De addiction- Me, my life and PMO(17 Male)

Hello everyone, i probably have not told my story yet to everyone( except a few companions) . This is not about success this is completely about how worse pmo addiction can be. I divide my story into some parts:

Phase I: Like everyone of us, when i was a child i was very playfull, energetic boy! Started playing cricket with my friends when i was 6-7 years old. I loved my life back then every thing was so simple and joyfull. I was always a good student who came first in my class

Phase II: When i was like 11-12 years old, i found out what porn was i saw it first time in my uncles phone when he was not at home. 1st time after watching and Masturbating, I felt soo much regret but i kept doing it anyways. That must be a shame to say but i used the dolls of my sister also and i hide it :pensive:

Phase III: when i entered my teens, i got access to high speed internet so it became regular habit for me I was becoming weaker and weaker day by day. My face doesn’t glow anymore i became a shy and introvert person as a teen. I wondered what’s wrong with me? Why am i like this? Why am i alive?

Phase IV: In year 2018 , i was in 10th grade and I thought that this year i will study alot and secure very great marks! But i didn’t study well untill july! I kept skipping my meals and ate unhealthy things due to masturbation habit. In august 2018, one day i woke up vomiting, and with high fever. Anything i ate i threw it up. After 1 week of illness my father took me to the doctor and found out that i had jaundice with very high sgot and sgpt level. Doctor told my father to not let me go out of the house and bed rest for one month. That was the moment when i realized that i need to stop pmo. I did nofap for 19 days and took medicine, i became healthy. But soon again i started to get back to this addiction.

Phase V: Board Exams were near(2018) and i haven’t revised anything. I didn’t know what to do. My teachers my perents were expecting alot from me, i cried, i tried to break my hands so that i could give an excuse to them. Finally A realization comes into my mind that I can’t give up. So i started studying my ass off without caring about this world, or anything,. Like 15-16 hours everyday. I completed my revision in just 30 days, and also my boards exam went SUPER great! I scored 89% … I was the same person who thought will get very low score. That was my previous highest streak! (33 days).

This is my story till 2019

I shared my feelings with you all because I am on day 32 today and feeling very greatful and happy today to be part of this community! Thank you alot to be part of my journey. The day i found this app, was the day of change for me i will never forget y’all,:sob: this app is part of my life now
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


it is always great to hear from a fellow companion…who is struggling to end this habits as we do…by the way we have always a good life before pmo and a existing after a pmo…u will sure make a change


Dude! You are still at a young age and realized this. I just realized and quitted just 5 days back😭 We all share very painful stories… It is not too late bro. Better late than never. We are born to bloom. We shall bloom. We have to !!! Although it is late already. But I won’t give up. I am hoping 1000 days of penance and burning will give me a nice time as before PMO. I

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I had to man! my addiction was very worse!
Its never too late brother! most important part is “realizing” ! once you realize 50% of your work is done, and rest 50% you will learn from ups and downs that come during your nofap journey! Never give up ! be ready to face all the up’s and downs !
im still exploring and learning about this journey! and i know one day everyone of us will be freed from this shit!
stay strong! You are capable of reaching day 1000 for sure bro!


An amazing story bro :100:. You have changed a lot this time. Seeing you reach your highest streak makes me soo happy. I will also soon break this habit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Keep going :muscle:

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Yeah man! spend time in the forum at the begining after you get to a strong point decrease the usage!

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