Urges aren't your foes but they are a part of you!

Never suppress your urges but tame it for your good.

“Sexualising ladies/girls when we meet them” is one of my fav topic about the evolution of human brain, why reproduction is important in living beings and male-female polarity.

All living beings are programmed to do just one thing in this world - reproduce. Continuing of species is our instinctual goal.

All the plants and animals have a season to mate and expand their hierarchy in timely manner. But only one specie on earth that overrides this rule are we humans.

All humans are instinctually attracted to the looks - a curvy full grown lady (for men cuz she can carry his babies safely for 9 months take care of them lately. Since being more curvy can be correlated to more estrogen) and well built man (for ladies cuz he carries healthy seeds, can protect the family and provide food on the table even during the hard times[high testosterone]).

But with the evolution things have changed and becomes way more novel and sophisticated than other living beings and our ancestors. Therefore the interaction has become little complex but not as many things.

In the present ages, here comes the porn, sexually suggestive songs, daily soaps, movies and finally the elites themselves who know how to be successful by cultivating their sexual energies- i.e. making the concept of sexualising as a very cheap. Cheap in the sense be like its healthy to indulge in debauchery. And 99.9% doesn’t even know how our brain, sexual energy [semen precisely] and dopamine are inter related and finally end the lives as experimental rats.

Things which can be kept simple and the results obtained can be more fulfilling and made broken.

Like porn destroying men’s mindset about ladies as mere objects. Whereas they can be the best thing happening to a man if attended properly.

A lady wants grounding, leadership and heart in his man’s action. Whether it be while making love with her, taking care of children or even society. And even guiding her in the empowering decision of her life.

We men basically cheat our ladies for dopamine hits from sex but if a lady cheats her man it will always be for love, attention and care.
Hope all know this quote for ladies- A shoulder to lean on is a dick to ride on.

Therefore giving her ear will do the trick for long lasting relationship. And man need to avoid ejaculation by having moderate sex to maintain a masculine frame cuz we all men know how it feels when we burst our nuts and that dopamine hit subsides. :neutral_face:
Or we cultivate our sexual energy to delay as much as possible and keep her happy.
Again, the quote - full stomach and empty balls is dangerous myth. I would prefer to say full balls are the best. :heart:

All you need is to avoid sexually suggestive triggers as much as possible and ground yourself by diving into spirituality. You will start to see the living being in every lady you see rather than she being a sexual object to you.
And yeah! No-Fap hard mode will get you the most results unless you don’t channelise the energy getting stored in the nuts into something really productive (sexual transmutation is the key for happy life)

By the way, its human tendency to observe distortion. Like curves, bumps or a swelling. It is common and observing a curvy figure for men or a big crotch for females is common. The thing that matters is how your brain interprets it.

If you made this far for reading, thank you for your patience. :joy: :crossed_fingers:

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What is Sexual transmutation @rhybha? Can you explain

Um no. Humans are just not seasonal breeders. We are primates and other primates show the same behaviour. We biologically don’t have a set period for sexual activity (or a season to be in heat) that’s all. This is not overriding any mechanism. It’s not weird or unnatural, nor is it a problem that humans don’t have a period to have sexual urges and have them all the time. There are just two kinds of organisms - seasonal breeders and perennial breeders.

Other than that, I totally agree with anything you just said.

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now I cant disagree to a a person who’s preparing for NEET…

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please youtube and google bro.
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you will find a tonnes on this content