This is to the females

To the females on this platform, never think any male who contacts you on this platform have carnal plans in mind. We are all trying to help one another.

You need help that’s why you are here and also the chances of missing the answer you have been longing so long for is very high when you turn down help.


I’m a woman and I have companies that are men, but I think that any woman who finds it uncomfortable must be respected…
Yes we all need help but our problems can be waay different so she may think that is better to talk with women only and that’s ok.


Try to think their point of view dude . Few days ago one female I know left this forum because of the creeps/perv guy sending messages to her dm.
And there are plenty of other options to get help or to get their answers.


No you are not right. Not every male is same here. Some of the males are perverted who text girls to sleep with them.


Don’t tell them what to think. They are able to make the decisions to protect themselves from harassment. In the first place we are here because we are unable to look at them as women. India national I assume?


Just being curious, what do you think are the differences in problems we face? I’m sure you know about a man’s problem with this rewiring journey, because most on this journey are men and you can find a man’s perspective easily. Do you mind sharing what problems are unique to women that you haven’t seen any men mention so far?

Seriously?? There are guys sending pervy dms here? She should report those people.

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Just see this whole topic.
They are every where. Sometimes they get punishment sometimes not. But in both the cases it is the female who quit the forum for ever.

In my views we should take care of ourselves first. I can bet to the men who are very much caring about women here, that they might have not rewired yet. First make yourself rewired then guide others.

All the thoughts and stretgies are already present in the topics. One just need to search about them. Whether it be nightfall or wetness, every solution is already there in some different topic. Just search it out.

Be serious to the rewiring process not to the females. There are many active people who have rewired already. Their help would be more beneficial then ours because we have already copied the stretgies from them.

In this world full of perverts don’t move shouting every where that I’m not a pervert. I will care for you.

Just do no pmo first and one day this whole world will shout for you that you are the man of a character

This is the topic I’m talking about.


See this topic as well

I bet …all the other inactive females left this forum due to the same reasons…

And the post below proves me right. If we are not pervs. Then we should first make others as non pervs… When the society will change only then we will get a good treatment …There is no other way. This shouting will not help.

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That why l don’t talk much l this app l only focus on my no fap journey :pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::muscle::muscle:

lf any one message l mute :mute: or block her l only talk in this app some females only


What the fuck is wrong with him… He definitely deserves to get banned from here. He was going too far slowly slowly, at first i though he was helping you but then he started his " Work"
Thank you sister for mentioning that guy…
We got know one of the fuckers today

And a request to all females here to share names of such stupids.


And our helping brother @hex93 is exposed here…
Good to see such helpers out here. :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

Nobody came to me like this helper came here…

Well boys decide what to do​:pray::pray::pray:

We need some experienced fellows here but most of them don’t understand hindi language…

I only know @Brahmachari_17 who could understand hindi…


First l thought he helping me but than l feel more uncomfortable some question is very weird :frowning::frowning::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: :pray::pray::pray::pray::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning: l have my own self respect :muscle::muscle::muscle: this is a my no fap journey no one ask questions why come this app we all know why :question: we here this app :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.l Come this app for some motivation not for worst chats. Yess l believe in my self :innocent::innocent::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:l can do it


Even doctors don’t talk like this :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Strict action shoud be taken @nofapstar123 please tag others here.
This man hex is new here if see his activity, he was always there with female topics…

Aaye do din na hue and help karne dod pade​:joy::joy:

This app is getting spoiled…this is third case within less then 5 days.


There are some others problems but what I can tell u that I’m been through and known other women been through is that masturbating a taboo to women, is simple something that we don’t talk about, different from men that have all theses groups of friends to share pornography and stuff. So is really hard and embarrassing to us to tell others our history with PMO (and I think that’s the reason we don’t have many here)
And we also have the obligation to be always pure and ‘virgin’ especially if we’re christian, to the point that we’ll be considered not even a real woman if we’re ‘durty’, we get afraid we’ll never get married cause we not ‘worth it’, and we destined to either be forever alone, or be a slut that will be with many at the same time, but will never be loved. And others sentimental stuffs.
Also as you can see in the replies, some women can be afraid of sexual harassment, as some men see us as sluts… I admit that when I first talk to a man in here, I was scared he’ll provoke me… It’s not a judgment, it’s just something that we been through a lot.
Idk if you understand what I mean, English is not my first language.


Wow. Nofap MeToo movement. :joy:


This is hard to judge bro…I don’t know what his intension is, but the second last query sounds like a creepy one.

For sure, some girls will be offended with such questions.
Add some girls here as well and let them decide.

Even if someone is blocked here, they can rejoin with other id. Everyone here is using alias anyways and not their real names. None would even understand if he comes back with different id. Blocking someone will not make much impact in my understanding.
@hex93 if you truly want to help someone, pls go for it but make sure you are not crossing the limits and always have a good intension.
It is the good intension only that brought all of us here.

@hex93 Do you want to say something in your defence?



I’m sure they will never rejoin here If they are pervs…
They will go to other platforms offering datings etc.
Like tinder and online dating sites…

But some action is really required here.

And if nothing is done this platform will also be spoilt like other no fap platforms like redit…

With lots of triggering content and sexualization…


To all the sisters

I want to say please be happy and ignore such stupidity. This world have a lot of beautiful souls. Focus on that.

Afterall most of the people available here are PMO addicts. They will need time to be healed. They are frustrated and after leaving porn and masturbation, they are trying to get their dopamine hit by texting some sensual messages to girls.

You can be angry on them. But in reality most of them are already ashamed of themselves but because of their addiction they really can’t help it out.

So it’s better to ignore such things or report it to the admin.

At last , I wanna say you have one life. Focus on yourself. Build yourself. Be the strongest women and the inspiration for fellow women and men.

Afterall it’s not about leaving PMO. It’s about creating yourself. And nofap is a tool for becoming the best version of ourselves.

With the bottom of my heart. I wish you all a porn free life. May you have huge successful life.

Be happy and keep smiling. :slight_smile:



That’s full of very good points brother.

But some people are not here for good purposes and just ignorig them is not a good solution. In the chats of sakshi it was not much hurting so she ignored but in the chats of akshda you could see how hurting it was.

Moreover we just don’t know what was texted to @jynx that even on the request of so many people she left.
Most of us asked her to reveal but she didn’t. Not because she didn’t have guts but because ( I think) the text were so bad that she was very much embarrassed to express and she quit forever…you could imagine how bad the chatting might have went…just see akashda’s screen shots.

Well brother I think we are like families here. It’s like our own house. It is our responsibility to keep the house clean. If we keep ignoring the dirt in the house it will become a junkyard one day.

It’s good to have more focus on ourselves then on other’s (it’s human nature when exceeded much it is called selfishness).

In my opinion we should also take responsibility of keeping the house clean where we have to live long. On ignoring it too much there are chances of this place also become junk seller office and people have fapping competition :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: (not this much atleast)

Ignoring a problem is again not it’s solution. Such cases are increasing every day. This is the 3rd to me. The only solution is to fight the problem and work to find its actual solution. I don’t think ignoring such pervs will do us good… Rather it will boost the pervs to destroy the community for ever… and when it will be delayed we will be helpless and can’t do anything. Just watch the community getting destroyed…I request @Taher to take strict action here. That’s all.:pray::pray::pray:

if you run away from your problems they will chase you forever.:innocent::innocent::innocent:

thanks for reading.