Uugggh😡😵. I edged again

This is second time on my current streak of 15 days . Do someone have ideas on how to stop this. Please suggest. I will much appreciate your help brothers . Edging has always been a problem with me …


You can’t have a clean streak from the bigging, edging is part of your streak, specially in the first 30 days. Hang on in there, overcoming the craves of releasing the semen while you edging or after you edged, it will prepare you facing future urges, and that will make you mentally stronger. Edging is bad, but not bad as a relapse, don’t give in and relapse, because that’s a fail. Edging is a fail - win situation because you had the will not to ejaculate, and that will help you later in the journey. I know is frustrating and literally painful, but in the future you will thanks yourself.


Very true. This technique gave me some control over night falls.


@Aoshigreen thanks. Tomorrow I’ll be on 60 days streak. I watched porn 3 times on this streak. First on day 15, second on day 26, and third on day 56. I haven’t edged, just watched, but the desire to release the semen was very strong, yet I overcame it. Beating this huge desire on day 26th helped me stay clean up to day 56th. That’s 30 days clean there . I checked in on 56th after watched porn and you said hang on in there, the situation will turn around and it did. Now I feel more untied of the porn because I did not want to give up and relapse. It’s a fail-win situation which will lead to a win-win situation eventually.


Thanks guys for thode suggestions…

What the hell ! You guys are supporting this edging practice and watching P in your steak. I am totally against it, if I have craving to watch P either masturbate and ejaculate(give in) or I won’t watch P at all.(and no Masturbation and ejaculation)
I know I am a beginner but I am totally against the practice of edging.
Even I read the article on yourbrainonporn it says that edging will cause serious issues and it produce more cravings than usual.
I did this edging once in my life it’s totally worse…(as per my experience)
So, it’s better to watch porn and Masturbate and restart your streak totally clean. Otherwise your streak won’t be useful.
You’re just cheating yourself.

Think Long term what will be the effects of edging or Masturbation in your life , NoFap is a lifestyle not the Competition


Thank you for your suggestion

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Hi Doug,
I agree with your point. However Edging is like quiting cigarettes or alcohol. Even cocaine, people are so addictive that its recommended to slowly get yourself of it. Edging can give the person a sense of control. But this is too risky, I agree. Just thought of sharing.


Thank you for your suggestion

Still I am against the this practice of edging… if you give this bad habit giving a name of self control then you’re biggest fool(sorry for bad words)
People will give you advice, Do what looks good to you…Listen to your inner soul.
Do you think it’s good decision to do edging?.
If you edge and got little late then it becomes Masturbation. Just a matter of seconds

By the way @leonardo_flores2020 my name is Douglas not Doug(I didn’t gave anyone right to call me with new nickname)


What is your current streak bro???

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You are in a public forum. We are all here to help each other, that’s the point of the app Douglas.

Edging is like taking cocaine little by little. One of my significant other was addicted to crack cocaine.

You know what I learned, clinicians, do not make you stop *suddenly. The withdrawal symptoms are severe. *Porn craving is very similar.

I reply to you so you and the person posting can have an understanding. Edging is not all that bad. This is a complicated addiction.

The object that triggers it. (Porn)
The need for dopamine. (Orgasm)
The *behavior that gets the dopamine hit.(Masturbation)

Porn is never ending. Plus the need for *sex/testosterone makes it nearly impossible to control.

In reality behavior takes an essential role;
Edging gives the person a sense of control.

Thats what we all need to overcome this,
“Self control”.

Here’s a small example, you felt attacked by my comment and then you lashed out. Is that a person in control of themselves? Of course not.

Don’t take things to heart. We are all here to help.


I Got this post on the Message board of this app. I mention here that all credit goes to the first person who created this post. I’m just copy pasting it.

The points here, can give answers to some of your questions. Give it a read.

Below you can find the most FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) that will help you understand what NoFAP is:

1- What is NoFap ?

-If you are here, you probably know already. HOWEVER. NoFap is about sexual health and much more. It is a movement that motivates you with facts and reasons to stop with PMO.

2- What is PMO ?

-PMO stands for Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm, respectively.

3- What is PIED ?

-PIED stands for " Porn Induced Erectyle Dysfunction "

4- Can I masturbate during NoFap without using porn ?

-That depends a lot. There are 3 levels of difficulty:

Easy = You can masturbate, but not to porn. This is the least favorite and the one that takes more time to make some difference in your life. Beware though, it’s not mastubartion free, you should always try to avoid masturbating.

Normal = No Masturbation, No Porn. You are only allowed to reach an orgasm through real sex with a real person. The most common and most recommended for people who want to improve their lives in a lot of aspects.

Hard mode/Monk Mode = No masturbation, no porn, no orgasm whatsoever. This is the thoughest for a lot of us but also the favorite for the hardcore people who want to improve their self-control and focus their sexual energy on things that are not sex related, such as work, study, social life…

So, i advise you NOT to masturbate and NOT do easy mode. But it’s your life. Only you can change it.

5- What is a relapse ?

-When you fail to keep yourself clean from the PMO cycle. Examples:
If you masturbated and reached an orgasm = YOU RELAPSED
If you masturbated to porn and reached an orgasm = YOU RELAPSED (That’s even worse)
If you decided to check your EX-favorite (I meant that “EX”, YOU SHOULD NEVER GO THERE AGAIN) porn site just to see the new hotties and stayed there for a certain amount of time, even without masturbating = YOU RELAPSED HARD AF, don’t do this to yourself.
To make things simple: If you do something against the NoFap rules and didn’t stop it, you relapse.

6- What is Edging ?

-Oh boy… That’s a disgrace. Edging is the act of masturbating yourself without reaching the orgasm. It can be even worse than the PMO cycle because you will bath your brain in chemicals for minutes… Even hours…Edging is worse than a relapse. Don’t do it. I MEAN IT!

7- What is a wet dream ?

-A wet dream is what we call when we dream about having sex, masturbating or any form of reaching an orgasm. The thing is, you wake up WET in semen :v

8- Is having a wet dream considered a relapse ?

-NOPE. You see… You can’t control a dream (most of the times), it’s not like you were thinking “OH, I WANT TO F*CK IN MY DREAMS SO BAD THAT WILL HAVE A WET DREAM TONIGHT AND WAKE UP WITH MY UNDERWEAR STICKY AF”
Nah… So don’t worry about it.

9- What is the flatline ?

  • Flatline is the period of time on your NoFap journey where you will feel bad. You will probably have no erections, no motivation, will feel bad… BUT, WAIT! You will be fine, brother!
    While you are keeping yourself clean from PMO, you are going to face a lot of urges to take a small look at it again. BUT DON’T DO IT. PMO is an addiction and you will have to fight it like one. There’s no such thing as “A small sip of alcohol” for an alcoholic. “I will only smoke this once and i will stop forever” for a smoking addict. Neither there is “A quick masturbation to my favorite video and then I will start NoFap” START NOW, KEEP PUSHING!

10- How much time will it take until I am cured ?

  • NoFap is not really a cure, but a treatment. It normally takes 90 days to fully rewire your brain, however, it depends from person to person. It also depends on how addicted you are/were and what are the problems you are facing. It all depends, it can take months, maybe years to fully be free from it. We were addicted for years. You can’t expect to be free from it in just a few weeks. It takes time. Hold on. It will be worth it.

11- How do I keep myself motivated ?

-Well… I see a lot of people giving the reasons of why they started NoFap but also asking for motivation on the same post. So what I usually say is the most cliché thing: Remember why you started. Remember what you want to overcome. Remember every bad moment you had because of this addiction and aim to who you will be if you stop it NOW.

*#StayStrong #KeepFighting


-Shared from Rewire Companion app


Sorry guys I did not made myself clear first but I think I misunderstood the meaning of edging . What I meant by I edged is I watched p**n for some time like for half an hour or 1 hour . I did not touch my thing down there. I created this topic to know what could be the effects of it and how to stop peeking. I am sorry because I was not able to understand the meaning of edging earlier.

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You can take the conversation in any way either bad or good it’s depends on your mentality. I just lashed out because I am the person who give advice with proof and someone misleading someone like me(as a beginner)
I read some comments which looks offensive to me and it attracts me to do same as you guys said. Like a small child who see peoples action and do accordingly but I do some research about all the comments.
There are many peoples who already recovered they suggested that we should avoid watching porn and Masturbationand edging. If we are doing edging it means we are not at any side(right side or wrong side) just swinging in the middle to start recovery or doing the bad habits.
We must have only 2 choices(Yes or No) in life but we created 3rd choice i.e, “May be”
Do you want to recover from this addiction? Then don’t choose 3rd option i.e, edging/watching porn and doing nothing just testing your willpower. Its 3rd choice

Kindly take a look on this article :point_down:


Oh boy. I am not misleading anyone;
I said Edging is not all that bad;

Thank you for the article I just read it. All I see is people’s struggles and advice.
I don’t see an actual *clinician on the subject. PMO is still not classified as an addiction from what I remember. Button line, you disagree. There is nothing wrong with that, but lashing out is.

The arcticle/post does not address when does this become an addiction. In my opinion, it becomes an addiction when a person has no control over it.

Its not a “Yes” or “No”. How many people do you think would say yes and be done with it?

When a person resorts to edging is because they have lost all control and try to control the main factor affecting us, Dopamine release.

Its not the practical ideal situation but its a start.
Its a relief that I can stop at the edge of a cliff.

Same as alcoholics, they have none-alcohol beer. Do you know why? To relief the cravings.

Besides, who am I? Who are the people on all this post? Since PMO is still not classified as an actual addiction, try researching other addictions. I cannot credit all the info on your research since I never met any of them.

I am going by my actual experience and people in my life. Anyway, take care. Good luck on your journey.


Its fine don’t worrie about it. I did not know what Edging meant, then made the connection. I understand what it is now and how it applies in all of this PMO thing.


You need to read this:

You are not doing a challenge, this is not a game. You are REBOOTING. Reboot has to be taken seriously. Act as your life goes on it because it does. You edged, you fucked up your recovery, thats how it works.

Maybe resetting scares you. But streak is not same as recovery. And you won’t recover if don’t reset. There is no place for P, M or O on your recovery. In any form.


Brother you are doing wrong …if you are on hard mode then also you are not allowed to watch porn…its considered as a relapse…and Iam telling you because it will ruin your recovery nofap is not mean on MO its also highly related with P…the brain will stop your recovery process if you watched…mainly edging is also related with porn …so dont watch porn on nofap…but if you are on easy mode then you can fap a week but no porn…



O boy, sorry about this late reply. I don’t really know how to tell you to stop edging when I started out I cut out anyform of masterbation even if it is just to edge. I did however have had the habit of touching my member like after a week in the first time when I started especially bedtime was bad it was when I usaully did it.

I would also hold it only in my hands for awhile and drift of into sleep and as I passed in to 30 days it totally subsided by itself. I no longer do it and it sortof helped me in a way just to hold it and not going for any stroke. Ofcourse really risky , but it helped and it wasn’t like edging.

You could also what I did in my second 100 streak I the hold wasn’t even done. And i kept it cleaner only touched when washing and peeing was done. Was to start fresh with also no edging allowed and apply stricter rules when urges hit. Try not to think about fapping when the urge hits occupy your hands by playing a offline game on your phone or keep your thoughts on a task. Also have a rule no touch to not touch your member during this time and also touch only when necessary like mentioned.

Also implement it stricter if you should like have pants with a fly a just a band to pull it tight to your body also where belts with it aswell. Usaully jeans will work the best and suit most environments and also control your fly and belt movements. Only unbuckle to change your pants or pull it down for a shit and also allow the fly to be opened to pee. If you have a shit occupy your hands via a game or fumble your fingers. Also during a pee just focus on the pee don’t jelq as well as this might active you to give a stroke or two more then just the jelq. Pratice jelqing again should you feel comfortable on beating the edging problem.

Also with the wash don’t wash to long or implement a stroke or two, rather if circumcised it might help more to wash from the base upwards as most of the nerves sit in the head of the penis and won’t excite or activate an urge as quick if you wash from the base upwards.

For uncircumcised guys at first sorry sometimes your gonna go in twice for the wash. Also firstly from the base upwards with the foreskin in normal position. Here you might get an erection if so move on to wash somewhere else like the legs for example. After a min or so retract the foreskin and keep a slight pull on it to stay in the position as your going to wash again upwards. A good pullback with an O handsign with thumb and forefinger is okay pull back to full retract and your fingers act as your new base and wash quick to the tip. And rinse and in the same action pull foreskin back in a normal position. Again should you feel horney in any of these stages discontinue. Don’t rub or touch the head, tip of the penis too long as mentioned it might induce the urge faster and also erection as it is very sensitive.

A minute tops for the complete wash.

Also dressing and readjusting try to make it quick and also comfortable.

Thirdly if it is worth it avoid staring or looking at your member for long periods of time. Cover him with your other hand just a little bit above it don’t hold it completely unless you feel comfortable in a complete hold with only the open end pointing to where you pee. You could aim to pee then go into this roofed position.

Also when nude or in the shower yes it is kinda hard with the technical aspects of washing it, but focus on the wash and also only when you wash to look at it. Afterwards cover it intially. You could also bathe or shower in underwear at first too should you really wanna get a good start on it. And only remove it sligthy away form your body when going in to wash your member. It will also make it uncomfortable to maybe go in for a stroke or two. You could dedicate a special pair of underwear for this task.

Also wash it first to get it over with is also another option and you’ll forget about him during your whole cleaning routine

Why I mention it is to avoid you looking at it is to avoid thinking about it since you are already touching it in some cases.

Hope this helps. A bit overdetailed, but this helped me alot in my second 100 streak and it is good habits implemented in the for the next streak.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome