WalkWithoutFear's Diary - Journey to Recovery From PMO addiction

Hi guys. Just seeing who can relate on social anxiety. I have had social anxiety I think almost my whole life. From Kindergarden to college. Crazy I know!. Long story short but I didn’t really care much about it. Thought it would go away but it didn’t. Always nervous to talk to new people and hard to adapt to talking to new people. Sure when someone introduces me to a friendship i accept But new people seems hard to accept to be friends with. I don’t know if I am only one who feels that way. Anyways I am doing no fab to quit my addictions as well. I wanted to start somewhere and I know porn has replaced my social life, since porn is what satisfied me only and made me less “anxious and more relaxed rather than socializing which was complicated.” So yeah, I am in this no fab no PMO walk to discipline myself and become different. Because to be honest i love talking to people and I love life and God. But with this bad habit its hard to love those things. Hope I see similar stories. I am in day 3 now. Highest streak was 5 days. If you want to add me my code is. 826714. Thanks.


You are not the only one, my worst social anxiety was when i was 15 or 16 thats some of the worst moments i experinced social anxiety, but i was watching porn like a maniac at that time too, i started building myself when i was 18 thats when i discovered no fap at that time i did not take it as serious soo i would sometimes challenge myself just for 1 day and then i found out that my pmo addiction was one of, if not the main reason i had soo bad social anxiety, soo i started praticing nofap until now i am 23 many things have improved about me, i am less anxious i can hold convesation a little better, i can look people in the eyes i feel like myself again, i am aware, i am less angry and the idea that i used to have that people are hating on me is less and less i can concetrate more, i have soo much love in me more than ever, soo nofap has helped me alot everyday when i encounter other people i am feeling just part normal and relaxed although i am still working on myself not everything is perfect but with God, faith and hope we will achieve what we are after. You have chosen the right thing to do brother


Oh my God!. I have someone who can relate. Hey thanks for commenting. We can conquer this addiction if we are firm in our beliefs and strength. Other things for distractions are priority to do. That way we do not end up fabbing. And keep ourselves busy. Bro. Let me add you as companion.


No problem my code is 01e5aa


I just added you :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Lets do this man. ! We are to be king of such bondages. :muscle:


I am a Super social anxious person but things are changing with nofap.

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Well today was a little weird I think. I went to school at my college and entered my math classroom. And as I love math, i was paying attention to lecture. And I did something strange today. I answered my teacher a question she had about the lecture we were learning. Which I never do out of randomness. Another thing I did was I was more open to form my group I always formed in a very awkward way. That group I formed in the beginning in my opinion think "I’m some sort of socially awkward person"Because before on my day 5 No Fab now journey. I was always strange on forming groups. I would either get on a persons group without introduction or just say “lets be a group” and then sitting down there even if they don’t accept. out of desperation of my anxiety. This group i have now was formed out of strangeness. So that is why I think they try to stay away from me when I get in to their group again because they think I was weird from the start to form groups. But I get along with them in a chill manner. But I think they don’t see that. They just think I’m weird and chill sometimes. Anyways, that was my day. I talked more to my group I always formed strangely. Feel more aware of my awkwardness already. Not sure how it will go throughout these day. Feel a little more tired. :grinning:

I think they are forced in some things. Like working together with me. But they try to get away from me. Except this one guy who is chill like me.who really is chill with anyone. But the other folks are just in their own paths, yet in same group. A little weird.

let’s see their behavior for the following days! Observe them first, they are maybe in different mood.
You’ve better pick that golden one guy!

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Only a little bit of time can tell.

But if you need them academically, try to suit with them (feel bad to say this) for scoring?

Haha sounds gay. Lol. But yeah. I will try to socialize with the chill guy. Well yeah its a mandatory thing to do in class. We are commanded to form groups for class assignments.

And if your like me. Thats a little hard to do.

I’m also awkward too in groups, because sometimes I tend to be so quiet! But you said it’s college, it’s more good to treasure them all either toxic or not to you! Also try to make fun but not much or they will not take you seriously in tough situations.

I’m honest bud! I prefer to be more alone then I got few friends! Study well and be on the top, they will remember you much more! Which I had failed to do.

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That’s true man. I was worse before. I used to be super quiet. Now its like I can talk sometimes here and there. But in awkward fashion. At home i act normal. I am just me. In library the same way, I feel like its a calm environment. Nobody is putting anxiety there. In class, its anxiety for me. But throughout time I will adapt man. Its horrible because I am at a town at the wrong time. This town happens to be sort of reserved. I am reserved but not too reserved. So I guess everyone is different. But it did make me be aware of my own self more.

I feel envy because you can travel to another town, while I’m still here in my place and couldn’t travel to another town. You can suit yourself in there, stay in good and safe!

Don’t get a wife and make baby too early.

I see. Why can’t you travel? If I may ask.

What day are you in. On No Fab?