[22 M] Enu's Journey

Week Zero + 100 Days Challenge:
March 21/2021: Failed
April 11/2021: Failed

April 18/2021: Current Streak

I am new to this forum but not new to No-fap.
For this week I have been sober, and will count all the seven days as “Day Zero”
I hope to see my self a changed man in some respect this year.
Will try to log everyday as a beaver :stuck_out_tongue:
I will be concise in whatsoever I write in here, Also not willing to Stop at just 100 days.

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When Urges Hit You Hard:


  • 11-April-2021, Sunday (22 Days)
  • 17-April-2021, Saturday ( 5 Days)

Day 1:
Initial days are for me always easy to follow, however to really benefit out of this process I need to hustle, tire, workout even more so that the thought of it does not cross mind !

Waking-up:9am target 5am, will sleep by 10:30 pm

Prayer: Yes.

Study Schedule: Made a plan, will now follow it.

Health: couldn’t follow both diet aswell as exercise schedule hope to be more active Tommorrow.

Digital Detox:not really, binged Peaky Blinders… Will have to change it aswell.

Reading? : Looked up online for a new genre, not looking for anymore of the classics. “All the light we can not see” looks promising…

Date: 22/March/2021


For Day 2 and 3:

Was Not able to update timely as we had a major power outage after yesterdays’s storm.
So i’ll put trace of “How my Second Day was” in this post.

Day 2:

:x:Studying(2 hrs)

:heavy_check_mark:Reading: Started Reading A Thousand Splendid Suns By [Khaled Hosseini]. The other book might have to wait a week.

:x:Waking - up: 9:30 am, Not desirable i slept late, at about 3 in the night.

:x:Productivity: At least I started Studying the biggest hurdle is to always start, which now had been overcome.

:heavy_check_mark:Prayer: Thankfully i was Consistent.

:heavy_check_mark:Health: I followed my exercise routine, and ate healthy, So still good enf.

:heavy_check_mark:Digital Detox :Power outage :no_mouth: :pleading_face: {I am Thankful of it, i read a great deal on my kindle.}

Date: March 22, 2021

Day 3[Ongoing]:
Another Small Success, was able to fend of the desire’s(Honestly did not even think of “it”)

:white_check_mark:Waking up: 4:14 am, I don’t know what was it that made me wake up so early… through out the day i did not feel any desire to sleep… I made good use of it … However as there was no electricity (Power backup )to fund my studies, i failed in that aspect.

:white_check_mark:Prayer: Yes, Mind you i was never a guy to sit down in peace and be thankful for all that i have, i guess its changing one day at a time.

:exclamation:Studying: I’ll try to Study For about 2 (hrs) but can’t be certain, will update.

:white_check_mark:Reading: if not study at least i was able t read for a significant amount of time. about 3hrs reading that i can account for. Khaled Hosseini all the way.

:x:Diet: Did not eat anything up until now, No protein no Nothing. its not healthy, but again due to power outage could not make anything… i guess electric cookware is all not that great.
will go out tonight to have something, just to tickle my taste buds.

:x:Productivity: keeping all these things aside, the fact is it was not that productive through the day… and a fact is a fact … so no, will try even harder tomorrow.

:x:Health: Haven’t followed Exercise Schedule due to whole facade, but soon will be back on track

Digital Detox: Power just came back, but i think i might just be able to fend of the desire for a few more hours, Wish me luck

Date:March 23, 2021

Thanks for Reading this :slight_smile:
Have a great Day.


Day 4:
it was a tough Night, yesterday: was talking with a girl all night, can’t go in the details, but i can bet you… she likes to tease… i could have stopped chatting but i didn’t … i could have tipped of my rockers… but i didn’t and for that i am thankful…
I guess i will have to be absolutely be off the phone … or at-least not on my bed while i talk to her.
keeping that aside…
Today was a very hectic day… had to work just got of work… its not usually like this but today i guess was different.almost 14 hours today… but wfh let’s it settle in easier.

so i’ll be quick here to update on my chart:

:x:Waking up: 8:46 am, i slept late… but with all this i got to know at thing or two about me.
1.>I sleep exactly for 6 hours.
2.>Morning Suits me, So going to bed before 11 will suit me always.

:white_check_mark:Prayer: will try to do that before, i go to bed.

:exclamation:Studying: nope, Not a single page.

:x:Reading: couldn’t do this as well.

:white_check_mark:Productivity: worked - 14 hrs

:x:Health:woke up late, and yes that’s no excuse… will try again tomorrow.

:x:Digital Detox: it was on and off, but i need to control myself even more.

Today was neither bad nor good, it made me realize a few things, will try to work on them…
all the :x: are now troubling me … have to change them to :white_check_mark:

Date: March 24, 2021

Thanks for Reading this :slight_smile:
Have a great Day.


Day 5:
Yesterday was a busy Day so could not update the log… However I am still waking up Late,
:white_check_mark: Work: Busy Day… Normal hours however the work was tiring.
:white_check_mark: Health: No Diet As well as No Workout,Really have t get up early.
:white_check_mark: Digital detox: I was not on my phone, however was on my desk all day… No social media to follow.

I’ll try to update the Day 6 log as today is a busy day as well.
Day 6 :
Only choice for me is to hustle , i don’t like the job i am in and the work well i don’t like it either… thankfully i have not yet given up on my dreams… and i will surely see them to the end…
:x: Wake up: 9 am, Will have to really change this one habit …
:white_check_mark: Prayer: Yes
:white_check_mark: Studying : 4 hrs (2 hrs g 2 hrs Al)
:white_check_mark: Reading: 1 hr
:exclamation: Work: Today is a weekend so thankfully no work.
:white_check_mark:Productivity: Fair enough, i could have made it a much better day… and i hopefully will.
:x:Digital Detox: i was on my phone for a fair dink-um time… in all honesty for all the l=time that i did not study i was on it … “DOING NOTHING”.

Does breaking a bad habit or Making a good one, Both take same amount of time??? I wonder…
Have a great Day. :ghost:

Self- belief :beginner:Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment


Day 7
I believe i am not doing justice to the no-Fap, or the time i am sober… i wasn’t doing much while i used to relapse day in and day out.
I do get a lot of free time, Now that i do not concern myself with the “provoking thoughts”. I somehow manage to mess all the time i have on something or the other which is absolutely a time waste.

Let’s take today… all i did was sit on my phone all day and wait for tomorrow…
I do say i need to change, but i wonder when.
I wonder how different would i have been, if i hadn’t at all divulged in the the “pleasure for a second” sort of a deal…

But this time i can feel it… I WILL CHANGE.

Tomorrow is a day as good as new.

as for the :x: or :white_check_mark: sadly i would not even bother today… as it was unmistakably a very lazy/ unwilling day for me.

But hey, thanks for reading it through.
Have a great day

Self- belief :beginner:Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment


Day 8
it was a great day today, Installed Digital detox, just to keep my mobile usage in check.

I was out almost all day, it was Holi…

I researched about my future options and now i am even more confused, since i started. But i am hopeful for being a little bit more clear headed by Wednesday :slight_smile:

Am reading two books side by side, A thousand splendid suns is almost done, And the second one being Why I am an Atheist - Bhagat singh… Haven’t read much of it… but it looks promising.

Self- belief :beginner:Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment
Date: 2021-03-28T18:30:00Z

Edit :

Once you start working on something, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest.


Day 9
It was all fun and games till noon when i got to know that my father might have covid - 19, and that’s pretty regular, in 2021, he has some symptoms as in High temperature and upset stomach.
I hope he is up and running soon.
Can’t write much today. but i did most of what i had set out to do for today.
One thing i realized that, I am a shadow of my father, I mean i have been under his shade for so long, that now I am completely depended on him…even when I have a job which pays good enough, It is all together a fearful thought.
Maybe it’s my time to branch out.
That is why for me now, No-Fap becomes even more Important. For me it is now the one way to be out of his shade and make my own mark.

I want there to be some aspects of my life that remain stable on which I can always rely upon… And to build a relatively stable future as such, I will have to start with the present… With a that I have got !


Towards a better tomorrow !!
Self- belief :beginner:Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment
Earth will still keep on rotating and revolving, it never stops. !!
Date: 30.03.2021


**Day 10 **
It was well a happy day altogether, but most of time i spent was at the clinic waiting for the Covid test, Dad did turn out to be negative… which was a relief, but still we were advised to keep check fr a few more days.
Hopefully everything will be back to normal.

Anywhooo… its day ten pretty normal tbh, but felt to be on track for something good, finally!!!

I try to nt give the number of days any value, but it is great to have some small accomplishments to hold on to … so for this 100 days challenge 10% of it is done for … it would have been my 16 day in actuality, had I not counted the whole first week as Day zero, as during that time i did peek into some vids that i shouldn’t have.

it’s good to live life, rather than just passing time.


Towards a better tomorrow !!
Self- belief :beginner:Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment

Earth will still keep on rotating and revolving, it never stops. !!

Date: 31.03.2021

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Day 11

How did My Day Go?

Great Day Full of Energy, Did Almost everything Else Only thing i did not do was Study.
But what a day it was. Feels good to be back on track. No-Fap makes me more hopeful of the future by carving out most of my day Nicely.
Spent a significant amount of my time with my family. Also tried doing Sun Gazing… but i think it’s not for me.

Anywhoo here are the stats for today

:white_check_mark: Waking up : 5:01
:white_check_mark: No sleeping During the Day
:white_check_mark: Digital Detox- For the past two days my phone is n Digital detox so can’t really access anything, Moreover i now have joined [] so i’ll try to overcome my Phone usage as well.
:white_check_mark:No Gaming
:white_check_mark: Prayer
:white_check_mark: : Reading : For almost 1 hr.

:x: Studying : Not one bit. :frowning:
:x: Vocabulary: have left it in between, Consistency is the key…
:x: Productivity : overall day was a happy happy , except studying i managed to do almost everything.

To Do:
:radio_button: Plan The Next Day.

I believe I Will Do It !!!

Towards a better tomorrow !!

Self- belief :beginner:Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment
Date :01-April-2021, Thursday

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Day 12

How did My Day Go?

what a day, simply put it was altogether Awesome… i finally managed to get the Terracotta pots for the plants from a nearby nursery and was able to re-pot about 12 of them , i’ll do the rest of them tomorrow.

I am in a conundrum So, prior to nofap…I used to sleep during the day time, but now after a few days in i feel as if i my body wants to rest but my brain wants to part of it… keeps me awake… I dunno if this is a good thing or bad… but for the time being i will try to make the most of it.

Will go for a bath now!
Will keep updating.

To Do:
:radio_button: Plan The Next Day.

Don’t get comfortable !!!

Towards a better tomorrow !!

Self- belief :beginner:Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment
Date :02-April-2021, Friday

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Day 13

How was my day?

Yet again it was a great day, I did get some Urges, its the only time to be cautious … I usually have high urges during the second week… will keep that in mind.
writing a journal does help, and would try to be more consistent with the timing of writing one.
I managed to plant over 60+ pots today, arranged them and learnt some new things about them, i mean i just love plants.
Anywhoo, again I have all this dirt over me. Will be off for a bath !
To Do:
:radio_button: Plan The Next Day.
Cheerios !!

Self-belief :beginner: Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment
Date : 03-April-2021, Saturday

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Day 14

How was my day?

Pretty Awesome, i finally started studying for my for my masters program.
it was 5 hours today… Not much i know… But for me starting is always the problem.

All thanks to the challenge i am in of rewiring habits, i soon hope to Make studying at least 5 hrs each day a habit, no matter what is the outcome.

Office has been light for some time. So all i have to do is to study … ig :ghost:

I did not use my phone altogether the whole day, and honestly i am loving the experience
I probably will keep this routine up for at least 200 days … I am hopeful of it !!

I have read a lot of entries on this forum, and i am awestruck by almost all of them…
how ever now that i know a little bit more about no-fap than before… i will now try to keep my reading to only a few entries a day maybe 5-10 not more.

Will be off Now… Tada :peace_symbol:

And yeah… many many thanks to @Adioz_aka_Adidas[Rewiring Habits] and @strongwillpower[Rewiring Phone Addiction] for letting me in on their challenges


Towards a better Tomorrow

Self-belief :beginner: Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment

Date : 04-April-2021, Sunday


Also From Now on
Even a Peek will be considered as a Relapse…


Add me. I’m in. My sharing code is umasses

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Sure budd,
I tried doing that… it is unfortunately an invalid code… Please do check!
#Tag @unwashedmasses

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Here you go. Try this. udhqn3


I must Share this

it’s Day 15
Monday - April 5/2021

I am really “excited” right now… its been some time since urges hit me… it’s my fault honestly.

So … what went wrong??

I slept on my stomach, was wearing tight garments around crotch area…
And to all those who have already assumed, the answer is NO.

No i did not soil me-self, fortunately i woke up way well before it could ever happen, but i had no clue that sleeping on your stomach could be that bad.
In No-fap I have realised, you have to be always vigilant
To Care :
1.Not to sleep on your stomach , rather not to sleep during the Day time.
2.Eat and drink even less before sleep.

Will update about my day in the evening!!
Cheers Now :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. the urges are all calm now… journaling Helps :slight_smile:

Day 15
Heyyy, Finally we made to the end of this day…
Urges are under control, And now i am all happy happy :stuck_out_tongue:

How was my day ?

So barring the urges I would say it was an okay okay day. I am sure it’s no flatline… cause i have never been this enthusiastic or FREE ever [at - least this year] .
They say that flatline creeps in during this time but I think I still do have time to prepare myself against it.
I have noticed my emotions being heightened. I am being more proactive than I was before.
Small Small changes that will probably make difference , hopefully someday soon.

I have now induced a fear in me - self : that of watching series, or youtube, or even gaming
Idk what will make me loose this streak. I really really do fear of when my urge will take over me… but then I remember that in the past I have been able to control my urges… The only thing for now is to control my EYES, Have to carefully let them see only what I want them to see.

The only way I used to get triggered was when I used my phone and when on bed.

I have changed a few habits of mine giving me more time to think and not to be rash when urges hit.

Habit's that i am trying to build...

  1. Keeping my window curtain open at all times.
  2. Keeping my door unlocked at all times.
  3. Digital detox [app] to keep my phone away.
  4. while sleeping, not taking a pillow.
  5. Drinking a lot of, i mean lot of water… keeping myself hydrating, also helps in keeping the body temperature normal.

Changes that i have seen.

  1. Being honest… a relapse is a relapse
  2. Being Very open, i have never seen this much excitement in me since long
  3. I now tire less [Compared to my earlier self]
  4. idk about brain fog… but i feel FREE
  5. My emotions are heightened
  6. I now have A LOT OF TIME.

Anywhooo wrapping this post for now…


Towards a better Tomorrow

Self-belief :beginner: Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment

Date : 05-April-2021, Monday

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Day 16
Disclaimer : this post might contain some trigger words which I’ll try to hide
Not the Best of the days, So a girl … [Contd in hidden Part]

Do not read, it might make you relapse
"Breathe, Think Twice .... Are you Sure?? Cause there are some trigger points here...

[Cntd] pinged me after a long long time. I still know that time i was with her, it was fun.
but now that we are in covid i am back to my hometown and have not texted her, but i know what will happen if i did… i am so confused… as

  1. She is not my type but, would still keep my option open… I am just being greedy
    2.She is fit, and that’s what I am afraid of… She like to tease…
    I am on No - fap And I Fear that She might make me loose this streak.
  2. She is heavy on sexting, instead of a Hi, I usually end up getting a pic… thank fully though this time it was just a “Hey”.

Now what i am confused about is, Should i Or should i Not ghost her…

I fear that my saga of One Night Stand with her would eventually be done. “The End”
But on a second thought it Feel as if I would be more free… it’s more of a test…

On One hand there is me being greedy and on the second hand I want to improve And I want to get out of this vicious cycle…

I know the choice is easy, but the devil sits right on top of me

Now that said, The day was not at all productive, i mean it did not start the right way, As i said my emotions are heightened, so i easily get sad or excited… today i was more of a sad day .

Anywhoo …

All know that I d not want to give up !!
Will wrap this up,
Hoping tomorrow be a good day, better than this one… I want to start tomorrow with a clear concise…


Towards a better Tomorrow

Self-belief :beginner: Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment

Date : 06-April-2021, Tuesday

Day 18
I am rushing to write this Log as there is a power cut today at my place and I don’t know how long will my laptop support me in here.

How was my Day?

I try to be happy all the time, but today I felt that there was no motivation in me…
I woke up and at that particular moment I was absolutely on fire…I did my Exercises and followed most of my morning schedule, but suddenly all that shot of energy was gone… However I read today… and i was shocked at how much i could read… or even sit continuously for so long to have a good read…
But you should know that the book was not at all bulky it was down to 125-ish pages only, but still me sitting for an hour and a half is a big deal… I mean Continuously.

There are things that i want, but when it comes to hustle for it, I turn my back on the amount of hard work it is going to take of me, to beget some positive change.

I will try to be a better version of what I am today, Also will gather courage to face my reality.

Thanks & Cheers!!

Towards a better Tomorrow

Self-belief :beginner: Deep Breaths :beginner: Commitment

Date : 07-April-2021, Wednesday