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ॐ Namah Shivay :trident:
Namaste Friends :pray:
My Name is Nik¶ :nerd_face:
I’m from the Land of Yoga, Tantra & Kamasutra among countless other contributions to world🚩

:warning: First of all, sorry for long post. Give it a read, it may interest you. Also, I’m not very good at writing so you can suggest me on any mistakes/objections as I’ve No Intentions of hurting religious sentiments or Trigger anyone by use of Erotic Words. As name suggests this is a Religious topic connecting to NoFap & mostly Hindu/Indian beleivers can understand this. But it’s open for everyone, you can also share your Yoga/Hathyoga/Tantra or any experiences which Helps in NoFap journey. I have tried to put only one perspective of Shiva here as it’s relevant here in saving our life-energy :construction:

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I last fapped on beginning of July & then it strikes in my mind. If I can do No Nut November, why not this!

Goal - :muscle: Survive Saavan (July 6–Aug 3) :fire:

:diya_lamp:Auspicious month of Saavan (श्रावण acc. to Hindu calendar विक्रम year 2077) is here upon us & dedicated to Supreme God Shiva (महादेव) who is also known as God of Yoga! This month is rainy season of monsoon here.
:hindu_temple:He is worshipped symbolically as phallic stone (शिवलिंग) vertically erected inside horizontal vulva-shaped base (शक्तियोनि) representing Human Conciousness roped in Nature, that erect conscioussness transcends vertically over the manifested nature of this universe.
Shiva meditates close-eyed, channeling Life-blood Semen energy inside his body, uprising through spine from bottom to top Chakras going to Mind & opening the Third-Eye of Knowledge that burnt God of Lust, Pleasure n Desires (कामदेव).
His thoughts for pleasure in outer world are dead, but his Mind & Soul are very much Alive & so his Penis, fully erected but in a Divine way, that is Oozing raw energy, gives him power to be The Destroyer.
Now that can be inspiration to leave worldly pleasures forever & choose life of Celibacy (monk mode). But, if everyone can do/ does that How will this Human life go on!
Thus, to tame that raw Life energy his counterpart Goddess Shakti (Raw Nature) has to sit atop his erected Penis, creating Shivlinga symbol. :star_of_david: This star represents their Unison as Shiva’s energy goes upwards :small_red_triangle: and Shakti pulls it downwards :small_red_triangle_down: to produce a new life, making him The Creator thus, his other name Shankara (शंकर).
He’s like ZER0 & Infinity (null n void) where all the creation ends in & starts from his vaccum again, but himself doesn’t have any start/ending.
That’s the concept of any sexual intercourse defined for humans unless corrupted by Lust. That’s how nature tames human & when we try to tame it for our own desires, it destroys us like fapping does to our body.
We all can achieve Divination (शिवत्व) by staying away from self-destruction of life-energy & meditating will begin upward motion of semen (ऊर्ध्व-रेतस) then
Amazing things will happen to all of us, and everyone will find someone to balance their conscioussness.

I maybe a little late here as Saavan started from Monday, July 6 but if you have streak from that day or before it, you can join Saavan Challenge now that’s strictly No PMO upto August 3. Be honest with yourself & fellow companions. Check-in here with your progress, Companions’ app streak is updated on Scoreboard. Thoughts n Suggestions are Welcome.

।। ॐ नमः शिवाय ।।


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।। ॐ नमः शिवाय ।।
Day - 19
Gender - M
इस बार हमें शिव जी इतनी शक्ति दे ताकि हमारे आने वाले दिनों में ये पोर्न नाम का असुर हमारे जीवन में फिर न आ सके और एक बेहतर ज़िन्दगी की कामना करते हैं !
जय श्री राम …


I am joining from today…HAR HAR MAHADEV…


Count me in for the challenge.


I am in!!
हम #महादेव के दीवाने है,
तान के #सिना चलते है,
ये #महादेव का जंगल है,
यहाँ #शेर #श्री_राम के पलते है…!
“हर हर #महादेव



I am in.
Har har mahdev. :triangular_flag_on_post:
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Follow me and we will do it together.


Add kr liya h bhai ji apko, aap bhi krlo. Jindgi hi Saavan ban jaye hmesha PMO se dur rhe to… JAI MAHAKAL


भाई आपने कोड़ शेयर नहीं किया अपना । भगवान शिव काम का नाश कर सभी कामनाओं को पूरा करें :pray: जय सियाराम :triangular_flag_on_post: ।। ॐ नमः शिवाय ।।


Added you bro, add me back.
I hope your 4 days clean streak is from Monday, July 6.


You’re welcome bro. Just trying something new here.


Added you bro, add back.
वीर्य संरक्षण से ही शेर सीना तान के चल पायेंगे इस कलियुग में । हरि ॐ बम बम बम :pray:


Added you bro, add me back.
But as I see, you have fapped today itself (after posting here maybe) You can ask for help here from anyone or read a lot self-help topics.


Count me in.
My sharing code is : kozg26


I’m in sharing code od7ore
Please make a scoreboard


I’m also in ! My sharing code is ea1v0q. Current streak 6day 12 hr


Bhai hum yahan scoreboard bana sakte he kya?? To bana do na ek ache se pata chalega kon kon iss journey me he


You can also see this symbol as A FLAME RISING FROM A VESSEL.
Like an indian diya.

I have found this view more positive.


My dear friend
You are saying that shakti is Raping … The Shiva… forcefuly… like Nature is forcefuly making shiva to reproduce… as a symbol.
Now… you also have said…

Shiva penis is always erect… that can happen when someone has taken an overdose of viagara.
Also… one thing to notice… it also contadicts the fact which you told early…

When semen blood energy is gone upwards in the head… how can the penis become erect… oozing to destroy… and reproduce… allowing any women to sit over it forcefuly and can have his seed… semen.

My dear friend…
Dont try to connect the two ends of shiva…
When shiva reproduce… he is below god level.
When shiva opens his third eye… he is definately a God.

Shiva can not be the same … either he is a God… or he is normal human like other… producing child… subjected to nature.

The shiva i know has risen above The sexual body & nature

Kaal ke bhi kaal ko nature forcefuly sex nahi karva sakta.

Jai Mahakal.