Why-are-you-doing-Nofap-? Challenge


DAY 4:

I am doing this because it wastes my time, time that I could be spending training for greater things.


DAY 21:

I dont want to have brain fog anymore


I need to stop this,i once a top student but after the porn im the stupidest student…


DAY 8:

I am doing this to give much needed time to my passions and hobbies.


Day 4: easy mode

I am doing this to start getting a different perspective on life. Doing this to create new skills rather than porn addiction and masturbation addiction.


I just see how it hurts myself and my relationship to my girlfriend and to god.
I suffer from delayed ejaculation and I’m it’s because I trained myself to become pmo addicted for ~7-8 years. I’m now trying to quit for about 2 years. I had great success but eventually fell back into the old habits when life just hit me hard. Like recently. Now I’m in a state of daily pmo again and it sucks.
I’m determined to quit and I’m sure I’ll be free one day but this shit takes time and is tough as hell.
Like I said I trained myself for years so rewiring will be hard and will just take time and patience. Luckily I got a girlfriend and can talk about anything with her. That’s one of my greatest blessings and I’m so thankful for that.


Day 5 easy mode

No porn. I am doing this to not waste my life and my mental resources for some dumb porn or crazy fantasy.


DAY 24:

I realised that my mother tongue, and my 3 other languages are improving and i want to continue with that


DAY 10:

I am doing this so that I don’t give away my confidence for empty pleasure. When I’m clean, I feel good and proud of who I am.


Day 6: easy mode

Doing this to slowly but surely become the man with full potential made into a new version of myself.


DAY: 27

I am starting to get more and more confidence and less anxiety. I am starting to be more talkative than I was while fapping. But thanks to NoFap challenge of 27 days I am starting to very less urges, my pornographic images on the brain are starting to fade away and I manage to consider myself to not fap again because of what I have become now. And it takes time to achieve that new personality. So no more going back into that filthy crap that makes you feel alone, miserable, sad, frustrated, tired and more negative effects. When I was fapping I went from easily frustrated and provokated to no-fapping with being happy, positive and more energetic.


Day 1

I am doing this to discipline myself to become better and to have a bright and productive future. Now i am doing hard mode NO PMO.


Day 7

I am doing this to no longer be a slave. But a conquerer. And an achiever in life so that I can become the best version of myself and overcome fears and obstacles.


Same. Day 3 hard mode No PMO for preventing acne, headache, flu, and trouble while swallowing. Also want to be more productive and get girls.


I am doing to get rid of this nasty addiction.Improve my stamina,concentration


That’s great! But honestly i am not doing this for woman. Doing this for myself because a woman deserves a man who can take her whole. I feel like you should focus on yourself first and improve on stuff while doing NO PMO then later on if you feel. Get a woman.


That’s my point. Improve myself, then get friends, then get a soulmate.



I’m doing this because we were not meant to live in shame, weakness and disgrace.


Im doing no fap to improve my overall well being



I’m doing this because I must free myself from addictions and all that keeps me down.