Prabhjot 1 year semen retention journal

Going good so far by the grace of god, craving fast food and sugar but I’ll make sure i cut it as soon as possible


Warrior for life group ke admin hai aap

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Yes bro, recently joined this website

App download kar lejye

Rewire companion bahut accha app hai

Very nice streak. How do you did it ? What is the secret ?

He is our whatsapp group admin of nofap
Very polite person

Believe in god, ask for help.


I’m not the body or mind, I’m the soul. I know it but i am experiencing little bit of it now, something strange is happening these day. I am knowing why I behave like this, why i react to things on certain ways, why i am like this, because right now who i am is my sanskaar ( I don’t know the English word of it ) maybe experiences, whatever have happened with me in this life had created impressions on my mind for example, someone bullied me in childhood maybe that situation have gone long ago but now that thing make me aware of any big person or person with some power as a threat, another example, if a girl rejected me over and over so that thing created an impression on my mind that girl is hard to get even though conciously i know there are lot of girls and every girl is not the same, but these experiences whether good or bad create some impressions on our mind which subconsciously make us behave in that certain way. You can also say that we vibrate in that frequency in our subconscious and attract things of similar frequency ( law of attraction) that’s why in bhagwat geeta, lord Krishna says “do the work, don’t think about the consequence of that work” because thinking about the outcome again make impressions of good or bad and subconciously make us stuck in that vibration. Good or bad is the illusion of mind, soul is far away from good or bad, only mind understand what is good or what is bad on the basis of impressions/knowledge that he have gain in this life. So here comes the past life, why i am raised like this, am i born this way? Astrology says that a person is born with some traits (kundli of a person) which influence his whole life they know it by planets and because most people live in the illusion of mind on reacting the things in parameter of good or bad, they often don’t change themselves but if a person is wants to see beyond good or bad and change his personality so kundli is not valid for that person. These are just my thoughts, i am writing this without being judgemental but getting more interested in spirituality now although i was an atheist but now healing and loving the inner self is the only way to get answers of whatever i am seeking, everything is from inside guys, outside is just the reflection of our inside which we see through our eyes. Start healing yourself from inside, outside will change. The journey is superb
Good luck to all.


Well written. :ok_hand: @Prabhjot0102
Somehow I have same thinking.
And even I am also atheist. So I don’t believe in Superstition created by this world.
I give more priority to what I experience. But I never ignore other people advices.

My problem is my thinking and actions don’t match together. So, I am working on it.

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Christian notion of soul and Hindu notion of Atma are way different.
I’d recommend using Atma for your talks and that there’s no equivalent of it in English (at least not that I know of)
Soul is not the equivalent of atma

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@adidias2201 i guess nofap and spirituality goes together. One who accept it gets more fruit (benifits)


Yupp!!.. I agree with you… I don’t believe in law of attraction… I don’t know why everyone is believing in this shit!(law of attraction)…

I have no doubt. It’s :100:% correct.

Do u( @Prabhjot0102 ) see the discourse of B. k. Shivani?
Because I got the vibe that words are similar to her discourses I saw long time back.

Law of attraction is working everytime whether you believe it or not and on semen retention its power increases a lot ( my experience ) . In my experience I am attracting things which i had sent out in the universe and getting the same return in very short period of time but what about attracting energies ( animals, humans, birds ) i think we can definitely attract it too, short example - what do you think how these hollywood stars, musicians getting a lot of fame? Why only few people are so rich then rest of the world? What’s the difference between a president and a normal person? Its all about thinking, they think positively everytime , had you ever seen any of them saying i am jobless or saying anything negative about themself? No, they don’t, 90% of the time they spend there time being positive although they absolutely would have many problems then us but still they are getting a lot (money, fame, name ) Clear your thoughts be positive everytime make it a habit, don’t let the past pain rule over you, present have more power then whatever you did in past, don’t let your mind say bad things about your body. Be thankful, you have got a human body you are the creator of your life, Be grateful, we’ll attract everything ( based on what energy we are giving out ) if you understand hindi, see bk shivani videos on present karma, law of attraction, you’ll understand much better

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Hahahaha, read my comment i just posted, you got me bro. (Law of attraction) what i think i got lol hahaha

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I heard the word accountability partner here. Do you know what is it? Or
Can you help me on this journey? @Prabhjot0102
It is out of the box for me.

3 months clean from cigarettes, smoking and drinking. 74 days clean from fapping. Last thing i want to quit is vaping, fast food and sugar. I believe in my self. I’m going to start doing yoga to get rid of my bad habits. Will update the progress

Some tips to those who can’t make long streaks

  • surrender to god
  • start being spiritual
  • write journal
  • do exercise/workout
  • avoid much non veg
  • don’t eat heavy in night
  • start sleeping on floor it helps
  • deactivate social media
  • don’t flirt/ talk sexually with girls
  • stop looking at girls around
  • quit romantic movies and songs
    Good luck to all my brothers, god bless all

Pls give Your code brother?