Why-are-you-doing-Nofap-? Challenge


Everybody is doing Nofap for a reason, period. This challenge wants you to daily focus on the whys of the challenge.


I am doing this to conquer my fear.




I’m want to top in my exams. I want to be a DC.


Nofap increases motivation.


I do nofap for social confidence and hopefully a better physical appearance


My reason is simple Its fun to do


I wonder if it’s a bad idea to focus on the negative past instead of a positive future, but quite honestly I got tired of being weak.


Because i’m suffering from muscular dystrophy,
it’s a genetic disease By Gene mutation
This is the reason why I have so interest in nofap


I am doing this for social respect in soceity and family.


for being a better human being with no regret or guilt of past doings & to have my self respect back.


More testosterone for the gym. And I think females subconsciously sense when you withold, so being able to attract women is a plus. No fap is a shield against anxiety and depression. I don’t feel hopeless for no good reason anymore.


Day 1:
I am doing No fap to increase testosterone levels



I’m doing this to master myself


Day 2:
I am doing this to restore peace to my body



I’m doing this because​ it’s an essential part in my self-improvement journey.



I am doing this so i can Stand on my own feet



I’m doing this to become stronger


I doing this to become better at what I do best


Day 0

I’m doing this to make my dad feel proud of my academic achievements.


I m doing this so that i ll get control over my life