Uugggh😡😵. I edged again

Edging is suicidal brother like its the final hard damage to your brain

Edging + Porn >= LSD + Heroin

Think of that simple its like that dangerous brother

How I know this? answer is experience

All the best brother

i disable my google chrome during my no fap journey iam on 96 days streak i am also watch porn in starting days and i also failed on 16 days two times .
then i realise i don’t use chrome for any activity , i am only use it for watching porn in some days like 3rd day 7 th day then at 16 th day and i relapsed .
if chrome is not useful for any activity to you then disable it
for finding solution of problem first finish the reason behind that problem
this is my technique to finish edging If you like this then try it once :+1::+1:

Truth. If you still want to browse safely, you can use different browsers like SPIN for example. It’s very restricting but that is enough for me. You can even remove Google from it as search engine if you fap using Google Image search like I used to ages ago. I am not that person anymore.

Best wishes bro @anon47233199 . To remove edging, make a mindset change. Think like this :

"Masturbation (edging) is what is actually bad for me. Peeking is what is actually bad for me. It is what fucks with my neurotransmitters and fucks up my brain. When I am on NoFap, staying away from orgasm is not the only objective. I am trying to stay away from touching my dick, looking at pics or clips, arousing myself in any way. That is the objective. In reality, I feel the useless pleasure not from orgasming alone, but from edging or looking. In reality, edging is the habit my brain is addicted to, not orgasming. My addiction is not orgasm, but masturbation, and looking. That is where dopamine comes from. Edging is the compulsive behaviour I am trying to avoid. I am not trying to stay away from edging because it could “lead” to relapse or orgasm, it IS the fucking relapse for me."

Best wishes bro, all of us are looking out for you!

Edit : Oh shit I didn’t see how old this topic was, dayummn. :joy::joy::joy:
Anyway, what I said actually is the truth and all should apply this in your journey.

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I think you should see nofap more as a process, just like anything in life.
Is edging bad if you want to stay clean? Absolutely!
Should you blame yourself for it or count it as relapse? That depends.

If you are early in your journey, edging will occur. Just giving up and going all the way or resetting your streak because you edged will lead you to start over and over again. Always on day 0 or 1 your motivation will drain quickly
Instead pull yourself away from it, how hard it may be and take that as a success: you beat the urges and did not ejaculate. Then be mindful and explore how you feel, propably quite bad. And let your brain make the connection between that bad feeling and edging. It will help you massively to avoid it in the future.

If you have developed further, than you should aim to avoid it absolutely. But as is said i think for that to happen, some major development beforehand is neccessary.

I also think it’s nonsense to view every relapse as starting from scratch- you don’t. Because if you really try, you learned something, you grew stronger, you paved a part of the way you are going.
Becoming clean without relapse is impossible because relapses are part of your growth.

Right now i am trying to focus in planned relapses. I know i can’t do 90 days just like that. But i made 8 last time and now im going for 14 and when i do that maybe 21 and so on. That way you still have a feeling that you succeeded with your goal and that you grow step by step

Very nice word brother. I totally agree with you.

i also didn’t see how old this topic was :joy::joy::sweat_smile: i realised after posting reply .

Then you’re gonna relapse soon