Nofap Motivation for Beginners by Legends

Hey @maaksie, read this whole thing. And only then make your opinion.

P.S. I shared those ‘women attraction’ articles just because I was just curious about the reason behind it. Nothing else.

I am not doing Nofap for girls, I am doing it for myself

That’s it!

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Thank you @Brahmachari_17 for your mention.

Imo, the best way to rewire your brain is substitution method.

Your are cutting porn. Indulge into deep work.
Like exercise, learning new skill, looking into existing hobbies, meditation and what not.

Since porn triggers dopamine release. Try to get it from natural sources like sugarcane juice, honey. Since they will help you curb you urges.
Its an absolute no for processed foods during rewiring. It will help you stay as a normal human recovering rather than trying to be a god in one shot. If you relapse the Chaser’s Effect will beat the shit out of you cuz the urges are many times more stronger.

In case of Blue Ball:

I always preferred ice pack and then cold water as its immediate cure. But if you are regular with meditation, testicular breathing, Kegels, reverse Kegals and massaging the perineum blue ball shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Coming to nightfalls, its just the issue of what we feed our brain through our sensory organs. Considering the conscious part of the brain to be a gardener and subconcious part being the garden. The gardener’s job is to plant and remove unwanted weeds. Therefore same with the brain we need to careful of what we consume via our sensory organs. By cutting off completely from the sensual content everywhere, we can reduce the rate of nightfall or nocturnal emissions greatly.

Lastly being the mindset, I always preferred observing the urges. Feeling it makes me like a healthy man who is having the urges. Feeling or observing the animalistic side gives me the sense of masculine energy to lead and stay calm. Please don’t get mad by the urges. Observing them will make you more composed. This way we attach positive notion towards the urges and when it subsides you will feel great that you haven’t burted the nut. After all that’s what masculinity is: setting the boundaries, conquering it, staying unmoved and not become restless due to just mere urges. And including these practices on daily basis you become a full stack man and again in turn you will attract the life partner of your choice with an ease.

These helped me to cruise till 99 days. With the correct measures in place I plan to move upto 365 days and then 999 days.

In the current streak, only 1 nightfall happened. I am also good with this since the rate of nightfall is reducing.

Hope this helps the beginners. Peace. :heart:


I relapsed one time from started the journey of nofap here (I’m here from April 2020) , I guess

i want to share with you my story of relapse …
after 12 days of no masturbation i 'm a person btw have unlimited imagination sometimes (specially dreaming of touching man)
so i awaken want to feel this​:cold_sweat::cold_sweat: (i didn’t touch myself guys ) but …
the point of counting this was a relapse is (this dreaming is a dangerous way for my brain , for being a fresh mentality )

i will be honest , i still dreaming (but i controled what is usefull to dream about ) i still trying …

in the past , dreams was have (unhealthy , animal , uncontrolled )

i really try to act normal because i believe in concept of : i desirve the best things for me and i have a target which is to have an positive attitude , to marry (i know that marriage in the first step is by god but i have to do my side and and try ro heal it ) someone when i’m ready to give him (myfresh thoughts before the body , we know that the body burns and anytime and take another shapes but what is still and never go is that soul of beauty )

About my feelings when i relapsed :
big hesitation (i try to find in youtube for anything can tell me that this is not a relapse (be honest with yourself always )

this make me feel no sounds for me because i relpased ( i know this point can make you hesitate and somebody can tell me of course not there is another chances , this is exactly I insist to do it )

I see that the newcomers write their diary …etc
for me no i have my own challenge is one was i have to pass my 90 days alone without a lot of noises , trying to do a plan for the day , not come to the forum (just seeing the badges and begin happy of this ) :wink::smiley::pray:… (this plan was very perfect for me and make me wants the another day and handle the chances far from me yesterday and so on)

believe me i realize that from the day 80 (no comfort too ) i feel urges
when i’m alone , feeling hopeless against to have a work (because i quit my routine , i try to do things for people only ) , even being on the forum no timing for it ( i know that is wrong too )

when i will be ready guys , i will show you my greatest .

The end .


Here’s a very creative idea to fight any addiction. Literally any…


A letter to porn…


Really inspiring bro…

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Nobody reads my post so I am posting in active groups.
Sorry for interrupting.
Thank you guys for considering this.
Not doing this for likes, I just wanna bring good content to fellow nofapers, no bullshit.


dear all no fapper… non smokers…
i have been trying to do no fap for 1 year and havent been quiet successful with it, my longest streak was 71 days… till then i have been trying but lately i have quit trying and continue to fap more often… i accepted it as a normal thing but trust me brothers and sisters its not normal its an abnormal which majority of people out doesnt consider it abnormal because they havent seen any life without it, lets have a look why life was soo beautiful back then when we were young, our childhood memories were so beautiful but now we dont have any fucking memories we only have stressful lifecycle mixed with porn addiction and any kind of other drug addictions, i had been smoker for 3 years i smoked weed cigarettes took snus, i have been trying to quit smoking for more than 3 years and my longest i went clean witout nicotine was 6 months, but then i relapse at some point, my trigger point was i used snus with porn and it gave me some boost , i tried to quit snus first then later do nofap. i have tried everything but failed miserably… last night i relapsed again with my struggle wit nicotine, i smoked again… reason was because of stress that i have in my life going through right now… but soon after i relapsed i realized it gave me nothing literally nothjng but it was all an illusion similarly i used to fap to relax me it became my addiction, but thats an illusion too… you have to face your problems you have to get up live your life the way you want it the way you shape it it will be that way… nobody is going to come to live it for you… i vomited yesterday cried,. in this despairment i decided and vowed to my self from now on i will never ever take nicotine in any form in my life again… and what my trigger point was to fap wit nicotine i am not going to do it again as both of these are illusion and only addictive enough to fuck your life badly… they have 0 advantages complete zero…