Why-are-you-doing-Nofap-? Challenge


DAY 5:

I want unknown girls to give me their smiles. I want to find it easy and joyful to talk to girls about interesting stuff without anxiety and stress. I don’t even want to be uncomfortable around the opposite sex and talk nervously to them about subjects that matter.


DAY 0:

Really dead right now. So frustrated, but I won’t give up.

Right now a big reason why I’m doing this is because I don’t want to meet the perfect girl and have to say no to dating her because I don’t have a year of being clean under my belt. I want to be free of PMO when I date someone, but I know every freaking time I relapse it only puts me further away from my dreams becoming a reality.

I’m so tired of it yet I tiressly pursue PMO under the pressure of urges. God this is such a terrible affliction!


@Special_Bird You are there brother. You are trough with pmo. Your mindset has grown and can never fall back.


day 1

i woke up at 4:45 a.m. woke up slowly but still woke up. Drank a bottle of water, garlic with honey, oranges, and oatmeal afterwards. Will do some exercise in the park or run in the trails and take my time on being outside. No hurry. will do that before 7 a.m. i am ready to kill the day. will try to read this book i always wanted to read but couldnt and finish on my projects if i can.


DAY 6:

I want to feel harder erections. I want to prevent PE and have better orgasms. I want to last longer. Porn and masturbation cannot do that.


Hey Special_Bird. Don’t give up nor give in. I know it’s hard because I have fell and many others have as well. But we keep rising up and get stronger Everytime we rise. Hang in there okay and stay Strong minded.


DAY 0:

I am doing this to stop feeling like shit.

Thank you @Barbatos and @WalkWithoutFear! I appreciate it. I’ll try to keep my head on straight despite these setbacks


Day 2

I am doing this for a good relationship and to become the best version of myself so that i can be to my fullest potential. Woke up at 4:45 a.m. again. Planning t get goals done.


Because life is much more than just masturbation, sex, etc.


DAY 7:

I remember when I saw a good looking young girl at possibly my age at the gym, I had so many chances and blew them. I wanted so bad to start a conversation with this girl but did not have good enough confidence and had fear of anxiety and regret. I did not realise PMO was doing that. Instead I just finished my training, went home, warm up my fleshlight and start fapping to porn. Those times were not worth to throw away, instead I should have used them to hit on this girl which I still haven’t forget. Now with DAY 7 of NoFap and NoPorn, I feel good about my self. I feel confidence is comming and anxiety is pushed back as if I am not addicted anymore, but 7 days is nothing compared to 1-3 years from the veterans who has survived this drug and moved on.


To be a man that I’ve never been, I want to be stronger, more faithful and invincible.


day 3

I am doing this to become strong minded and to not let others down for counting on me. To be the person I was not in the past and to move on with my life already. :muscle:. Woke up 4:45 a.m. again and about to go run around the park or workout. Maybe say hi to some strangers.


DAY 2:

I am doing this because I’m tired of the years passing me by without success in this. I could be so much more, yet I waste each and every opportunity for change. No more!


Day 4

Even though I may not be productive in the days that follow, my goal is to not do PMO because eventually my brain will notice a change and will be happy to become productive instead of doing PMO. Even so, I try to become productive. I am doing this to break my bad procrastination habits and to not waste my life.

@Special_Bird. Hang in there bro… Try not to count the days, but instead try to think each day that passes with NO PMO an opportunity to do better. If you were lazy a day don’t start over because sometimes your brain will try to make that excuse. Or ate alot of fast food, etc… In my case at least. Stay strong till the end because in the end those who survive will be super man!


@JustDTG You’re amazing! Your honesty and consistent searching has really moved me,
And wishing you the best on your journey!

I’ve also recently taken the view,
Intentionally looking is a relapse.

One reason among many I’m here, is to rewire!
Day 6


DAY 9:

I don’t want acnes in my face again. I want better facial hair growth and a pretty face without pimples and tiny blackheads


DAY 3:

I am doing this to improve myself, to be a dependable person that my family and friends can count on. Not someone who can’t be trusted to be there for them because he was fapping away in his room.

@WalkWithoutFear thank you! I realized that is an excuse that I use way too often! I can sometimes be an all or nothing person and I realized after you said that that my brain uses that excuse a lot right before I relapse. So thank you for that tip, I think it might just be my saving grace next time I get urges.


DAY 4:

I am doing this for my cousin, so that I can prove to him that NoFap is possible and the better option for him


Day 7

Doing this to unleash my full potential and actually have a purpose to pursue and accomplish.


DAY 6:

I am doing this so that I can learn to deal with my stress in a healthy manner and not spiral into madness with PMO.