I feel a difference in me. Hard to explain

Hello. I am now day 13 and I have been getting weird sudden unnoticed ejaculation every 6 days that passes. I wouldn’t call it a full ejaculation. I don’t think i would even call it ejaculation lol. Its like when I was talking to my girlfriend and stuff its when it happened second time. First time.was when i stretched and stuff. Anyways I feel much more energetic and aware as well now. Although I still have lazy habits. I am keeping myself productive and trying not to be a scaredy cat And try new things slowly. I think I had blue balls in day 11 or 12. It was weird. Haha whatever that was. Doing college and no fab can be a big toll on body. But I try meditating. I’m guessing every 6 days I will have some type of wet dream not sure. But hopefully by time it wont happen no more. As long as my body does it naturally and I don’t fab. I can recover from this addiction. Who ever said addictions can be recovered quickly. Whoever said that don’t know. Haha.

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