Prabhjot 1 year semen retention journal

Law of attraction is working everytime whether you believe it or not and on semen retention its power increases a lot ( my experience ) . In my experience I am attracting things which i had sent out in the universe and getting the same return in very short period of time but what about attracting energies ( animals, humans, birds ) i think we can definitely attract it too, short example - what do you think how these hollywood stars, musicians getting a lot of fame? Why only few people are so rich then rest of the world? What’s the difference between a president and a normal person? Its all about thinking, they think positively everytime , had you ever seen any of them saying i am jobless or saying anything negative about themself? No, they don’t, 90% of the time they spend there time being positive although they absolutely would have many problems then us but still they are getting a lot (money, fame, name ) Clear your thoughts be positive everytime make it a habit, don’t let the past pain rule over you, present have more power then whatever you did in past, don’t let your mind say bad things about your body. Be thankful, you have got a human body you are the creator of your life, Be grateful, we’ll attract everything ( based on what energy we are giving out ) if you understand hindi, see bk shivani videos on present karma, law of attraction, you’ll understand much better

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Hahahaha, read my comment i just posted, you got me bro. (Law of attraction) what i think i got lol hahaha

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I heard the word accountability partner here. Do you know what is it? Or
Can you help me on this journey? @Prabhjot0102
It is out of the box for me.

3 months clean from cigarettes, smoking and drinking. 74 days clean from fapping. Last thing i want to quit is vaping, fast food and sugar. I believe in my self. I’m going to start doing yoga to get rid of my bad habits. Will update the progress

Some tips to those who can’t make long streaks

  • surrender to god
  • start being spiritual
  • write journal
  • do exercise/workout
  • avoid much non veg
  • don’t eat heavy in night
  • start sleeping on floor it helps
  • deactivate social media
  • don’t flirt/ talk sexually with girls
  • stop looking at girls around
  • quit romantic movies and songs
    Good luck to all my brothers, god bless all

Pls give Your code brother?

Please give this a read.
We are in the same boat.
Current streak:89 days

You can join our nofap whatsapp group if you want to, it’s in hindi+english language

Day 80: advice for all: love yourself guys, don’t run away from your problems, they’re there to teach you something. Nobody can just come and go in your life like that, they all are serving a purpose. Learn from them, bad people teach us lessons and grow us, good people tell us our value. So don’t fap, take care of yourself. Love you inner child.

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Day 81, motivation for today

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Day 81:
World is inside me, outside is just mirror of my inside. Life is a dream, we dream in our dream. Woke up

Day 83:
In the past, when something bad used to happen, i used to suppress that pain by fapping or either by smoking/weed/alcohol but not no more now. Today, a past memory came in my consciousness and made me frustrated, i write down how I felt, i was angry that someone treated me badly at that time, but I released my anger in a healthy way, i went to gym and beat the shit out of the machines, great workout, proud of myself.


Day 84 update
Mood isn’t much good today but I’ve confidence on my self that I’ll never do masturbate again, that life is shit. You become so helpless and full of negativity, i know how bad that life is, nobody wanna be your friend, no one gets attracted to you, you get treated badly by people. You become so weak, everytime something bad happen to you, you go in a corner to fap, instead you should had cried and released that pain, if anything of this is happening to you then don’t ever think that masturbation is normal, no it’s not. It’s not even normal for once in a life, stay strong, god bless you all

vz957i add me as a companion for serious no fappers only
Limited edition

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I’m using it from safari bro, don’t know the code

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Day 85 update
I was exhausted because i came from my job and anger came inside me again, haven’t expressed such an anger from so long, my mind was playing game with me so I thought to tell my mind how really the game is played, went straight to the gym. Normally i do upto 45lbs on biceps curls today i did 8 reps of 65lbs, so much strength and awesome workout, proud of myself. The journey is awesome and very exciting, I’m becaming aware, I don’t think about sex and women no more which i used to fantasize while seeing girls in short clothes in gym and outside. I’m concentrated on myself and getting near my goal everyday. My brothers don’t destroy your future doing fapping, temporary pleasure come with a cost. Semen retention is so much awesome and also seeing 222,333,444 constantly. Good luck my brothers, god bless you, love you all.

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Day 86 update:
Life is beautiful

Day 87 update
Masturbation daldal hai bc, bahar niklo isse jaldi se jaldi, day 87 rn, not so good day today but I’ll keep my willpower strong. Good luck to everyone.


Bro I hv heard once u have passed 14 days , journey becomes easy … is it true I’m on day 2 rn

First week is hardest, after that it’s not much hard then after 30 it’s smooth sailing.

I think you are a fan of Sadhguru

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