Cubenix's 30 day bootcamp challenge

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Current streak - 154 days *
Highest streak - 154 days *
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - SA


  1. 30 push-ups, 30 sqauts, 30 crunches. ( Bring Sally up challenge on every 7th day

  2. 15 min German language practice ( 30 min on every 7th day)

  3. 15 min Guitar practice ( learn arppegio or new tempo(style) or song or 30 min practice on every 7th day)

  4. Do maths for 15 min ( 30 min on every 7th day)

Why I want to create a group - *

I wanna create this group as an experiment. Also to spice things up in the nofap journey and aswell create a bit of bonding on the nofap forum.

First up I know I talked about the Nogap(nofap) and nofap as entirely different things. Well I don’t wanna create this as an “I told you so” thing, but I did mention Nofap journey can inspire you to better yourself in other areas of your life, but you don’t have to be a robot and stay perfect.

So this is what’s gonna happen:

  1. We are gonna reset the counter (without relapse). By doing this we test willpower to continue. 2nd to test the rewire for those at 90+ streak and this will also I hope allow you to strengthen your willpower after ‘relapse’ to just start again and not to quit. To beat the chaser effect and also prevent binge relaps. I wanna see if this could increase the chance to just restart back on the journey

  2. During the 30 days if you relapse you are out of the bootcamp as the nofap is the main focus in this challenge. Well, this isn’t that bad right? Well, I kinda want to try the next thing.

See when I have an urge I just lay flat on my back and truely life through the urge till it disappears on it’s own. No chore, no hobby just laying down. That is it. So I wanna let you guys ride a urge out like that for as long as you can. This truely test the strength of the nofap.

  1. I am going a bit into Nogap. As this is the fun part. You have to select a min 2 habits or new hobbies to a max of 4. Anything goes. You just have to strategise about it and adjust it according what you think will create a challenge. You can report your progress and also share advice and motivate if someone does the same as you. So ultimately this will also be your habit counter.

So for example if you use to doing a cold shower say for 5 min and it isn’t difficult and you like it you could ramp it up to 7 min. And every 7th day 10 min.

But where is the fun in a cold shower and also it is a bit counter productive, but it counts. How about a language you are interested in learning. Even for 15 min every day and maybe 30 min on every 7th day to keep it interesting. Or how about your skills in your job or hobbies? Be creative and strategic about it as I mentioned. The following rules for the challenge will adjust a few things to make it more interesting.

Rules :

  1. For this challenge you can participate with a 0 counter and 2 min required hobbies/positive habit.(4 max) You must try to keep it for 30 days. You can fail your other habits but relapse on nofap and you are out. We will try out hard mode on this journey. So a complete stop in pmo. The only thing allowed and will not count as relapse is a wet-dream( nightfall) or if you pee or leak a bit of semen.

2.I don’t repoting stuff and sometimes it happens to forget to report so 2 days of report on habits are allowed. So please keep it up and honest as this is a bit of an experiment. I want this to be an inspiring journey. If you break your habit please tell you can still try again as best as you can you ain’t forced as well. Maybe this might start out something good in you!

  1. On the 7th day of your journey you have to either dubble your time with the new habits or you have to create a challenge on it. For example if you are to do like I did 30 push-ups for 30 days you can either make it 60 push-ups or have something like the bring Sally up challenge.

The bring Sally up challenge is were you listen to a song where this line is mentioned and as it is mentioned you do a push-up. It can be applied to squats , crunches etc. I drew this bit of inspiration on Youtube.

  1. Importantly have fun!

Let’s inspire and build each other on this journey. Let us be strong in this and show we can beat this and other things as well! If you have a high streak show that you can beat this journey again.
This is what we should do on nofap inspire , build and create opportunities whilest we heal in our sexual health and break bad desires.

Good luck stay strong and awesome!!


Dang this was faster than the last time I posted a challenge. Man I was hoping it would post Wednesday as my previous one took 3 days to be approved. This is probably a better idea then the last one hahaha. Okay this was a bit for a joke anyways thanks to the moderator for the speedy post! :joy::grin::muscle:t2::clap:

Okay I forgot to say when the challenge starts. Okay it will start next week Monday 11 May 2020.

Oh and the reward well 1 reward is up to you, but if it is like your favorite chocolate or something like that. The winners will be invited to a second bootcamp which will be really harder than this one as this will be a warm up.

Finally I would like to start a change in the community and thus in this challenge we will make friends etc. and the main aim is to have fun!

So let’s go for gold! Stay strong and awesome good luck and thanks for the read and support !

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Let’s do it…
Current streak : 0 days…
I will reset my counter every 7 days…(without relapsing…

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Lol you are too ignorant to think that there’s no fun in having a cold shower!


Another thing I forgot to say is this challenge is open to anyone.

Okay, sadly @NEW_CHALLENGER I can accept you into bootcamp as your entry doesn’t fall within the right parameters.

I do admire your fight for nofap and it is awesome. But in this challenge sadly you have to have 2 (4 max) additional habits or challenges you wanna try out. Please reconsider entry with the rules of the challenge.

Well @TheDominator thanks for the video, I will have it checked out. I know guys have their differences. I said the cold shower feels counter productive as I have tried it and I am avoiding it as it makes me very horney and I relapse inside a cold shower . Also I only did it for a week and gave it up as I started to dislike it like really avoid a shower rather than having one as it feels a bit like torture for me and also want to stay clean from fapping.

So yeah that is my story, but if guys wanna do it for their challenge they are more than welcome, but like I mentioned they have to ramp it up and make it a bit more challenging.

But thank you guys for the read and the support I hope to see you guys in bootcamp!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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Okay @TheDominator since we are all friends here and you wanna promote cold showers why don’t you enter the challenge with cold showers for 30 days?

As your means to conivence me that it is so awesome? Like the video suggest a cold shower for roughly 7 to 10 min. Also to ramp it up dependening on the time either do it for 10 min if you select 7 min or 15 min if you select 10 min on every 7th day in the challenge.

How about a fair wager to that as well. If you succeed in it without changing it mid way to hot temperature or at any given point, I will do 30 days of cold showers should you succeed…

Sounds fair?

Good luck and stay strong and awesome.

Bro I appreciate your efforts, but it has been more than 4 months that I am having cold showers daily, and I literally enjoy it. So I am already habitual of having cold showers on a daily basis, I don’t need any challenge for that purpose.

And I don’t liked the idea of resetting the counter without relapsing, as my counter is solely for tracking my Nofap streak. I am using other apps for tracking other habits. So this challenge is not suitable for me.

Thanks for understanding. All the best for your challenges :+1:

Okay, cool good luck with your streak and challenges aswell

Well tonight the excitement is truely starting to take root. Even though I feel a bit sad, but that is not how a warrior must be. We have to prep stay strong and fight this thing head on.

I am starting to feel the flow and wanna high five the sky and beat this challenge head on. What about you?

Jippy challenge day has arrived entries are still open.

My 4 habits or hobbies are just a quick recap:

  1. I will be doing ( 30 push-ups, 30 crunches(sit-ups) and 30 squats for 30 days) and to spice it up every 7th day I will be doing the challenge combined also with Bring Sally up challenge.

  2. 15 mins of German practice( 30 mins on every 7th day)

  3. 15 mins of Guitar pratice ( 30 mins or a new song/scale/style on every 7th day)

  4. 15 mins Maths ( 30 mins on every 7th day)

Thanks for the read and support and good luck stay strong and awesome! Hope to see you in the challenge.


So day one challenge completed! Feeling great! Well it was good playing some old riffs could not put down the guitar to post again and also had a little fun with a little mental maths exercise. The exercises was good I have divided them into 2 sets of 15 reps.

The german also got a bit of extra attention on duolingo. Switched the languages and man it was totally awesome.

I must say as expected as I reset the counter my mind wonderd a bit and want to go to a relapse, but it was a quick little thought and it disappeared.

I think the hardest part of today was seeing my counter go to zero.

But I am here for the challenge and here to learn new skills and aquire the results I have been missing out.

For the guys interested in measurements. Sorry guys I am gonna upload it tomorrow as today some work at home grabbed my attention with a surprise mountain trail walk was in for the day as well with our lockdown a bit eased up we went for a walk in the mountains. Strange we never done it before. I guess the lockdown granted new perspective for my dad. Also I think he was frustrated on not have been doing much these days.

So that’s all folks. Thanks for the read and support and good luck stay strong and awesome!

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This concept is kind of new. It is good concept. I also do more than 4 tasks daily… in which cold shower is not included (:grin: :sweat_smile:)

But brother… I am not going to reset my counter at any cost( I am not cured that much from this addiction now).

Second option is to Increase my Tasks time… right now I do exercise for 1 hour…but I cannot do it for 2 hours… as this will hamper other important tasks like study ( also not good for health…there should be a gradual increase)…

One of the tasks which I do daily is STUDY(4 hours atleast)… now if I double this then you can imagine my situation after 30 days. :laughing:

So this challenge is not for me…
But I really appreciate your efforts… keep going brother.

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That’s cool @neo_150. I appreciate your opinion. Like I said 4 is the max and 2 is the minimum and like I also said you have to strategise about your choices of your tasks you set. I don’t want anyone go overkill on this I mean studying for 4 hours is insane and to dubble it is even more so.

Look for example what I have done. Not overkilled any challenge I just have realistic goals and to make it more interesting still knowing it is easy to achieve dubble or have something fun to add to it.

Like I said this challenge is to focus truely on willpower and making the journey fun.

Yeah the reset is a bit overkill and it is sad to see the work you have put in to stay clean just go away like a relapse and yeah I know not everyone is healed or how you put it “not that cured” like me, but this is exactly what I am aiming for.

See I wanna build and inspire and that is good, but it can only go so far as words or a meme or a video, but to truely apply that consistent perseverance I can teach you and this is one of which the challenge truely focuses on. Sure you drop a habit or task maybe further on in the journey, but the power motivation will push you to keep up the other task and ultimately wants you to improve on Nofap. This is what I hope to target.

I wanna make it a renewal process. Starting your journey fresh after a “relapse” without the pain of seeing relapse is so shit and to stay stuck on it. Like I said I wanna break that thought process as well.

I can truely say it has started effecting me as my head just said : “Man we reset, but why nothing has happend.”. And like I have said started having thoughts and this morning man I had a urge and it is fine as I expected it and it is cool I wanna keep beating it to ultimately break that cycle.

As I mentioned in the reason for why the topic exist . I explained to find a way past binge relapsing and the chaser effect and it is also a target for this topic.

I feel like I am getting to understand my journey more through this process and it is great.

Thanks yet again for your support @neo_150 and read and I am taking it into consideration and I do appreciate the time and suggestion you have made.

And thank you all for just the read and your time on the challenge. In the end I have hoped to have reached my target or my goal for this. To be able to inspire and have fun is what I am aiming for!

Stay strong and awesome and good luck !

2nd day completed.

Hey guys I am sorry I haven’t taken the measurements today as a lot of stuff was going on and I just kept myself in a bit of an overdrive today.

I focused a bit on a different style of picking on the guitar. Fingerpicking and it was cool as I did a riff and a section of a Spanish song.
Then the German I also did a few practices and my next step is to intensify it a bit tomorrow to truely focus on the mistakes to evaluate and correct it instead of correction, but not really focusing on it so in the future to quicken the learning process in the correct tenses etc.

Exercise went well and the maths went well and I did a mental math exercise again afterwards to improve and evalute my basic skills there in.

Well that is it for the day good luck stay strong and awesome and thanks for the read and support!


Day 3 guys.

You guys are gonna kill me about my measurements. Man I tooked them and the day gotten crazy from then on as my phone rang and I had to do a load of errands all at once in town.

With all the hustle and bustle I have completely forgotten about them and yeah can’t get them now so I will really post them tomorrow.

Super sorry about that.

But I have had some fun again with all the tasks. Execpt I skipped the mental math a bit as my head was a bit full and running everywhere with calculus theorem and the calculations I have done.

I split my exercises in to different numbers of reps. 10 push-ups 15 crunches, 20 lunges and then switched it round did more push-ups the second set and after it finished with 5 reps of each. I did it as I wanna change it up and also do it for the motivation to push myself a bit harder not to quit easy and really focus on each exercise completely. Especially with the last 5 of each I get excited like yeah I can do it it feels awesome and I need to finish it.

Next up I did the German. Well I kinda drop the extra lesson on it today as the time limited me a bit here with all stuff of today, but it is ggod to see thag life is slowly getting back to normal since this lockdown bussiness.

Speaking of german I played a german song as well today with basic chords and also focused on the chords and my sound. Also changed the strumming pattern out and just in the moment played some of the sheet music out of my Hymns book.

So yeah making a lot of progress and working my way up slowly but surely to my goals amd I hope that this will inspire someone to embark on such a journey.

Well after some concideration I thought on adapting a rule. ( Please note I don’t wanna premote relapsing, but if you have relapsed you can join in on the challenge as long as you register on your day 0.)

Also new members to the forum are also welcome. And no reset required as a welcoming gift !

Thanks for the read and support and good luck stay strong and awesome!!

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Day 4 completed!

So here is the data measurements. Totally not required, but I wanna see how my body changes with the exercises also to serve as an inspiration and to I am exicted to see the change and progress!

Please dubble check my unit conversation:

Weight: 75kg / 165 pounds

Bisceps : left : 30 cm / 11.81 in
Right: 30.5 cm / 12 in
Chest : 89.5 cm/ 35.2 in

Shoulder width: 125.5 cm / 49.4 in

Waist by belly button measurement : 85.5 cm / 33.6 in

Legs top left : 52.5 cm / 20.6in right 52cm/ 20 in

Calves : left and right 36 cm / 14 in.

So let’s see the difference after the 30 day experiment!

Okay next the geman was epic again as I had some extra pratice with a call on the telephone from Germany from the people I lived with over there and they were actually very surpised as my accent was spot on and they actually were confused for a moment. Yes, they do know I can speak german, but they expected I would have started forgetting it completely as I don’t really talk the language enough. But I managed to get a laugh and also it was a major boost in the confidence in the language as well as showing that it is truely worth keeping up the practice.

With the maths its going a bit haywire as I have been doing some geometry. I am not so strong in it and I have forgotten the basics there of. Luckly I have taken note of it so I can brush up on it.

Guitar practice was done with youtube today as I have forgotten how to play a song and my fingers are a bit cold and fumbled all over the place. But i did it and focused on the transition of the chords.

Lastly I pushed myself to do at least 20 of each. Yeah I know a bit lazy, but for now I feel comfortable of doing it this way as I wanna gradually work my way up and keep things calm, comfortable and also spicy so it is easy to stay on the habit.

Well that’s it guys thanks for the read and support and good luck stay strong and awesome!


Look at that time flies when you are having fun. Day 5 done. Well today I have been in conversation to myself feeling good feeling positive vibes as I think that what I want me to hold back is coming lose from me as today was awesome.

I just jumped in on my habits and boom they where done. Well execpt for the maths and guitar habit which I finised late but had good and frustrating sessions as it was fun, little mistakes here and there breaks the thoughts etc. You know what I mean.

I have a surprise for you guys, but you’ll have to wait until Sonday sadly as I am working on the small details!

Well that’s all folks. Thanks for the read and support and good luck stay strong and awesome!

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Day 6 completed. No habits dropped and still keeping it going!! Day 7 tomorrow on the challenge and that means we get to increase the difficulty! I have been waiting for it!!

But firstly I have a surprise for you guys.

I am gonna give “free entry” to the challenge in celebration in reaching 7 days. I know I am getting ahead of myself, but I wanna tell you guys that tomorrow, but the sooner the better.

The terms for the entry.

3 guys who register with a valid entry with the format given at the start will be accepted in the bootcamp.

But there is a slight catch. You don’t have to reset your counter, but you pay a penalty instead as you have to do 7 days extra. So instead of doing your habits or hobbies for 30 days you now have to do it for 37 days.

Or there is a second option. I give you a task to perform.

The final option I have available is you have to choose two of my habits to do. Then you are restricted in only two of the hobbies/task you wanna do.

All you gotta do is register and list which price you are going to pay to skip reseting the counter.

Good luck bros. Thanks for the read and support and good luck stay strong and awesome!

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Day 7 completed!!!

The exercises was good and man the bring Sally up on all is quite though, but it is very motivational to push yourself to try to make it as far as you can in the song! I made it in the squats and sit-ups , but sadly got stuck at the push-ups. But this is good I have a nice baseline record to beat and hopefully I can reach all three tge full song.

I did some extra german grammar rules for today as I studied it a bit further and I am glad I did it as I was a bit stuck in the use of articles in german. I can use them right and on duolingo, but I miss one or two. It is like my head goes on autopilot and just does it. It was just like when I was in Germany. Well, being mostly exposed to the language where you have to read, try and write and listen either with your own conversations or when you are at a party or event and listen to what the guys speak about and also when you watch tv and listen to the radio.

Sure not every song is a german song, but they read the news in german and also the radio program is in german ( obviously) . Nothing wrong about it and I loved every moment thereof. It was like I am a kid again. You know that time when everyone was anxious for your first cofersation or your mom smiling from ear to ear with your first sentence. Someone laughing at you as you tongue gets all twisted up when you try to pronounce a word for the first time.

And it feels so amazing to have mastered most of the language, but don’t really have much theory only like the basics and some advance stuff, but it is all you kinda need to started. When you hear a new word it sounds super catchy and you internalize it so quick.

Like in my experience I have started to understand German within a month. Here and there I would misunderstand it, but being so honed in it was quick and felt almost natural. The second month I have learned a lot and have written in a note book some words and also like I said the basics and it kinda was my building blocks and started replying and going full german. At the end of my trip I was like almost stuck in german as it felt so natural. I remember I was in the Airport in Dubai where I accidentally replied at a question in german as well as some of my native language speakers I replied in german and I had a heavy german accent.

Okay yeah I know I am blabbing alot about the german language but it is easy and also conplex with all the tenses etc to take into consideration and grammar is quite hard. But I am very passionate about german and Germany, but sadly with my excuses I make and also sometimes a lot is going on I tend to skip on it, but now I am learning better time management.

The guitar lesson was good I lengthend the time to 30 mins. Focused on fingerpicking style. I know yes I have focused a lot on it but there is so many diffrent techniques and it is also my personal favorite. Esspecially when it come to the spanish riffs. A man that is the coolest for me .

Lastly the maths. Well I looked up videos on youtube on the matters I am stuck with and did a follow along session and I am really now grasping the consecpts again which I have forgotten and I am truely feeling great about it!!!

Well that’s all folks. Before I forgot the entries for the no reset will close on Tuesday! So come join in on the fun what do you have to lose?

So stay strong and awesome and good luck!

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Day 8 and 9.

Well all that is left is 30 squats and german for today. I have been breaking it down as my sister and my nephew came through after aquired a permit to return to home as they spent the lockdown period at a friends house two hours drive from us.

Anyways with every bit of crazy I didn’t report sorry for that guys.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome