Why-are-you-doing-Nofap-? Challenge


Day 0

I went into a porn binge and isolated myself today. Bad I idea. It started when I decided to reward myself for day 7 but I got carried away and the urges came and i got porn binge. Now I know that rewards are not given by fast food or unhealthy things but by experiences that are real and healthy. I have to.keep going Because my life depends on this.


My reasons for doing this are:

To get rid of brain fog.
To be more productive
To have better mental and physical health.
To view women in the right way.
To be able to have a relationship.
To be more kinder and patient.
To be more positive.


DAY 13:

To have a better physical and mental health. To be looking at women as human beings with feelings, intelligence and good humour rather than objects you ram your tool into. To be more productive. To get rid of brain fog. To be more confident. I want to be in a good relationship. I want to stop looking at women in a perverse way. To reach o higher testosterone level. To get the body I want. To change my hormones the way they were when I discovered PMO. I need to be more patient in my life. And at last to be more kinder and positive towards my family, friend’s, other relatives and strangers.


DAY 7:

I am doing this to have the motivation and social competitence to have a relationship with a real woman.


DAY 14:

PMO makes it harder for us guys to talk to women, like they’re aliens and we don’t have the courage to talk properly. We even doubt about if we get rejected or bring up boring conversation every time we start to talk to women. I want to prevent that and be soscially accepted.


Day110 :dart:11%
I’m doing this for reduced anxiety or sadness.

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Day 55
I’m doing this for my future family, I am close to proposing to my girlfriend, I don’t want to hurt her or damage our relationship, I want to love her and desire only her. Porn only brings me down and she brings me up. With Gods help I will never ever touch porn again.


Day 1

I am doing this to be more than man, but super man. To do what is right in this dark and full of addiction world. To become the man I was not. I will conquer this but only when I conquer phone usage addiction also, it will allow me to get out more and distract myself.


I wanna be free and on God’s side of d tide


Day 2

Doing this to become the best I can ever be. No excuses no more procrastination, defeat this or be defeated. Did alot of.yard work today and exercise, reading a book called “jungle” by jossi Ginsberg.


DAY 1:

Im doing this because PMO makes me depressed.


Day 3

I am doing this to create better habits and create new passions to have for daily life. Starting my day with a good breakfast, reading, a trip to college, and being proactive throughout the day.


The reason why I am doing this is to restore my lost strength, reduction in hair loss, reduction of no. of pimples on my face and a calm mind.


I’m doing NoFap mainly for one reason. That is, self discipline and self improvement. Nothing else is important. There are two things that’s happening here. Either I’m working to improve myself or I’m wasting time and not improving myself. I’m clear about this.


I am doing this to be me. To be closer to my ideal self.

And to make my dream come true.


Because I almost lost my wife at 30. Because I have already wasted so much of my life never knowing the harm I brought to myself with pmo. Because I don’t want anymore pain and regret from this. Because I want to know and feel all that I’ve missed with my beautiful, loving wife.


Day 4

Becoming super man and having the will to do what is right for myself and family.


DAY 3:

I am doing this to be someone honorable. Someone I can wake up and be content with.


Day 5

Doing this to stop saying I will do something but never do it. To put more actions into my words and actually do it. To stop making excuses because I didn’t sleep well, ate junk food, not productive 1 day that I can “just fab to porn mentality excuses”. More doing and letting actions speak for itself.


DAY 19:

I want harder erections