[M28] Buddha's journey to liberation

Bro I didn’t understand what you have said, Can you explain?

Although I’m not a medical student , but I have read that our brain has grey and white matter .
White matter is bad (dont know exact) and grey matter is responsible for giving us intelligence and thinking skills…
And the best part is it totally depend on us whether we want grey matter or white (obviously all want grey matter as it gives thinking skills and inttelligence)

In which grade are you?

Lol, me too i am also not a medical student, i am in 10th class.

My age is 24, Pursuing Post Graduation

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Ok. When we watch porn, Dopamine is a chemical which is released by the brain which gives us happiness and give a relaxed feeling similiar to relapsing feeling. This Chemical travel from a functional unit of brain known as Neuron. From its head to the bottom. The head of neuron collects the info to the bottom sends it to other neuron this produces heat which Destroy their bottom part and head too. Thats why we dont have clear thinking and brain fog happens. And those neurons which should die after 2 months or so. They die early🙁 and they are stored there only till new neurons are not produced. This is the full explanation. If you will watch porn these chemical will release and then your brain will be your worst nightmare.


No, never… I am involved in so many fruitful activities now. :grinning::+1:

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Dear @StealthChopperinbond,

You are right my friend. This process is autophagy. Mr. Yoshinori Oshumi was awarded Nobel prize in Physiology in 2016.

Thanks for spreading the knowledge.


Dear @Dean_Ambrose,

It’s very wrong and extreme to state that😀. White matter is as much essential as gray matter.

Gray matter: they are mostly made up of the neuron cell bodies and less axons. Whereas,
White matter: consists mostly of myelinated axons and less of neuron bodies.

In a coarse way, gray matter help us process the signal coming from sensory organs whereas white matter plays role in conduction of these signals just like insulated wire conduct electricity. Although gray matter plays significant role in the performance of our brain, both white and gray matter are complimentary to each other.

For a bit more : https://www.technologynetworks.com/neuroscience/articles/gray-matter-vs-white-matter-322973

Knowledge is the new weapon. Let’s use it for good.


PS: Any expert view is always appreciated.



I was just scrolling down the posts. And I almost forgot that I started with the target of 100 days when I joined this community :joy::joy:.
Now just 3 days to 150 days.

Now it’s crystal clear that setting targets are just means to expand our potential and test our limits. Actually we are limitless from within.

Let’s push the boundaries constantly and be limitless.

Peace and Bliss to all.


You are Champion भाई… Keep Moving :pray::slight_smile:
बहुत कुछ सीखना चाहिए मुझे आपसे :expressionless:

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Dear @SincereDev brother,

We all have not few but several virtues. The thing is - most of them are latent and are waiting to be discovered by us.

You also have many virtues brother. Especially your curiosity and persistence to achieve the goal is commendable.
A bit of self-discipline and ability to come out of comfort zone will help a lot.

Challenge yourself and challenge to win!
You can do wonders :grinning:.


PS: We all are learning from each other. Even I check my companion list some time. And guess…It’s sad but those red circles teach me a lot and those greens are motivating as well.:grinning:

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