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Hi everyone, I am from Hong Kong and I used to engaged in a nofap forum in Mainland similar to this. There are some special philosophy and advices regarding nofap and semen retention, mainly involving Chinese medicine and Buddhism, which I have found useful in my nofap journey and wish to share with you.

I’m going to arrange these advices into around 10 posts, topics include Chinese medicine’s perspective on nofap and semen retention, ways of regimen, wet dream prevention, quenching urges, reducing desire towards women and so on. I’ll also incorporate my personal experience and thoughts into these posts.

Hope you would find these advices helpful for your journey. Feel free to share your thoughts and experience about them. If you also have some helpful advices unique in your culture, please don’t hesitate to share with us as well. I believe one plus one is more than two, let’s learn from each other and get even stronger!

(p.s. we use traditional Chinese in Hong Kong, but Simplified Chinese is more common, so I will try to include both for notes)

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#1 Semen as Essence of Life - Our Three Treasures

In Chinese philosophy, there are 3 important elements sustaining our health and vitality, namely:

  1. Jing (精) - meaning Essence
  2. Qi (氣,气) - meaning Energy, similar to prana in India
  3. Shen (神) - meaning Spirit

These are regarded as Three Treasures of our body. Maybe you already encountered these terms if you know about Tai Chi or Qigong. Simply speaking, they can be thought of as the material, energetic and spiritual components of our life. Lack of Jing, Qi and Shen leads to unhealthy body, and results in frequent illness.

In Chinese medicine, semen is actually our Jing. Semen in Chinese means ‘fluid of essence’. There is a common saying that ‘one drop of semen equals 10 drops of blood’. Moreover, Jing can be seen as the root of the other two. If Jing is depleted, Qi and Shen also wilt.

This may sound metaphysical to you, let me relate this concept to our experience. I think you must have had the experience that after relapse, you immediately feel shortness of breath; and you probably pants easily during exercise. This is depletion of Jing results in lack of Qi. And you must experience dizziness and sleepiness after relapse as well, and find yourself lack of concentration and memory. This is exactly wilting of Shen due to depletion of Jing.

Therefore, that FLUID is actually our VITAL ESSENCE, maintaining our overall health and vitality. I think the concept of Jing is quite similar to Indian Kundalini. If you knows Kundalini, please share your views with us.

Next post I’ll discuss more how Jing is related to Chinese medicine, and how it relates to the symptoms we are experiencing due to PMO.


#2 Decoding Constituents of Semen - Conjunction of Chinese and Western Medicine

The content of this post is basically the initiation to my nofap journey. I was so shocked after knowing these facts, and realized that all my symptoms were caused by PMO.

In Chinese medicine, there are 5 essential organs in our body: heart(心), liver(肝), spleen(脾), lung(肺) and kidney(腎,肾). The description of organs in Chinese medicine is quite different from modern medicine, but I’m going to show you that they are actually different languages of the same content.

Kidney is the storage tank of Jing. Chinese medicine describes the key function of kidney as follows:

  1. Dominates bones
  2. Produces marrow(髓)
  3. Connects to brain
  4. Manifests in hair
  5. Represents emotion of fear

You may already find Points 4 and 5 shocking - our hair loss and social anxiety are caused by PMO! Points 1 to 3 deserve further exploration and the fact is even more astonishing.

There are three types of marrow in Chinese medicine: bone marrow, spine marrow and brain marrow, the latter two are identified as the cerebrospinal fluid. The fact that kidney connects to brain is already proven in scientific research. The passages in the following link indicate this fact:

In short, the contents of cerebrospinal fluid and semen are essentially the same, both contain lecithin and cholesterol, which are essential nutrients of brain. Due to loss of semen, we lose our precious nutrients of brain and nerve cells, which leads to neurasthenia and psychological diseases.

Scientific research shows evidence that sperm cells come from bone marrow:

Researchers extracted bone marrow from male volunteers, and found that stem cells in bone marrow contained spermatagonial stem cells, which are early phase of male germ cells. In addition, semen contains plenty of white blood cells, which are well known to be produced in bone marrow.

As we know, one main function of bone marrow is blood cells production. Bone marrow contains hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which make up ALL the blood cells such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. So PMO is probably the cause of anemia and weakened immune system - when most of the nutrients and energy in bone marrow are used to make sperm cells and white blood cells in semen, the production of blood cells is probably deprived. I don’t find much research about this, and I’m just layman in biology, but I think time will tell.

So the connection between Chinese and modern medicine becomes clear. Semen is truly our SUPER FLUID with precious contents in bones and in brain. If you understand more of the biology of semen and sperm cells, please kindly share with us.


This is really interesting brother. Keep them coming.

Also, we learn in highschool biology it takes around 64 days to complete a sperm cycle. I’m not sure of the exact days, but it takes a long time. This doesn’t mean that sperm is produced in batches though. At all times, billions of sperms are continuously in development and are produced every second. For a single sperm cell to completely develop from male spermatogonia cells, to completely mature and develop into potent sperm, it takes this amount of time.(Just google the exact no.of days. I’m not sure of that.:sweat_smile:) For seeing potent benefits in semen retention, you have to retain them for this period or more. This is obviously a heavy time and energy consuming process for the body, and is a top priority task as reproduction is a fundamental prime goal according to the primitive human brain. So even if we are starving, dying of thirst, and on our deathbed, the body keeps making semen and never stops!

Also, there is some evidence in modern medicine that unused semen when left in reproductive tracts for long, gets disintegrated and the nutrients are absorbed back. Again, all of this is just conjecture and I am only formally educated in high-school biology. I wish to learn further about the benefits of sperm retention and to conduct formal research on this topic if necessary. This is one of the more unexplored areas in medical science and biology, all we have is conjecture, half-facts and ancient wisdom to guide us. I’m pretty sure formal research is limited as a result of stigma, lack of a proper control group etc. These ideas are really interesting and give so much insight. Keep sharing them. :smile::smile:


Very interesting. I want to know more about it. Thank you.


Thank you brother for sharing your knowledge​:pray::pray:

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These are very good insights on internal working. Please continue the series and if you can try to explain things from buddhism perspective


Thanks all for your support, I’m really glad and motivated hearing your feedback. Special thanks to @neetwarrior for your sharing and @JumpingBuddha for your credit. I’ll keep on sharing and hope you find them helpful and interesting :blush:


#3 Preventing Nightfall - Gu Shen Gong from Baduanjin Qigong

I believe that many of you have had problem of wet dreams, which can be quite annoying. After nightfall, the physical and mental conditions may be worsened, and our confidence towards nofap may also be lowered, leading to relapse more easily. In Chinese forum, there is a practice that can effectively control nightfall, which is called Gu Shen Gong (固腎/肾功). Gu Shen Gong is one of the 8 sections from Baduanjin qigong (八段錦), in wiki it is called ‘Two Hands Hold the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist’.

As talked in the previous post, kidney is the storage tank of Jing, this practice can strengthen our kidney and ensure it can effectively store our Jing and prevent it from falling at night. This practice, through stretching the waist and hamstrings, excites the Bladder Meridian (膀胱經/经). The Bladder Meridian is associated with Kidney Meridian (腎經,肾经), one Yang and one Yin, so this practice can help ‘lock’ the ‘gate’ of Jing. The following videos shows how to do the practice:

The keypoint of this practice is the stretching of hamstrings. Make sure the hamstrings are stretched during the practice, but don’t stretch too much at the beginning or you may get injured. You can gradually lower your body a little more after each cycle. People in Chinese forum suggested doing 200 cycles each night, but I think it is too much. Doing more times can improve function of kidney, but doing too much exercise at night may affect sleep. I personally practice this 10 cycles just before sleep, and now I have got no nightfall for one month! Of course you can do more cycles if you feel good, and I suggest practicing at least 10 cycles each night.

Of course there are also many factors that would cause wet dreams, such as dirty thoughts at daytime, getting too exhausted, drinking alcohol and so on. So our lifestyle should also be adjusted on top of practicing Gu Shen Gong to reduce chances of nightfall.

I’m sure there are other methods which can help prevent nightfall. If you find one, please share with us. I think practices like Maha Bandha may also be effective to prevent wet dreams, so if you practice it, please also share your experience and thoughts!


Dear @ToThy, Hope you are doing great!

The practice you mentioned in Chinese practice is very similar to Pashchimottanasan which is done in sitting position.

I have been practicing Jalandhar Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Moolbandha, Mahabandha and Mahamudra. I would recommend it including Pranayama and meditation.

Keep coming the knowledge.



Oh yeah, I just searched for Pashchimottanasan, they are really similar! I think it has the same effect on nightfall prevention.

That’s great. Do you find the effectiveness of these practices for nightfall control? And what are other benefits for the bandha practices? I’m learning yoga too but bandha is not mentioned much…


Bandhas (locks) are energy locks and help move vital energy upward when combined with meditation. Moolbandha and Mahamudra help control the spinchster muscles thereby increase control on nightfall. Although Nocturnal emission is a complex phenomena involving various factors, these bandha and mudra do help.

PS: Jalandhar (good for thyroid gland), Uddiyana (good for abdomen cavity and organs like liver, kidney, spleen, intestine etc) Moolbandha (good for reproductive system and transmutation)

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#4 Transforming Views towards Women - Buddhist Master’s Advice

The Great Master Yin Guang (印光大師) of Pure Land Buddhism (淨/浄土宗) commented on lust that it is the pandemic of all people in the world. Many talented people from past to present were able to become saints or venerable persons, but due to their attachment on lust, they turned out mediocre or even dropped into three lower realms of rebirth.

Master Yin Guang provided three advices to transform our views towards women, as discussed below.

1. Treat all women as our family members (親/亲想)
For elder women, we see them as our mother; for those similar to our age, we see them as our elder and younger sisters; for young girls, we see them as our daughters. Even though our lust is strong, we don’t raise dirty thoughts towards our dear family members, because our relationships are out of love and care.

It’s really true that if we treat Mother Earth as our mother, then all people around the globe are brotherhood and sisterhood. We should treat all women as our dear sisters, caring them with love and compassion, instead of superficial lust towards their body. Women have soul, have unique personalities, maybe cheerful, maybe caring, or maybe diligent. They have their passions and interests, maybe they like drawing, maybe cooking, or maybe they love pets and children. Even pornstars have their passions and dreams. Do you really think they are willing to film porn videos being all nude in front of the camera? IF YOU WERE A PORNSTAR, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? You must feel great pressure and embarrassment when walking on the street, worrying how others perceive you, not to mention those vicious and vulgar comments on the internet. Even pornstars are women who we should be compassionate to, they have dreams, wish to have a typical life, a dear lover, a warm family, but these would be very far from them.

2. Treat sexy women as our enemy (怨想)
Sexy women invoke our desire, and this desire produces our karma and leads to lower realms of rebirth (animal, hungry ghost, hell), resulting in long-lasting suffers. So such pretty and sexy ladies are even more fierce than tigers and robbers, even more poisonous than arsenic and scorpions. Knowing this fact, we should transform our desire into hatred, They are our enemies who bring us sufferings.

In my opinion, we should direct our hatred towards porn and lustful thoughts. Internet porn poisons our values and morality, and our distorted mind in turn victimise women in daily life. The Nth rooms case in Korea is shocking and horrifying, you cannot imagine how they can abuse female victims with their distorted mind. You may watch the news below or check it on internet:

The words said by Cho Ju-bin, the prime suspect of Nth room crime, is worth reflecting: ‘Thank you for putting a brake on the life of a devil that could not be stopped.’ Obviously he was also a victim of porn and lust, and he in turn victimised other innocent women. Our world is being ruined by the devil of porn and lust. WE NEED TO STOP THE DEVIL! We need to save men as well as women!

3. Visualise the dirtiness of woman body (不淨想)
The beauty of woman body is just an illusion. If we uncover the skin, it is too disgusting to see - bones, fats, muscles, blood vessels, urine and faeces, hairs and organs, no single object is adorable. So we are just deceived by their skin, similar to a vase filled with faeces, which men don’t want to touch. So always visualise the inner parts of woman’s body, then our lust will vanish.

This method is called ‘Reflections on repulsiveness’ in English, you can search it in wiki. I’m practising this visualisation as well and it is quite useful. You can search for images of anatomy and dissection to enhance your impression on human body inside. CAUTION: DO NOT WATCH THEM BEFORE AND AFTER MEAL. You will see how illusory our desire is.

You may include these views in your meditation, or get prepared when you walk on the street. Admittedly, transforming our unconscious mind is really difficult, so frequent practice of these 3 views are necessary. But they deserve practicing. Not only can we reduce or lust, but we also cultivate our compassion towards women, defend our morality and realise the illusion of desire, enhancing our love and wisdom.


This is gold. Thanks for sharing.

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Please do check this out.


Bro, you are our Mantak Chia in the Rewire Companion.

Wow it seems like our thoughts were synchronised! Nice to know that you have same attitude with me towards women! I’m sure women can open our heart chakra and enhance our spirituality. We need to treat them as our dearest family :blush:


Very true.
That’s why I did share my confession because we are on the same boat in this matter.
True that bro. The opening of heart chakra is must to attain high level of spirituality. But I feel I was able to open my heart chakra myself by being highly aware of the blockages in my heart chakra. Since then I am able to communicate properly with people and have pulsating sensation in my forehead. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Thanks… Brother​:pray:. Your tips are very good :+1:

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This seems bit stretched. Although i am also half Buddhist. I practice vipassana meditation almost daily. But still how is it fault of sexy women that they are pretty or sexy. They are also a human being. And god has made them beautiful so other person get attracted to them but is it their fault that they are beautiful?