Beginner 10 day easy mode. No edging.M no P

I plan to do easy mode first. I realized that going straight for hard mode does work but it never gets me far because I have an addiction after another addiction. I think its better you abstain from porn first if you really are stimulated to porn that includes (no edging) no porn. Nothing! But masturbating only when urges hit. Masturbating only 3 times per week for 1 whole week and 3 days in my case. Some people 20 days or 30. I am mostly addicted to masturbating only to porn and not alone. Hoping a week and 3 days with no porn can be a stepping stone to my NO PMO journey. After easy mode is done i believe those who are addicted should quit masturbating. While in this walk i will drink a ginger, garlic, honey, oregano, lemon tea. Or healthy tea. No fast food like planned for journey to recovery. Eating healthy food. Sleeping at right time, wake up 4:45 a.m. go for a run while in easy mode to. This isnt considered NoFab yet. Journey to recovery here I come.
By the way anyone who wants to join me in this feel free to add me
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Lets see how many people can handle a week with no porn. And only 3 times masturbating for 1 week or more. Keep in mind this is for beginners. Had to change the topic because it was more of a general discussion.


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