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Dear @ToThy, Hope you are doing great!

The practice you mentioned in Chinese practice is very similar to Pashchimottanasan which is done in sitting position.

I have been practicing Jalandhar Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Moolbandha, Mahabandha and Mahamudra. I would recommend it including Pranayama and meditation.

Keep coming the knowledge.



Oh yeah, I just searched for Pashchimottanasan, they are really similar! I think it has the same effect on nightfall prevention.

That’s great. Do you find the effectiveness of these practices for nightfall control? And what are other benefits for the bandha practices? I’m learning yoga too but bandha is not mentioned much…


Bandhas (locks) are energy locks and help move vital energy upward when combined with meditation. Moolbandha and Mahamudra help control the spinchster muscles thereby increase control on nightfall. Although Nocturnal emission is a complex phenomena involving various factors, these bandha and mudra do help.

PS: Jalandhar (good for thyroid gland), Uddiyana (good for abdomen cavity and organs like liver, kidney, spleen, intestine etc) Moolbandha (good for reproductive system and transmutation)

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#4 Transforming Views towards Women - Buddhist Master’s Advice

The Great Master Yin Guang (印光大師) of Pure Land Buddhism (淨/浄土宗) commented on lust that it is the pandemic of all people in the world. Many talented people from past to present were able to become saints or venerable persons, but due to their attachment on lust, they turned out mediocre or even dropped into three lower realms of rebirth.

Master Yin Guang provided three advices to transform our views towards women, as discussed below.

1. Treat all women as our family members (親/亲想)
For elder women, we see them as our mother; for those similar to our age, we see them as our elder and younger sisters; for young girls, we see them as our daughters. Even though our lust is strong, we don’t raise dirty thoughts towards our dear family members, because our relationships are out of love and care.

It’s really true that if we treat Mother Earth as our mother, then all people around the globe are brotherhood and sisterhood. We should treat all women as our dear sisters, caring them with love and compassion, instead of superficial lust towards their body. Women have soul, have unique personalities, maybe cheerful, maybe caring, or maybe diligent. They have their passions and interests, maybe they like drawing, maybe cooking, or maybe they love pets and children. Even pornstars have their passions and dreams. Do you really think they are willing to film porn videos being all nude in front of the camera? IF YOU WERE A PORNSTAR, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? You must feel great pressure and embarrassment when walking on the street, worrying how others perceive you, not to mention those vicious and vulgar comments on the internet. Even pornstars are women who we should be compassionate to, they have dreams, wish to have a typical life, a dear lover, a warm family, but these would be very far from them.

2. Treat sexy women as our enemy (怨想)
Sexy women invoke our desire, and this desire produces our karma and leads to lower realms of rebirth (animal, hungry ghost, hell), resulting in long-lasting suffers. So such pretty and sexy ladies are even more fierce than tigers and robbers, even more poisonous than arsenic and scorpions. Knowing this fact, we should transform our desire into hatred, They are our enemies who bring us sufferings.

In my opinion, we should direct our hatred towards porn and lustful thoughts. Internet porn poisons our values and morality, and our distorted mind in turn victimise women in daily life. The Nth rooms case in Korea is shocking and horrifying, you cannot imagine how they can abuse female victims with their distorted mind. You may watch the news below or check it on internet:

The words said by Cho Ju-bin, the prime suspect of Nth room crime, is worth reflecting: ‘Thank you for putting a brake on the life of a devil that could not be stopped.’ Obviously he was also a victim of porn and lust, and he in turn victimised other innocent women. Our world is being ruined by the devil of porn and lust. WE NEED TO STOP THE DEVIL! We need to save men as well as women!

3. Visualise the dirtiness of woman body (不淨想)
The beauty of woman body is just an illusion. If we uncover the skin, it is too disgusting to see - bones, fats, muscles, blood vessels, urine and faeces, hairs and organs, no single object is adorable. So we are just deceived by their skin, similar to a vase filled with faeces, which men don’t want to touch. So always visualise the inner parts of woman’s body, then our lust will vanish.

This method is called ‘Reflections on repulsiveness’ in English, you can search it in wiki. I’m practising this visualisation as well and it is quite useful. You can search for images of anatomy and dissection to enhance your impression on human body inside. CAUTION: DO NOT WATCH THEM BEFORE AND AFTER MEAL. You will see how illusory our desire is.

You may include these views in your meditation, or get prepared when you walk on the street. Admittedly, transforming our unconscious mind is really difficult, so frequent practice of these 3 views are necessary. But they deserve practicing. Not only can we reduce or lust, but we also cultivate our compassion towards women, defend our morality and realise the illusion of desire, enhancing our love and wisdom.


This is gold. Thanks for sharing.

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Please do check this out.


Bro, you are our Mantak Chia in the Rewire Companion.

Wow it seems like our thoughts were synchronised! Nice to know that you have same attitude with me towards women! I’m sure women can open our heart chakra and enhance our spirituality. We need to treat them as our dearest family :blush:


Very true.
That’s why I did share my confession because we are on the same boat in this matter.
True that bro. The opening of heart chakra is must to attain high level of spirituality. But I feel I was able to open my heart chakra myself by being highly aware of the blockages in my heart chakra. Since then I am able to communicate properly with people and have pulsating sensation in my forehead. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Thanks… Brother​:pray:. Your tips are very good :+1:

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This seems bit stretched. Although i am also half Buddhist. I practice vipassana meditation almost daily. But still how is it fault of sexy women that they are pretty or sexy. They are also a human being. And god has made them beautiful so other person get attracted to them but is it their fault that they are beautiful?


You amend it which suits to you the main crux was to understand the Teachings of Lord Buddha… What he want to convey with us… At that time Scriptures and methods were written by Male Monks. So they described in that way… There weren’t Misogynist but these methods were directed in Male dominated time… So understand the concept it and make as per your choice @raushan


Hi @raushan, Master Yin Guang did not mean that it is a fault for sexy women, he actually focus on our lust. Since our lust arises when seeing them, if we treat them as dangerous as tiger and robber and quickly excape, we can save ourselves from giving in to lust. This is rather a mind trick than a value.


Hi @ToThy now it makes more sense. Thanks for clarification.


#5 Powerful Mantra to Vanquish Lust - Shurangama Mantra (楞嚴/严咒)

Shurangama Mantra is regarded as the longest and most powerful mantra in Buddhism. It is found in the Shurangama Sutra (楞嚴經/楞严经), one of the most important sutras of Mahayana Buddhism. The reason why this mantra is especially powerful to vanquish lust is that according to Shurangama Sutra, Buddha used this mantra to save his disciple Ananda from breaching the precept of abstinence from unchastity. When Ananda was begging for food, he passed by a house of prostitution, then he suffered from an artifice - the daughter of Matangi used mantra of Kapila religion to hypnotise him to impure mat, she stroked and rubbed him and Ananda was on the verge of destroying the precept-substance. After Buddha knew this, he commanded Manjushri to take the Shurangama Mantra to rescue Ananda. The evil mantra was finally extinguished and Ananda was saved.

According to Shurangama Sutra, charting this mantra can vanquish all evils, and free oneself from all sufferings, and even attain precept, diligence and wisdom if oneself regularly practices Shurangama Mantra. Shurangama Sutra and Mantra were very much appreciated and promoted by Master Hsuan Hua (宣化上人), the founder of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (萬/万佛城) in Califonia.

Shurangama Mantra is very similar to the White Parasol (Sitatapatra) Dharani. I suppose they are variations of the same mantra. You can find the audio of this mantra in Sanskrit below:

There is Chinese version, but the pronunciations are very much distorted, so I prefer chanting Sanskrit version.

The following is the ‘Heart’ of Shurangama Mantra:

This mantra heart, as described in the mantra, can produce a boundary (bandha) of 12 yojana (around 144km) when chanted. Since chanting the whole mantra is too difficult for me, I chant this mantra heart whenever I feel my mind unstable or face temptations, and I truly find a sense of calm after chanting.

The content of Shurangama Mantra contains a lot of names of ghosts and evils, who will all be vanquished if one chants the mantra. So ghosts and evils all fear this mantra very much. According to the Buddha Pronounces the Sutra of Total Annihilation of the Dharma (佛說法滅盡經/佛说法灭尽经), at the Dharma Ending Age, Shurangama Sutra will disappear first, followed by all other sutras in the 12 categories. Surangama Mantra is the most powerful weapon to vanquish evils, so evils all hope to destroy the sutra and the mantra. This is why Master Hsuan Hua said that if Shurangama Sutra and Mantra still exist, right Dharma would still present in this world; if they disappear, right Dharma also disappears.

You can discover more of Shurangama Sutra and Mantra through the following website if you are interested:


Yes brother this mantra praises all gods and also names all evils . It asks gods to vanquish all the evils and never let them come near.
I don’t chant this mantra but this is quite powerful.
NAMO buddhaye

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Bro you also know this mantra! Personally I feel this mantra is really powerful to tackle lust, maybe you can try to chant the mantra heart :wink:

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Yes bro
Actually there are lot of mantras in Hinduism and I guess Buddhism also.
The aum, Shree and namah sounds are basics of mantra .
And the heart you talked about is I guess the mantra to be chanted at time of aahuti(ritual in yagya-holy fire) because it has svaha at last which represents a ahuti in yagya.
So it makes it a powerful mantra …:smile:
You can search for mool mantras in you tube for more beautiful mantras(they are supposed to be the root of mantras).

Like - Hari Om tat sat
Hope you will enjoy .:smile:

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Yeah I also think Buddhism teachings have roots in Hinduism, so they are very similar. It seems many mantra of Buddhism end with svaha, like the mantra in Heart Sutra: GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SVAHA, maybe the usage of svaha is changed in Buddhism? :thinking:
And what are mool mantras? I search it and seems related to Sikhism?


Mool means root . So root mantra. It is not related to Sikhism.
Every mantra has specific sounds, vibrations and specific meanings.
You may find om,Shree,namah in mostly every mantra.so these make up base and then added some specific sounds like hrin, klin etc
Search for Hari Om tat sat you will find it.

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