1 week nofap, step by step, day by day

I have seen this work in some other nofap group and thought might as well give it a go. So this topic will provide you with some steps to go for a complete fap free week, day by day. This is not a group, so there is no formal participation. You can start following whenever you want. Doesn’t matter if you are on day 1 or day 20, if you are struggling, follow this and beat those urges to the ground.

So let’s get to the brass tacks of this week:-
(Be advised, if you decide to follow this, follow it with full dedication, no half measures)
Day 1
Wake up between 5 am to 8 am
Do yoga/meditation after waking up
Have a heavy breakfast (it’s the fuel for the day, eat properly)
Start with your day (work/study)
Have a light lunch
If you can, take a nap in the afternoon (30min to 1hr, not more than that)
After waking up, go for an evening jog(1to5km)
Take a cold shower
Have a very a nutritious dinner (no junk food, spicy food, it makes your harmones more active hence more horny)
Before going to bed, read any good self help book(my personal recommendations are , “A subtle art of not giving a fuck”, “Awaken the gaint within”, “Hitchhiker’s guide to Galaxy”)
Go to bed between 10pm -12pm, no late nights.

So this is the schedule for day one of your fapfree week. if you decide to follow it, follow it completely. Whenever you have urges, do meditation, it helps a lot or come to this app and start reading, writing here , it helps me a lot and sure help you too. I will come up with steps for day 2 tommorow.


Day 1 complete :mega::mega:

Day 2

Wake up between 6 to 8 am
Have a normal breakfast
Go on with the day(work/study)
Have light lunch between 1 to 3pm(no later than that)
Nap(if possible) for 1hr
In the evening, do meditation for 15-20 min
Go on for a evening jog(about 5km)
Have light dinner (no spicy, junk food)
Read a book for about 1to1.5 hr
Go to bed before 12am

If having urges, take cold shower, yoga, come to this app for help.

Have a great day 2!!


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Yeah bro, just follow the steps for a week and see for yourself, you will have a wonderful week.


Day 2 complete :mega::mega:

Day 3
Wake up between 5 to 7 am(early morning)
Meditate in the morning
Have a healthy breakfast
Go on with the day’s work
Have a light lunch in the afternoon
Nap for 1-2 hrs, if possible
Do a quick meditation after waking up
Jog for about 5-7km in the evening
Have a nutritious dinner
Spend some time with friends/family
Read a book before sleeping
Sleep for about 7 hrs sleep at night.


I don’t know what to do
I am getting urges
Meditation is not helping

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Go outside, meet friends/family, go for a 5 km run/jog, play a sport outside etc. Just don’t sit idle

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Day 3 complete :mega::mega:
Now the upcoming day is the day most nofappers fear. It is the day most of us are vulnerable. Try to be extra cautious.

Day 4
Wake up around 8-9 am(if you have work/school, then wake accordingly)
Have a light breakfast
Spend the day outside your home/hostel room with friends/colleagues.
Have a healthy lunch
Take a nap in afternoon for 1-2 hrs (sleeping make sure you don’t act upon your urges)
Spend the evening outside with family/friends. Don’t think about pmo at all. You are doing good.
Have a healthy dinner, no spicy or junk food at night.
Read a book/meditation, whatever you are comfortable with.
Sleep with phone far away from your reach.

This day will be difficult, but I assure you that it’s just a phase, it won’t be this way always. You will feel great after 7 days of nofap, just hold on.

Be safe guys!

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Day 4 complete :mega::mega:
If you have resisted yourself up till now, have some self appreciation as it is a big deal. About 40% of nofappers perish in this time. You are going good and the rest of the week is just a downward slope.

Day 5
Wake up early between 7-8am
Have a heavy breakfast (need energy for the day)
Get going with your work/school
Have a very light lunch
Take a little longer nap about 2-2.5 hrs(if possible)
Spend the evening in the gym about 3hrs(exhaust all the energy)
Have a healthy dinner, no spicy food not junk food
Do meditation/read book before sleeping.
Keep the phone away from your side.

You are going good and 1 week is just around the corner, you are stronger than you think and you can do it.


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Day 5 complete :mega::mega:
Now as we approach the final days of this week, try to appreciate the fact that you kept going through those really rough days and didn’t give into your urges and became a better person than before. You know you are the best. The rest of the week is a piece of cake for you.

Day 6
Wake up as early as 5-6am
Do meditation for 30 long minutes
Have a very light breakfast (controlled nutrition)
Go on with the work of the day
Have a healthy lunch,heavy
Have a nap of 1-1.5 hr, if possible
Go for a 10 km jog, no need to run to fast, but jog
Have a cold shower
Have a very light dinner
Read a book/meditation
Sleep around 11-11:30

You are going great, if having urges, immediately report to the forum or post here.

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On the home button in the bottom, go to my companion. Press the 3 dots button present there, select the 3rd option which is “my share code”, copy that and paste it here.

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Day 6 complete :mega::mega:
You are almost there, you are strong and you know it. Abstaining for 6 days is an achievement, treat yourself with some pizza :pizza: or whatever you like to eat. You earned it, gift yourself a new watch or maybe a new dress (but don’t fap, obviously)

Day 7

Wake up around 5-6am
Do breathing meditation for 30 min
Do a normal breakfast
Go on with the day, work/study
Have a normal lunch, meet up with friends/family
Take a 2 hr nap, if possible
Go for jogging in evening for 3-5 km
Take a cold shower
Have a normal dinner, you can eat whatever you want
Sleep before 12am.

It was a great experience, a bit of ups and downs, urges and fighting them, winning over them etc. Great week spent.

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Day 7 complete :mega::mega::tada::tada::confetti_ball::gift:

If you have followed or tried to implement some the rules set everyday, you would have noticed the changes in the way this week was spent. Sure, we had our ups and downs, we had to deal with heavy urges, had headaches, felt sick sometimes, but we went through all that and passed with flying colors. We also experienced a boost in energy, better sleep at nights, lesser brain fogs, better socializing etc. And it is just the beginning. This was just a week’s progress, just imagine what one can achieve in a month!
As I said earlier, no matter if you were on day 0 or day 20 or day 50 before the start of this week, now you have a wonderful week to add up to your tally. If you don’t know what to do for the next week, go the top of this article and start the rules again. They are good habits to develop and will surely benefit in life. Cheers!!


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Starting right now!!

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