🎩 League of Gentlemen (Open)

:bulb: Mentor :mortar_board: Scholar :medal_military: 30 :medal_sports:60 :trophy: 90


Name Insignias Day HS Status
:tophat: edistoretto :medal_military: 46 :white_check_mark:
:tophat: tanmay_ck :medal_military: 41 :zero: :white_check_mark:
:tophat: 24hours24 :medal_military: 33 :seven: :white_check_mark::bulb::mortar_board:
:tophat: becomeAmaster :medal_military: 32 :white_check_mark:
:tophat: miltonb 28 :white_check_mark:

HS = Habit(s) Streak

24hours24's Habits

β€’ Daily calorie counting

tanmay_ck's Habits

β€’ Daily chant for 20 minutes


Name Day Status
:fleur_de_lis:AwakenedSoul4321 14 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:Sadus13 13 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:DudeLebowski 13 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:ali4th 12 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:Mojisck 12 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:PhysicsChampion 11 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:TheBigSP 11 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:awakeningplanet 10 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:Atkv 10 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:mphexpert 10 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:MassterBrewer12 9 :ballot_box_with_check:
:fleur_de_lis:Reaper097 9 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:iWantToBeSuccess 8 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:EthanC 6 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:Jaskeerat 6 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:nik.her 4 :ballot_box_with_check:
:fleur_de_lis:Adi 4 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:Alert07 4 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:rafiyanaputeranto 4 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:jessedege29 4 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:barbx160 2 :ballot_box_with_check:
:fleur_de_lis:Deadpoolgupta 2 :ballot_box_with_check:
:fleur_de_lis:Mr.Impossible 1 :ballot_box_with_check:
:fleur_de_lis:Goten 1 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:SattwikGhosh 1 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:HealingSpade 1 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:thisisit100 1 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:Keats 1 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:aaryapratapsingh :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:assadi :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:bablu :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:sidavhad1 :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:Lyonheart :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:rewire_user :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:ZENALPHANTOM :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:wall-e :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:MrFlipy :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:pogerijo :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:MarcinhBR :white_check_mark:
:fleur_de_lis:willyg 16 :heavy_multiplication_x:
:fleur_de_lis:FighterLife 4 :heavy_multiplication_x:
:fleur_de_lis:Predator1818 :heavy_multiplication_x:
:fleur_de_lis:anonx 1 :heavy_multiplication_x:
:fleur_de_lis:Alpaco 6 :heavy_multiplication_x:
:fleur_de_lis:ragul0777 4 :heavy_multiplication_x:
:fleur_de_lis:user19v20 :heavy_multiplication_x:
:fleur_de_lis:Abhinav07z :heavy_multiplication_x:
:fleur_de_lis:dont.you.dare.lose.king 11 :x:
:fleur_de_lis:deveshd01 16 :x:
:fleur_de_lis:naninani 7 :x:
:fleur_de_lis:BORC 2 :x:
:fleur_de_lis:seno :x:
:fleur_de_lis:smgk :x:

The goal of this challenge is to become and stay a member of the League of Gentlemen. Everyone applying starts out as a candidate.

β€’ To become a candidate please comment with your sharing code.

β€’ To become a member you must check in for 18 days without relapsing (looking at porn/masturbating).

β€’ New candidates not in the double digits yet may start checking in on whatever day their streak counter is on (1-9). Candidates already in the double digits must start out on day 1. This is to encourage those participants who are struggling to get out of those double digits to make that extra push.

β€’ Once eliminated you cannot join the challenge again until a new member has been added to the league. (with the exception of relapsed members who will get one second chance as a candidate right away)

I will personally congratulate everyone who logs in their 18th day and add them to the League of Gentlemen Membership

Membership Details:

β€’ Members who maintain their streak will have the satisfaction of holding themselves accountable to the highest standards. They will prove themselves to be chivalrous, courteous, and honorable men.

β€’ All members will receive various insignias (:medal_military::medal_sports::trophy:) at different milestones as long as their streak is maintained, along with a mention in recognition of their achievement.

β€’ Those particularly involved in the challenge (checkimg in regularly and encouraging other participants) will l receive a Mentor (:bulb:) designation next to their status. (This will be tracked from the moment you become a candidate, although only members can receive the designation).

Habit Challenge:

There will be a weekly β€œScholar and a Gentleman” habit challenge for members to opt in to.

β€’ Participants will check in a single habit or habit group daily. (a habit group is multiple habits that will all be considered a fail if 1 habit in the group is left incomplete on that day)

β€’ When a participant completes 7 days in a row they will receive the Scholar (:mortar_board:) icon in their status where it will remain as long as they maintain their habit or habit group.

β€’ If they fail to complete their habit (or habit group) daily, their streak will be reset to zero (exceptions will be made for special occasions/holiday breaks)

β€’ After a perfect 28 days streak their habit (or habit group) will be considered fully formed and they will be required to either stack on another habit or change habits.

β€’ Habit streaks will be logged on the member board with this icon: :one: If it is a habit group (3 habits for example)*the number of habits will be bracketed before the icon like so: (3):one:

Other Notes:

β€’ Candidates on their second attempt should start on day 1.

Once a member, milestones and achievements will be based on your Rewire app counter as a daily check in will no longer be a requirement (although its encouraged).

β€’ Candidates, please check in every day if at all possible, and keep in mind you won’t be added as a member until you check in "Day 18."

β†’ If you relapse, please let me know (preferably on this thread, but at least through message) and I will notify you when you can join the challenge again. Otherwise I will assume you are no longer interested in this challenge and remove you from the board. Thanks.

Lets do this!

:tophat: = Member
:fleur_de_lis: = Candidate
:white_check_mark: = Active within the past week.
:ballot_box_with_check: = Not active within the past week
:x: = Eliminated and cannot re-apply yet
:heavy_multiplication_x: = Previously eliminated but may re-apply


I have 9 days streak, can I join?


Im in im a prisoner now.
My code is ea1v0q

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Hey, Hoaxboy, I’ve decided to expand the potential candidates to those in the single digits, days 0-9, so you just make it. Let me know your sharing code and I will add you.


@nofapstar123, you’re in! Don’t forget to update us daily with your streak.


Yeah bro! We can do it this time! :slight_smile:

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How do I join? I have no idea how I’m supposed to do that , can you please guide me?

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@aneeque444, click on companion at the bottom of the app, then select the orange circle with 3 dots and click on β€œmy sharing code,” copy and paste that into a comment on here and I will add you as a candidate (assuming you meet the requirement of being on day 0-9 in your streak)


Add me day 1 @Yahya900 sharing code-Ynzpe9

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Add me brother !
Sharing code : wl3ug3

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What about those who deos not have the rewire companion application?

Thank you for extention. @Keats :+1:

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Add me.
My Sharing code is:- kozg26

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Add me …

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Add me too in this Challenge!!
Sharing Code - co9eta
Day - 3

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Count me in too
Sharing code: oc0gg2
Current Streak: 4 days

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I don’t see it on the AppStore

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Are you using iPhone?

Yes I’m an iPhone user

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Are all apps on iPhone are of .apk files or what?