Leaving the forum: Unsolicited Comments/Demands Ruining Experience

It started out great but what was really hopeful at the beginning is turning ugly now. Unfortunately few people have taken it to mean that my addiction will make me susceptible to sleep with them or blame me to be irreligious/immoral and I am afriad to say the negativity is getting to me. Not only they lack an understanding between masturbation and sex addiction, they have no regard of the pain suffered. I am not here to offer anyone advice as to what women like. It’s pathetic anyone should even ask me that as I am in the grip of an addiction. Within just a span of three days I have an inbox full of such messages. I try to focus on the better ones but whenever I read such messages it really makes me feel crappy.

Actually this forum has provided me a great lot of strategies and I am thankful to a lot of people here. But maybe being open was not too great an idea. It’s just disappointing that’s all.Back to the closet with all my secret. Thank you to those who provided ideas to combat it. I have read a lot of articles here and created a lot of pointers to guide me through. Most of you have been supportive and kind, but I cannot keep blocking people or reading messages asking me to sleep with people. It really affects me.

I am also reporting to the feedback forum all such persons who are saying this so that they do not trouble other females. Those who have been highly sucessful please tell me more strategies if you find time and I will make a note of them and follow them.

Thank you.


I would suggest you to open a different new account and keep your disguise…

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Click on your profile icon
Select Preferences
Go to Users
Ignore or mute all the users you want to block

If you want to get messages from some specific users only, then go for the below option

Hope it helps you in some way.



Its very shameful thing,
People join here to leave this addiction and stay together, help each other.
I dont understand why those stupid commers exist here,. I mean whats the reason the downloaded this app? They are lost people who have nothing to do in life rather than thinking about sex and all.
They downloaded this app for nothing, . We dont need those people.
I hope you will not focus on those comments.
Maybe @Taher can help you about that.


This is pure cringe. That’s the word that comes to mind. I dont want to believe people like this exist on this forum as well, but I guess, there are and I am cringeing so hard at the fact.

You should definitely report all these messages that were sent to you. Also, please don’t leave the forum if you dont want to. I’m sure the admins and leaders have worked a lot to make this a judgement free, kind and welcoming atmosphere, where everyone is accepted.
If there are toxic people who make it hard for others, they are the ones who should go. The admins can definitely suspend or ban them from the forum. It has happened before.

Edit : Meanwhile, theres something I think you should do. Expose these people. Like expose them hard. Just tear out their anonymity and post screenshots of what they messaged out here for everyone to see. This is personally something I would do if I were to feel harassed or bullied.

But again, really have no idea what you might be going through and I dont think we(guys) will ever understand it fully from your point of view. All we can say is you can stand up for yourself and people will stand with you if you do that. We really dont want simps or betas or creeps here to make it hard for others.


Thank you. appreciate it.

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@Jynx read this whole topic…if you forgive all such people. You will motivate them and contribute in making the place unsuitable for female…

In my advice you should expose them and help in cleaning the community.

Read this whole topic…it was lost somewhere and I got this in my activities.


You’ll get to know how leaders and moderators are trying to keep the community clean…
You can punish all those cheaters and help keeping this place clean.

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Sorry to hear that but this was bound to happen since you disclosed your information about being a Female.And I am not saying that you should not try to make fake id or use a different username in order to convey your feelings/problems.
You should be yourself whoever you are, it’s just that there gonna be creep/perv people in any media will say anything to you because their anonymity is kept.
The only thing I can give you word of encouragement but it’s all upto you how you take this.
Be strong and overcome your Addiction.


@Jynx this is what I was talking about. From this we got to know a creep.

Just post the screenshots and we’ll take it from there.

This kind of thing has happened before and strict action was taken. We are not letting it go on. The admins will help.

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Hey Jynx

It is extremely said to hear. Unfortunately, I’m not too surprised :sob: :disappointed:
It would be extremely helpful if you could flag the messages from such people. Like this we could actually ban them from the forum which would help other females in this community too.


The truth is that there are people who are really messed up in their heads! Real perverts, sexually frustrated, who don’t deserve to be called “men”.

I hope you will be able to find a solution to this problem. I found your interventions on this forum very rich and I am convinced that you could contribute to a better understanding between men and women on this forum.

Don’t hesitate to come back to us if you think we can help you!


It’s common for us, the sufferers of an addiction, to gauge at the world as a provider/generator and us as the receiver/consumer. The cyclic behavior has convinced us that it’s outside our control and therefore like someone stuck in a hole too deep to climb out, we are constantly looking for the hand that will pull us out. We begin to think this new thing or that new thing is THAT hand that will pull us out but it’s mostly to no avail.

When I joined NoFap almost half a decade ago, I thought this was that hand. It wasn’t. Once I began to engage actively in different NF groups, I thought this was that hand, it wasn’t. I thought the hand was perhaps reading all these great philosophers or writers, it wasn’t. I began watching informational/motivational videos and movies and documentaries, this wasn’t that hand either. Maybe I thought, all I need is a lover, companion, twin flame, what-have-you… I tried that not once, but twice… they weren’t that hand. Fruitlessly, I hopped from hand to hand, looking for THAT hand that will pull me out of this hole I find myself in (dug by me primarily and by circumstance too).

Guess what? The only times I was successful in this journey were times when I was constructively engaged in a community IRL towards purposeful goals that took up all of my time. Every couple of days, I would remember oh right, I’m supposed to be on this NF challenge lol I forgot about it multiple times. I made back to back 50 something days twice at that point and one time earlier in school days before I discovered NF… I went for more than a year because I was so fully immersed into nourishing my present reality… I realized that this conception of being in a hole and only “THAT” hand or hands will pull you out…is flawed. Instead I began to see this as a personal journey that we are all taking together (instead of unitary family with the same purpose). And only YOU can pull yourself out by creating a staircase, rope/anchor, or even an elevator XD ultimately, it’s on us.

It’s a long winded way of saying, don’t focus on the sources of negativity (make a thread and expose them if you want, in fact I encourage that and then leave it be, live your life).


Please understand guys…the purpose of this app is to quit lustful thoughts and activities… and people are harassing others…addictions or bad habits do not see gender…please make this app such that all feel comfortable and can take benefits of the purpose for which the app is formed.


I think she quit the forum.
Something which is not a good news for us…
Better we should warn all the other new joining females. Tell them About their rights.

She could only spend 3 days here and that too filled with harrassment…
If we could not make it safe for them. These forums will be useless to them…


I really want to see all those fuckers getting banned from here. It would be an honour. It would have been better if she mentioned the names


Its not just pervs and creeps lurking here. I have seen people being all sarcastic and rude to people and trolling here. Well thats just sad and pathetic. Jynx I advise you to change your messaging settings and post those screenshots if you like but it might not fix the problem but might as well be considered as one step clearing these scumbags from this community :thinking:


This is a very powerful reality that I have come to realze too.
Thankyou @hellojaani


Leave the forum if you have to. I believe that this forum is meant to cure and support those who suffer from PMO…

I myself was thinking about leaving it after 21 days…

This forum through its reward mechanism makes me spend more and more time on it… rather than going out there and actually touching lives and bringing about maganimous changes.

All the other reasons aside… Once your use for the forum is over… you should logically leave it.

As far as the responsibility part goes… I do feel I am in a way indebted to the community and therefore I shall not completely shun the forum rather cut down my consumption and help other to escape the porn trap.


@Jynx Sorry this happened, please report us whenever you encounter people. This is an open forum and all kinds of people will join it, we can only act on these people if we have the information.