Your story of PMO

Hyy guys

Just share your story openly here… like how you track into this addiction , what person suggest you this first time …& NOW why you want to quit this … Everything

All person tell there story here just like you replying a msg
Person tells story counted in this challenge



I’m In.
Let’s Dominate :facepunch:

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Brother add me too
SC : v7tlec

We all will face this demon :smiling_imp: together and will win it. :innocent::v::crossed_fingers:

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8wkpr7 my code add me im in.

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Count me in too.
4agj6a is my sharing code.

Count me in…
I m from telegram…when we have to start??
Sharing code:-3yeek0

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All the members write story here just you reply a msg …

All person tells the story counted In the challenge

Sounds interesting count me in brother
Sharing code : y2xuv4

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Bro all you counted just write your story & you counted in a challenge


Here you go my story with PMO


My story:

Man, I feel so bad about myself after reading what I’ve written


Hello No Fappers buddies, hope you are doing well on your journey. So I will start my story without passing any time.

I masturbated for the first time of my life when I was 13 years old but at that time I didn’t knew how to properly do it. Then I kept on growing and in 9th I realised how to masturbate but still I wasn’t masturbating that much. Then in 10th just because of exam stress created by the family, teachers, relatives, etc… I started masturbating on daily basis. When I reached 11th std, my addiction started to rise. I used to masturbate 2-3 times daily. I started becoming weak, my back became bent, premature Grey hairs started growing, my face became pale, my confidence became negative, I wasn’t able to make eye contact with anyone. Then in my 12th I got to know about no fap and I started my journey. But still at that time I was masturbating 4-5 times per day. I started getting suicidal thoughts, started feeling depressed, and many more. Then I kept on moving, I failed nth times but never gave up. After some time things started getting better, I was able to control myself for days then weeks and now I am having a streak of 11 days but with 9000 day attitude. I don’t want to look back and want to just move forward in my life. To quit this addiction I made a no fap group to get addicted to that so it donot bother me much and it worked. I made many friends and believe me they are all very helpful​:blush::blush::blush:. Hope we all succeed in our journey altogether and conquer beyond 90 days.


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