Resist & Rise 🚀 - RC's Official Challenge [Challenge Ended]

Gear up warriors, because now you have to fight a challenge which is different

As familiar faces in the Rewire Companion Forum, we’ve witnessed challenges centered around streaks—fall once, and you’re out. While initially motivating, this approach may falter in the long run. Does one relapse truly signify defeat? Must you start anew, resigned to failure?

Absolutely not!

In this novel challenge, each clean day is a triumph. Picture it as collecting a coin every day you stay clean, with relapses yielding nothing. Streaks, in this context, reflect the count of clean days since the month’s commencement. Even if you stumble, you’re not disqualified—continue accumulating your clean days!

But there is a small catch

If you relapse more than once on the same day. Then you’ll be eliminated.
Don’t look at me like that. Failing once is acceptable but failing twice in a row is not. James Clear, author of the book ‘Atomic Habits’ once said “If I miss one day, I try to get back into it as quickly as possible”. Relapsing once shouldn’t be an obstacle but an opportunity to get stronger and make a bigger come back.

## Points System (for the old users for only first edition of the challenge)
  • 1st place: +5 points
  • 2nd place: +4 points
  • 3rd place: +3 points
  • 4th place: +2 points
  • 5th place: +1 point

All start at 0 points monthly. Points reflect ranks, emphasizing clean days and breaking ties with check-ins. Newcomers can surpass leaders through consistent efforts. Initial points (for just the first edition) slightly favor old consistent performers, but highlight potential for newcomers with sustained commitment as checking in more compared to old users+maintaining clean streak will mean them beating the old consistent performers in this challenge! Not a small feat right?

Let’s get to know about the rules through a QnA format.

What format is this challenge in?
This is a monthly challenge and the score will be set to 0 or simply reset at the last date of every month.

How to join this challenge?
Note that the entries are open for only the 1st and 2nd date of every month. To join, just share your sharing code and type “I want to join” or simply type letters conveying your interest to join.

What’s different for the first edition of this challenge?
The first edition of this challenge will commence on 1st Jan and conclude on 31st Jan 2024.

The users in the member’s leaderboard (this leaderboard came into effect in the month of sept 2023) will start the challenge with some prior points based on their ranking of their performance in previous format of challenge which ended on 31/12/2023.

But from the second edition aka from month of february, they will start from 0 points like every other candidate.

How the winner will be decided?
The person with the most clean days in any particular month+most number of check-ins in that particular month will be the winner of the challenge for that particular month.

There’s +1 point for checking in (on clean day) and +1 point for clean day (both points per day basis).

In case of a tie, the winner will be decided by the amount of check-ins(This rule will be in force for the first edition of the challenge too). The person with most check-ins will be placed number 1 and the second most check-in user will receive 2nd position.

What will be the format of the leaderboard?
The leaderboard will consist of 5 columns.
Namely username, Clean Days(from 1st), No. of check-ins, sharing code and no. of points.

What will lead to elimination?
If anyone relapses twice a day, they will be eliminated. We are watching, so no place for lying, beware!

In what format we have to check-in?
(Date in dd/mm/yy format)

X clean days (in current month)
Y relapses (in current month)

Example below :point_down:


2 clean days
0 relapses

What will the winner get and when?
At the last date of the month, the top 2 position holders will get E certificates from the admin and co-admin of this challenge.

There will be an award ceremony on the last date of every month at 10PM IST where the top 2 position holders will be provided E certificates. A way to honour the efforts of the top performers!

What about those who finished outside top 2?

Those who completed 3 weeks or more will get their name in a mention at end of the month in the category “honourable mention” through a post made by me or the co-admins.

Key takeaways from rules section
◘ This is a monthly challenge
◘ Score will reset to 0 at the end of each month
◘ +1 point for check-in (on clean day) and +1 point for clean day
2 relapses in a single day will lead to

◘ User with most number of clean days+most
check-ins will win 1st position (2nd place holder
will have 2nd most clean days+check-ins)
◘ For the first edition that is, the month of Jan,
2024 there’s points awarded for old users with
high streaks (>7 days)
◘ First two position holders will get E certificates

When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it - but all that had gone before.

  • James Clear ~ Atomic Habits.

Are you ready?

Let’s Resist And Rise! :eagle:

Admin: @PandaCub
Co-admin: @Loading and @Binocular


This challenge is now closed. If you are looking for a challenge to join, you might find one in the Latest Challenge topics

Leaderboard (1 May Till 31 May)

Username Clean Days Check-Ins Total Points Sharing Code
@babi 6 5 11 daaf29
@PandaCub 6 3 9 6dwrw3
@NO_MORE_REGRET 3 2 5 5o7lgd
@changer1523 hiv1dr
@Imaginator dwtolz
@BillWakabi23 gi1svt
@Nadeem gku54h

Inactive Participants

Username Sharing Code
Binocular 4e8x24
Doncarlo yi22qo
RedFalcon r39j4o
studyabhi 38ygjg
The_Rising_one 8uwuwa
ToThy h2bldw
Trying_To_Do_Better ayqqdx
USMAN g37acl
VishnuYeager lpcmiw
Zestycicada zadvj0

Hall of Fame:

January 2024

1.:1st_place_medal: @Loading (Most points)
2.:2nd_place_medal: @Nadeem (Second most points)

February 2024

1.:1st_place_medal: @The_Rising_One & @babi (Tied for most points)
2.:2nd_place_medal: @Nadeem (Second most points)

March 2024

1.:1st_place_medal: @babi (Most points)
2.:2nd_place_medal: @BillWakabi23 (Second most points)

April 2024

1.:1st_place_medal: @PandaCub & @Loading (Tied for most points)
2.:2nd_place_medal: @babi (Second most points)


Thanks bro. Do you want to take part in this challenge?


I am intrested in this challange. I really like the idea of badges. Great idea.
Count me in.
My streak is in the moment 0, just relapsed


Can you please add the same thing for @TheSeeker as well? I tried but couldn’t do it properly. Might as well teach me how to do it :sweat_smile:


@PandaCub i also want to join this challenge.
My CS 31 days


Sorry bro but I don’t think I will be active enough to update the leaderboard :sweat_smile:
Exams…homework… my future is at stake so I am really busy nowadays.


The 1st “| |” is under “Username”
The 2nd “| |” is under “Current badge”
Just copy the first line that contains your username and paste it under it then change what’s necessary to save some time.
| @username | the name of his current badge | the next streak he must achieve to reach the next badge | the number of badges he earned

PS. People can’t join unless they give you their sharing code for you must know which streak they are on to be able to update the leaderboard.


@PandaCub add me

Sharing code: sospqy
CS: 1 day :sob:
Current Badge: Prisoner :sob::sob:


Am I in ?

May I enter into this challenge , guys ?


@Amitroghates @kazim.09 yeah, all of you are in. I will check how to update leaderboards soon and update it by today afternoon.


Thanks bro, I got it now. And I hope for the best for you, keep working hard


Great initiative @PandaCub .


@Duran @someBody13 do you want to join this challenge?

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Same bro :crossed_fingers: Even my exams is going on btw best of luck :+1: for your exams.


Thank you for the invitation! This challenge is different, that is true and I wish you success with it and I hope it helps everyone who joins.
On the other hand I’m sorry but I don’t plan to join any challenge in the community after I finish the ones I partake now. For me keeping up with the badges would mean to keep my focus on counting days which I want to leave behind soon. Hope you understand.

All the best for everyone in the challenge!


I’m in. I added myself.



I don’t quite see it on my page, where is it?


Just see the “badges” written in the orange box


Hello bro please add me in this challenge i am new here add me @prince_topG