What is all this 😞

Why it is that everywhere we go there is always someone who makes us feel awkward… i thought at least here everyone will be nice and motivating… there is this guy


Take an alias
Don’t expose yourself
That would be better

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I agree with u… but its my name and i dont want to hide behind an alias… is there any way i can block him?


Don’t think so
This isn’t like normal social media. It is assumed that people are innately good here. Of course the situation can’t be perfect
@Taher can you help regarding this? She’s being stalked by a guy. And kinda harassed too.

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Try this
I think it is a good idea for now

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@No_fap_king this is what you are doing here? :man_facepalming:


Sorry i didnt get that…

Go to his profile like this

Then click on Normal, you’ll find these options. Now maybe you can’t block him but you can surely mute him and ignore him. Simple? I mean if there’s no option then I guess this can work for now. You can tell us here if it works.


If he is muted you can’t see any of his notifications. If he is ignored then you can’t see his topics along with him being muted. Max duration possible is 6 months. It’s practically very similar to blocking
Just do it!


Sorry, that you had bad experience. Well there is no perfect community anywhere. Try to ignore or block as suggested by other folks. Trust me people over there helps a lot. I am also new bie here but still,it feels better when we feel we are not alone. Try to separate yourself from the mess without getting involved.


Wow, no just wow,… This is what your mentallity? @No_fap_king??? Why are you here in the first place… I cant imagine someone like you… You dont deserve this place.


Wtf @No_fap_king look bro what masturbation, porn has made u … I’m ashamed , itni tharak kyu ?Focus on ur goal
Sorry sis for this bad behavior of him


@Akshada He is banned, such behaviour isn’t tolerated in this forum. If something like this happens again, please message the mods or me and we will look into it.


Sure I’ll keep in mind :blush:…Thank you guys… special thanks to @Taher… it means a lot to me


Hey, Akshada welcome to the community. I’m sure unfortunately it might not be the first time some pathetic piece of sh*t try to annoy you in some other platforms but TBH I’ve never seen such an inferior act in this community, I’ve been here for over two years.

It seems he was a new user, perhaps a troll. Don’t stress out it is a safe space and the community is amazing and incredibly supportive. We have multiple female users as well, but I’m afraid not many are active. Anyways wish you all best.


Thank you guys for making the community clean again. It is our responsibility also to keep it healthy.

Well for me I avoid (hesitate) to message a girl may be because of social anxiety.
One of the worst outcomes of pmo.

And I have seen many guys here who come out to help the opposite gender which I do rarely.

But when I saw this guy

I felt proud of myself a little.

I could not help the opposite gender but atleast I am not that bad who hurts them.

And reminded me the beautiful lines of this song.
भला किसी का कर ना सको तो बुरा किसी का मत करना।…
( If you cannot do good to anyone, do not do bad to anyone.
If you can’t be a flower, don’t be a a thorn atleast.):pray::pray::+1:

This also reminded me of this topic.

Now here we are getting a practical example of how masturbation is changing the mentality of people.
And how such a mentality is harmful for the society.

Anyways guys thanks for keeping it safe from this.

@ Fap_King​:joy::joy:

Bad joke though.

Stay conscious.
Keep going


Similiar incident happened with me. A guy named ihavenofriends , not even my companion came out of the blue and start abusing. I have flagged it.


Since you may not have had the best welcome, I guess we can start over then,
Welcome to the community!


Thank you guys for all the help and support… im really happy that i decided to join this community… setbacks like this can actually make us stronger ang bring us closer… so thanks again… and now i think its right time to end this topic


After reading these comments I feel like some people(not all) are narrow minded, who come this kind of platform to find the friend(especially girls) and abusing them if they don’t answer. But they don’t understand that this community is for betterment not for them who want to stay stuck at one place.

Sorry to hear incident happened with Akshada.
If that guy is infront of me I would have slapped him very hard so that he will understand that how to talk to any stranger.