[M28] Buddha's journey to liberation


I am starting this journey to improve my will power, to develop control on my senes and be a better version of myself.
To move away from momentary pleasure to lasting blissfulness, from ficklemindedness to firmness of both body and mind, from self centred attitude to a worldwide, rational outlook… and atlast to be the owner of a mind of integrity, healthy body and useful life.
Its my first time writing a diary online, mostly to express my journey in words and gather some flowers of motivation on this rocky road.
Who knows the rocks turn to flowers someday and the journey becomes an important learning from the leaves of this wonderful book, called Life?

Jumping Buddha
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Thanks @Adioz. I have included it in the post now.


I wish you all the strength… to make a jump high enough that you break free and achieve your destiny.


Thanks a lot for your motivating words.



Woke up early morning 4:45 AM
Went for a jogging in this road

Did a 15 min workout. I am using Home workout app for the excercises without equipments.
Newspaper reading, prepared my breakfast…

Watched a sci fi movie- Time Trap

Evening HIIT workout for 15 min.

Dinner, chat with some friends, now going to sleep…

Today’s learnings

  1. Loneliness can prove to be poison if you are with no plan and work. Communication is the key. Talk to good friends and family.
  2. Good habits can be learnt, need to repeat it again and again. I will take them one by one. Starting with, “Early to Bed early to Rise, makes a man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”

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Hi @Adioz, thanks for inspirational words.
For changing sleep cycle➡️ I think you need to break the current sleep cycle. Some things I follow:

  1. Drain the body and brain - I prefer an evening workout till perspiration and/or really demanding mental work, it may be reading a difficult and boring subject, solving a mathematical task or even counting till 1000(if you slip don’t forget to repeat the count from 0😊)
  2. Do some pranayama just before sleeping, like anuloma viloma and Bhasrika, it cools down the brain and induce yoga nidra. You can start with deep breathing practice, fill your lungs to full capacity and exhale out all. You can speed up according to vonlmfort level.
  3. Avoid external hinderances like electronic devices. Bed time is a ‘Me’ time, so be with yourself, just remind yourself what you going to do tomorrow including waking early.
  4. I have also tried Self Hypnosis. It’s like fooling your brain to sleep. Just relax all your body organs head to toe and try to think that you are feeling sleepy.repeat it till you sleep.

I think these points can help regulate the body clock and sleep cycle, based on my experience.

Criticism and suggestions always welcome.


PS: I have read your posts here, they are awesome. Keep it up.


This really helped me. I also feel the poison of loneliness when I’m without any plan to work.


You have deep knowledge buddha… how old are you ?

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[M28] I already mentioned it in my diary :blush:
And I am still learning my friend…
Thank you


Whats the background history of your addictions ?


I wish you all the best and a life changing streak.

Im currently reading a book from the Kadampa Buddhist lineage called “Mahamudra Tantra” which gives a lot of inside about inner tantric transmutation processes that were tought by Buddha in his latest life stages. It really has some amazing knowledge.

Do you follow a certain spiritual path?



It started when I was at class 10th and it was a natural urge not induced by external factors like p**n etc. but was by infatuation to a girl in my class plus hormonal changes at puberty!
I have tried many experiments on my body and mind, and I abstained for around 3 months recently starting Jan 01.


Hi @Svami-MahaGanja,
Thanks for the comment.
I like reading a lot too. Currently I am reading Commentary of Swami Vivekananda on Patanjali’s Yoga sutra.

I like to read both secular and religious texts.
I am still exploring spirituality, taking a bit from all of them.



Woke up 6:28AM
Around 2 km running and excercise, lunges and pushups
Breakfast (I am having pure veg, homemade, mostly self cooked food )
I am continuing reading the book which I left after around 50 pages. It’s

It’s a book on Yoga and samkhya philosophy, very interesting…will recommend to people interested in Indian philosophy and psychology.

Apart from normal work i was mostly involved in reading and contemplating the words of Swami Vivekananda in this book.

Evening workout- 20 hindu pushups
I am planning to include surya namaskar in morning workout plan.
Had a bit late dinner at 10:00
Now going to sleep, a bit tired…

Today’s Learnings

  1. Ignorance is the real cause of pain and suffering
    How to catch the devil of ignorance?
    I remeber a quote on the wall of my college, “Jane hue ko Man lo aur Mane hue ko Jan lo” (Accept what you know and know what you accept). I think these simple but profound qoute can help fighting with ignorance.
    My another perspective-
    Considering this earth as a spec in this ever expanding vast universe, we are even miniscule of it. Given that what we know is way less than what we don’t know. So actually ignorance is an area of vast possibility!
    Way to it?
    Being an owner of Rational mind. A rational mind is a practical and active mind which questions things and try to get the answers, analyse the answers, apply to real life scenario and finds out pro and cons and make a wise conclusion.
  2. Concept of pleasure and pain
    Pleasure results in attachment and pain detachment. Maybe that’s why we indulge in self-pleasuring activities again and again, because deep down its wired in brain as a cause of pleasure. I feel it’s a mind game! What if we start finding pleasure in eating bitter pills which will actually benefit us in long run. Eg. Picking up the boring yet important and life changing book, observing celibacy or even eating karela(bitter guard) and lauki(bottle guard)…
    I found an excerpt from the book, about how to avoid the wave of bad emotions, like anger to be countered with love, sexual urges with chastity and constructive mindset…!

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Woke up at 5:15AM
Morning workout -800m running, surya namaskar, hindu pushup, forward and backward lunges
Newspaper reading
Book reading- completed chapter II of the book
Went for servicing of bike- it took around an hour, so meanwhile visited Gayatri temple nearby and took part in Aarti, very good vibes…
Evening workout-squats, burpees, pushups, planks
After evening bath (I am taking bath twice daily after workout) continued study.
Helped dad prepare dinner and had it around 9:30PM
Thats all for today. Going to sleep now…

Today’s Learnings

  1. How to tame the the bad thoughts- by generating opposite thoughts. It’s like counter waves for waves makes the surface of water still
  2. Level of achievement is directly proportional to the level hard work-so never shy away from it. Being the owner of the most sophisticated machine ever created (human body), how can I be satisfied with smaller achievement. Get ready for toiling hard! As our Missile Man once rightly said, "Be the captain of your problems and never allow the problems to be your captain. Tell your subconscious mind to achieve your goal. And always keep a distance from people who would tell you that you wouldn’t be able to achieve your goals. Dream big.”

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Seems youre a good person, youre doing great brother im sure if you commit to improvement you can become rebooted and you also have faith in god which is very helpful, keep going


‘Together we grow stronger’
Good night friend



Guess what? I sensed morning wood while I was sleeping and immediately woke up. It was 4:18 AM.

Morning wood and how I handled it?

What is it?
Penile erection while sleeping. It may be due to subconscious bad thoughts or maybe by hormonal regulations during sleep cycle.
How I handled it?

  1. Left the bed as soon as I was aware. (I would recommend that we should leave bed as soon as we realise that we are not sleeping any more and are in our senses. Don’t be lazy here. Remeber

आलस्य ही मनुष्याणाम शरीरस्थो महरीपु (Laziness is our biggest enemy)

  1. Drink a lot of water
  2. Relax your mind
  3. Chanting Gayatri Mantra(recommend only if you know the meaning, for any mantra)
  4. Pranayama

After that started the normal schedule.

Morning excercise-2km running, full body stretching, surya namaskar, hindu pushup, forward and backward lunges, plank, spalyed legs squats

Bath, breakfast, newspaper as usual
Study, reading the Yoga e-book intermittently

And yes, I forgot to mention about Russian lesson, which I resumed from day before yesterday after around 2 weeks gap.

Lunch at 11:00 AM
Book reading contd.

Called a school friend, had a healthy conversation
Chat with two other friends

Evening excercise- cleaning home garden, crushed my abs by crunches, leg raise, planks 3 sets each, decline pushup, shirshasan, shavasan and lumber twist

Prepared dinner after taking cold bath
Dinner at 9PM

Power cut right now, so walking on the porch. Once it come will go to sleep.

Today’s Learnings

  1. Earlier in the day I watched a short film ft. Manoj Bajpai, titled Taandava I liked the quote at the last scene- “Man is free at the moment he wishes to be”- Voltaire.
    Very true that it’s the inner self-determination and self-motivation which can actually help a person get through hard times.Only thing is to take initiative and know thyself.

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Thanks for correcting dear , it was a typo mistake.
Criticism and suggestions always welcome.:blush:


I consider myself a lifelong learner, actually we all are. We constantly learn from people and environment around us consciously or unconsciously.

Criticism smoothen my ego. They help in further improvement of my self. I try to take it positively and analyse if there is any point of improvement in my side, if not I just ignore the point.
Sometime we can’t gauge our own faults due to biases and prejudices. Hence obviously a constructive criticism helps to find out areas of improvement.
And ofcourse we have to be rational and ready to respect if not accept others point of view.

Hope I answered your query.