing is that yiu cant uninstall this
* just change your gmail account password and kaspersky account password that you dont know .
randomly change password in both accounts.
now you are fully secured from p**** and mobile addiction.


While this sounds great in theory, I’m reluctant to install an app from Kaspersky and be unable to uninstall it. And besides, if you really want to, there’s always a way, like factory resetting your phone. I keep it simple with BlockerX and Truple web filter, for which no account is needed and with which no russian security companies are involved. Just like I removed all of the Chinese software from my phone, I won’t install Russian software. There is no racism or discrimination intended. It’s just that these companies don’t have a very good track record regarding privacy.

On another subject, I wouldn’t completely block out anything permanently, even if that were possible. Building up self-discipline is more important in my view, so you are the blocker, and shouldn’t need a program that takes over your phone and tells you that you can’t use it anymore. What if there’s an emergency?
Maybe in the first few weeks, it would be useful, but after that I don’t think it’s necessary, and I think it could be dangerous.

Thanks for the post anyways, as every contribution could be useful to somebody.
I personally wouldn’t do it though.


My report for today:
7 minutes food tracking,
15 minutes Duolingo.
45 minutes rewire app, replying and reading. Not excessive.

Duolingo is a different kind of case when we’re looking at the rules for studying. You’d never do an hour of Duolingo, but I don’t think it should count towards “addiction time”. I force myself to at least keep up my streak in Duolingo, which takes 5 minutes, but I don’t mind learning more.

Now that I’ve done two days of dopamine detox, I’m more productive, more willing to work out and go outside, and my feelings are once again more vibrant. If you’re just now starting nofap, you’ll feel the same things after a while. Same goes for this challenge. When nofap became the new normal for me, I neglected to recgonise my phone excessive usage, which led to me experiencing less benefit from nofap. Dopamine detox is essential to living happily and in the moment, with ultimate self-control.


do you know some russian or chinese apps for blocking adult content and they are unable to uninstall

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Good work @Attempt_Two_Electric_Boogaloo
Being inspired by you, I’ll write my report for 2 days

My report for past 2 days :-
Im using my phone a lot because im working on the translations for this app and i would like to complete it before this challenge starts.

No youtube, less whatsapp, no webseries, no movies, no facebook.

45 minutes :- game time (2 days total)


Changes made for those who want to use different kind of phone usage tracking apps. I respect your feelings and your ideas.

Also small motivation also included :-

:point_up_2: Go check it out!!

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My experience with phone tracking/blocking apps :-

1 year ago, for studying purpose i used a phone usage tracking app which could lock my phone completely for the decided amount of time. And if i had to unlock my phone i had to pay the app a certain amount of money to gain basic access to the phone.

Thing that i noticed is that, it was me who set the locking timer which was of 2 hours most of the time. During those 2 hours most of my attention was like :- “damn, when are these 2 hours going to end” the only thing that came in front of my eyes were “that 2 hours timer”

That’s why I don’t want to use such apps this time.

:point_up_2:This is what we need in us. Well said brother @Attempt_Two_Electric_Boogaloo

Also there was an emergency at that time and i couldn’t respond to that because that app wanted me to pay money to them to gain phone access.

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Today’s screen time report :-

Completed the translation work. Got a notification from my phone’s inbuilt system of checking my screen time. You won’t believe, it was 10 hours 22 mins for today.

Since the work is done. I’m starting my detox from tomorrow itself. I mentioned today’s screen time score to see how much change detox can bring in me.


Added a cabinet to keep all your medals separately for good maintenance and appearance of the scoreboard.

Doing all of this updating rules and other stuffs for you all guys so that u face no problem in future and to conduct this challenge properly.

All i want in return is everyone to be honest about updating your own scores. Let this challenge be a fair one.


Today’s screen time, that i counted myself :- 5 hours

Half of yesterday’s score.

Tomorrow’s target :-. Half of today’s score. I will do it this time. Im not giving up.

I feel like a fire has started burning inside me to achieve my daily goals for the ultimate goal.