The "Compound effect Challenge" [Entries Open for May]

The compound effect challenge

What is it

  • As you all know, almost all of us want a 30, 100, 365 etc days of nofap streak, but most of us fail as we have to wait longer for the reward
  • Our habits have a three step mechanism : Cue/Trigger - the routine - the reward (Reference : Power of a habit)
  • The fundamental process to break a habit is to understand the cause which we know is Porn.
    The routine is Masturbation and the reward is orgasm.
  • In this challenge, We are gonna try to hack the pleasures of orgasm by a quick reward system i.e, each challenge will last only a single week and then next challenges will continue, so on.

Why the name Compound effect to the challenge?

  • Compound effect is process where small gains lead to big results. Thats why the short term challenge of a week every time
  • Challenges end faster, you will be rewarded sooner and your brain will have the satisfaction of accomplishment and well on the sidelines you streak will compound by addition of a week every time you win.

Points System

  • Every successful day completed will amount to +1 in the first week.
  • If you relapse, you lose 1 point, -1
  • For first week points on every successful day is +1/-1, for the second week it is +2/-2, 3rd week +3/-3 and 4th week is +4/-4
  • The cycle continues when new month begins. +1 for first week again and so on
  • Every week there will be 3 winners and 3 winners at the end of the month
  • Checking in everyday is recommended.

One week at a time. Small wins, Big results

Participant Weekly Points Grand Total
Maya… [CS:34 ; LS:34] +2+2+2+2+2+2 (W2) 7
Lion_786 [CS:17; LS:24] (W1)
RCBM [CS:23 ; LS:28] (W1)
MasterBrewer [CS: 0; LS:97] +4+4+4-4 (W4) 42
Jason [CS:0 ; LS:14] (W1)
Sakshi11 [CS: ; LS:] +3+3+3+3+3+3+3(W3) +21
piyushchandak [CS: ; LS:] (W1)
abcakm [CS:7 ; LS:15] (W1)
Madhav [CS:0 ; LS:26] (W1)
better_one [CS: 25; LS: 25] +1+1 (W1)
Alpaco [CS: 3; LS: 30] (W1)
Thiago25cm [CS: 3d; LS:14d] (W1)
SincereDev [CS: ; LS:] (W1)
ameybang [CS: ; LS:] (W1)
TheFinalFrontier [CS: ; LS:] (W1)
Ragul0777 [CS: ; LS:] (w1)
J.guy [CS: ; LS:] (w1)
JABster [CS: ; LS:] (w1)
FighterLife [CS:2 ; LS:27] +2+2(w2) 3
Rajushettyy77 [CS: ; LS:] (w1)
Xxbee [CS:7 ; LS:23] +2+2 (w2) 5
Raushan [CS: ; LS:] (w1) 6
Kgkkgk [CS: ; LS:] (w1)
Ysub [CS: 18; LS: 133] +4+4+4+4+4+4+4 (w4) 63
Adi [CS: ; LS:] (w2)
Kanu [CS: ; LS:] (w1)

CS* : current streak; LS**: longest streak; W1***: week 1


Ran call out anyone for a challenge

  • Minimum length of Challenge is 1 week and Maximum 2 weeks
  • 3 Losses attracts permanent elimination
  • Every challenge won will amount to 10 points
  • If both challengers win, Then +15 points to both the winners

Ongoing Duels


Participant Wins Losses Points
Priyanshuu 5 0 50
RCBM 2 0 30
better_one 2 0 30
Yash 24 2 1 20
Ishida 1 1 15
Maya 1 0 15
Samaranjay 1 0 10
Valiant Warrior 1 0 10
ncaldwe22 1 0 10
Rewire_user 1 1 10
Madhav Bansal 1 1 10
Raushan 1 1 10
Fizuli 1 0 10
Nofapstar123 0 1 0
Sakshi 1 1 10
Sincere_dev 0 0 0
Jason_wikky 1 0 0
piyushchandak 0 1 0
Alpaco 0 2 0
TheFinalFrontier 0 0 0
ysub 3 0 40
Kanu 1 1 15
Adi 1 0 15

Nice. Add me in challenge.

Sharing code - 4hypd6
Current Streak - 2 Days.


Sure buddy… If i get 10 people to join, I will create a score board and we ll begin this challenge soon


I am ready to enter this challenge.Add me please.

Current Streak- 0 days
Highest Streak- 35 days
Sharing Code-4agj6a

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Count me in
Sharing code: 1wo8km
Current streak: 15

Hmmm…sounds interesting
Count me in too

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Count Me in bro…Interested.

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This challenge sounds not that intersting but I’m always ready to accept any challenge… So Let’s Go :v::sunglasses:



Alright, I’m in.


Yep it isn’t interesting. But its effective… I will update soon


OK SIR :v::sunglasses:



Sounds interesting , let’s do it guys.


I am in
My sharing code is jacgms
Current streak 11 days

I am also doing the same challenge with myself every week and due to this weekly challenge to myself helped me a lot in my progress. But now It’s time to have this challenge with other people :muscle::muscle::blush::blush:


But what’s the challenge ,I mean what will be our goals of 1 week.

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PM me bro… Let’s have a chat there


You need to stay clean for one week… A challenge will last for a week… If u pass… U get points… If u don’t u will lose points…


@Bassvel @nihar @Lion_786. @madhavbansal @MassterBrewer12 @Dvija @ayushbantaiji @Razz
@Nofap_beginner @Hardmode123

I have kept this challenge simple. There are no complicated things here

  • Goal is stay clean during the challenge no matter what.
  • If you feel the urges, you post here. Someone will hear you out.
  • Take a look at the introduction page and suggest any edits if possible

guys don’t forget to add your name to the scoreboard. First challenge week begins tom at 12am


Guys add your names to the scoreboard.

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First make the post editable by all.

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