WalkWithoutFear's Diary - My weird day today

Well today was a little weird I think. I went to school at my college and entered my math classroom. And as I love math, i was paying attention to lecture. And I did something strange today. I answered my teacher a question she had about the lecture we were learning. Which I never do out of randomness. Another thing I did was I was more open to form my group I always formed in a very awkward way. That group I formed in the beginning in my opinion think "I’m some sort of socially awkward person"Because before on my day 5 No Fab now journey. I was always strange on forming groups. I would either get on a persons group without introduction or just say “lets be a group” and then sitting down there even if they don’t accept. out of desperation of my anxiety. This group i have now was formed out of strangeness. So that is why I think they try to stay away from me when I get in to their group again because they think I was weird from the start to form groups. But I get along with them in a chill manner. But I think they don’t see that. They just think I’m weird and chill sometimes. Anyways, that was my day. I talked more to my group I always formed strangely. Feel more aware of my awkwardness already. Not sure how it will go throughout these day. Feel a little more tired. :grinning:

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