Nofap Motivation for Beginners by Legends

Hi guys,
Since I started nofap I gained so much knowledge about nofap, semen retention , and other nofap related terms from youtube, reddit,, rewire companion, etc. and I hope that you also came across those things.

So, I thought that there should be a place where beginner fapstronauts can get all the information and motivational stuff at one place. This will help them a lot!
Because initial days are the toughest. You know that.

Now, let me tell you that what you can share here:

1} Your success story
2} Success story of someone else that you read somewhere
3} How you tackle your urges today and how powerful it was.
4} Motivational qoutes
5} Link of an article or a video about Nofap that you find worth sharing
6} Crazy experiences / benefits that you or someone had due to semen retention.
7} Your questions regarding Nofap ( for beginners )
8} Tips to tackle an urge.

Now, let me tell you that what you cannot post here:

1} Your relapses and how it happened
2} Your day to day journals
3} Avoid posting content that may trigger someone
That’s all! :smiley:

Keep this thread clean and positive!
Help each other!
Let’s show beginners the path to success!

A humble request to all, if you see any new user in this forum, please invite him to this topic because I can’t be online always so sometimes I don’t know that a new user has joined this forum. So if you are kind then take them to this topic.

And most importantly don’t let this thread be inactive.


Let me start this thread by this amazing story of a married man who practised semen retention for 2 years.


Now here’s an example of a crazy experience of a person who practised semen retention for 12 weeks.
Go through all the comments it’s worth it!


Yesterday I was giving an online test for practice on my brother’s laptop. Being away from big screens for 2 years ( because I was out of my state for study ), now whenever I see big screens I get excited ( basically to see porn ). Same happen while giving that test. When I was midway of the test, a huge urge came. That urge was so powerful that I was willing to quit test and see porn rather. That urge was the most powerful urge that I ever got in my Nofap journey. I tried to focus on the question but that wasn’t working for me. So I just closed my eyes for some time and just thought about the situation and realised that how stupid the idea of watching porn is…

So I just survived from that demon.

And now I am more powerful than before…:grinning:


Awesome kicking that demon rearend. Keep in mind they tend to study your behavior and come back with more guys or sneaker methods of getting you to “let” them in and destroy your life.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.


This is a youtube series of 3 episodes based on PMO addiction. In these three episodes you will get to know the negative effects of PMO, and how to overcome this addiction. It is a Hindi language series but english subtitles are also given. This series has shown that how PMO addicts think that they are the ‘real man’ because they can PMO many times a day. But at the end it has proven them wrong and showed who the ‘real man’ actually is. Btw “Asli Mard” means “Real Man”
So watch it. Because it’s worth it!


@This man is an absolute motivation.
Thank you bro.
Read his story in the nofap website.


How can I forget about sharing this video. The most famous among Nofappers.


To minimize nightfall follow these things that this man suggested.


Nofap gives you confidence. Here’s a story of a guy who after doing nofap got confidence to approach a girl (who he never met) and got her phone number.


Nofap 90 days success story.


This is one of my favourite Nofap Success story of a guy who did nofap for just 45 days.

Guys you need to understand this that only Nofap won’t make your life better you also have to work on your body and have to make efforts in your respective field.


Bade bhai, thanks . keep posting .


Yes I will keep posting :smiley:
I hope other guys start posting here too coz till now only I am posting here.
This is to give you guys motivation. If you find some motivational article or a video related to nofap which you think that nofap beginners must see, then you can post it here.


here’s what I found.


Worth watching video about Nofap


Thank you so much brother!! Initial days are so tough for everyone like you rightly said. These contents that you have been posting has been so motivating and I wanted to tell you that how much I appreciate what you doing.


Thanks brother
Thank you so much.


This video motivated me in my initial days of nofap. This guy did Nofap for not



9 YEARS :scream:
Starting at the age of 17
This guy shared his experiences, benefits and some mind-blowing superpowers he got by Nofap. He is an enturpenor btw.

This video is worth watching not only for beginners but for everyone.


This podcast will ruin Porn for you!