Wall-e's Diary. .

Hi All,
Welcome to my diary. Today I’ve decided to track my addiction and get rid of the shit (PMO). Now sudden change is way difficult than I ever imagined. But I am confident that soon the transformation is going to happen in my life. As we all know, ‘Life is beautiful if you know where to look’. I am done with living temporary pleasure and excitement in my life. I need your support during this journey. I would love to have a companion who can walk along with me. Please feel free to comment or suggest the same. My sharing code: 0ow5v1
Wonderful things happened in my life,

  1. A loving and caring Family
  2. A well-paid Job
  3. A Few Close Friends [They never knew, I have this addiction from childhood. Importantly, I don’t want them to know including parents. I promised to take care of myself from now on. Again it’s a 'Promise]
  4. Rewire community

Things I struggle to have:

  1. Responsible Man
  2. Good health
  3. Mood swing
  4. Reading habit
  5. Premature ejaculation (PE)
  6. HairFall
  7. Social Media Addiction (Fb, Instagram, WhatsApp)

If you ever wonder what’s special in this diary and how you’re going to handle it?
Well, my friend wait and watch :slightly_smiling_face:

Signing on,


Good luck @wall-e . All the best.


@Dvija Thank You. I won’t disappoint you. Please mark my words. :slight_smile:

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Marked I am watching.


@wall-e bro I am always with you not like watching from distance and do nothing…
I always hold your hand like my brother… Whenever you need help ask me.

I will be glad to see your progress ahead. :slight_smile:

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Sure, I’ll ask and seek for help whenever something not in my control. Now I am thankful to be here in this wonderful community. It’s Time for a change now, weekdays, I am way stronger because of work and busy schedule.But weekends especially Friday and Saturday(night) I loose myself. So no more awaking after 11pm and stairing, chatting either with girls at night. Thanks again for your support. @Adioz_aka_Adidas


This is when we mostly loose control over ourselves… Same here. I also loose control in night after 11pm so I have decided that I won’t use anything(except rewire) blocked all apps. Now I am totally fine.
That’s why I am going clean every single day…
Because of this community which help us (not only males…females are also supportive here)

One request to you:-
If you do any mistake kindly mention here so that nobody repeats same in their journey.

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yea. I’ll mention. My first target is 20 days now


Go head head @wall-e … I am glad to know that you plan and go on in your thoughts life as well as you imagine and see it .

Come here when you need
Stop wasting time even here if you don’t need . :wink:



Thank you… @NhTbH
Previous failures never gona define my future. I am weak inside but a way stronger than before. I’ve committed to fight back. I hope you’re doing well. If anytime, anything I can help please do let me know. Life is on


I have no doubt about anything you mentioned it now , I will …


We are here bro for support. Keep going on your NOFAP JOURNEY.:ballot_box_with_check::ballot_box_with_check:


@Hardmode123 Thank you :slight_smile:

I know I don’t have much credibility to offer advice here but on my previous streak of a successful 30 days before I relapsed, I got my hairfall to stop and improved my focus.

  1. I stopped coffee and switched to green tea
  2. Started taking zinc supplements (once a day in the morning after a light breakfast)
  3. Started doing yoga and meditation
  4. Exercising and running
  5. Took 2 pills of Ashwagandha in the night before sleep (decreases stress)

05/08: Thank you everyone for believing on me. Today is the day, I crossed my first checkpoint.
Next target is 40 => 80 => 120
Mood swing persists but not much. Urges are there but I am not allowing them to act/indulge explicitly. Today and tomorrow is very much important to me. I should not turn back to PMO. I am done with excuses. Time to watch my emotions and work on productivity

CS: 20*


After 20 days,this is the first time I felt I lost my control and now feeling low to myself. In my subconscious mind I was saying, 'I lost to every vows and commitments. Again I need to start and when I am going to be clean? ’
I wanted to touch the lady who was appearing infront of me. She looks hot and my eyes already staring at her body. I really don’t care in reality but the fluid inside already came out because of the sensation inside and my mind already getting the pleasure. When I open my eyes then I got to know it’s was just a dream (night fall) where I failed again.
Well this monster can be strong at night but I am not going to surender myself. I challenge it to appear me in day time with my full conscious. I promised myself to cross 90days and I mean it.

  1. Before sleep, I drank more water yesterday because in night when i sleep in the ac, i feel thirsty.
  2. Used phone for long hours before sleeping and productive work never completed. Before sleep I was scolding myself for wasting two weekends

Next time I need to work on these two points. I feel like I don’t have self control over sex. Feel free to suggest and share some inputs so that i can work on it.


Chill dude. Nightfall is normal. In fact celebrate the fact that your libido is still pretty high !!
I’ve been down that ideal celibacy route. Not worth it. Trust me. I think we make rebooting hard because we set unrealistic goals. I’ve noticed that working on oneself as well as life keeps our mind busy and active.
Keep in mind that this journey is about moving away from the quick dopamine highs from porn and masturbation. Repairing your brain and body takes time, so be patient and if you have time to worry about nightfall, you defijitely have enough time to work on yourself.


sure thanks. Today morning I was expecting the day to be slow but at the end all went well. :slight_smile:

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Today morning, I am feeling refreshed and energetic. As soon as possible, I need to keep myself busy, otherwise solitude again come back.
Sometimes I like everything around me, including this screenshot,

Well, I liked this quat.

Cs: 25/40



Root cause:

  1. Stayed more time alone without doing any productive work. I was feeling bored
  2. Got my laptop ( From last two weeks gave to my friend) and I was downloading movies, suddenly mind deviated to watch something interesting.
  3. Allowed myself relax for a minute and brought this gift for me. All plans wasted. P&M is the biggest enemy in my life. Now need to live with this and rise again from scratch. No hard feelings. Let it go.

Let God figure out and I am again going to try and this time I will make sure to cross the first checkpoint