Why-are-you-doing-Nofap-? Challenge


Yeah in real life porn is plain boring. Its just that when stimulated so much you ain’t know what your doing. Your just so sexually driven. That’s why it’s great doing No PMO. Keep it strong man. :muscle: its now or never.


Masturbation is as wasteful as porn because you throw away sperm that might have produced your kids with healthy eggs. Masturbation make you feel dirty… So dirty that you have to take a shower to feel clean again. And when you touch yourself you don’t only satisfy yourself but also rub and sweat for nothing. Everytime after masturbation you have to urinate in order to clean away sperm that is left in your uretha and it hurts.

Either you masturbate to porn or to your fantasies, the result will always be the same; guilt, depression, shame, feeling a boring life, frustration, fatigue and more.


DAY 2:

I am doing this because I am so frustrated with this habit. I almost feel like I am trapped in a little box and can’t breath. I am so desperately wanting to be free, and I will have it if I can perservere through all these failures.

Thank you @WalkWithoutFear for all the encouragement! It is very helpful!


I’m doing nofap challenge because this small bad habit has developed deep roots inside me and has made me highly emotional person, easily hurt, easily distracted, easy quitter, no motivation, no social life, no friends, highly vunerable, weaker immune and no resolve to workout.
I’m totally fed up by this life of mine and I want to change it now once and for all.
This is a great platform and I wish me and all my mates here, be able to abstain from PMO and fulfill their dreams and move towards a better life!


Day 4

I am doing this to make a difference in the world and to have a wife that I can have kids with instead of fabbing to a screen.


No problem man. We pick each other till the end. :muscle:. Tired of this habit.


DAY 3:

Masturbation make orgasm sound noiseless like there isn’t any more man/alpha inside you. Instead if you were masturbating while your family was at home, like I did, you had to orgasm in silence. Which is also pathetic because you are not sharing that alpha orgasm with a female partner and hear her real orgasm, orgasms that significantly shows successful sex. Not the false orgasm you listen on porn. It’s stupid.

I don’t have a gf or am married but wish to fulfill my partners sexual desires in the future, and in order to do that I have to change my old habits towards new habits. NO MORE PMO!


DAY 41

I’m doing this because I’m not going to exchange confidence, pride and happiness for guilt, weakness and despair.


Day 5

I am staying strong regardless of the circumstances I am in. I will be unmoved. Those who are dedicated and want to achieve their goals will not be moved no matter what. Be it no house, homeless,.and etc. power is confidence. :muscle::fire:


Day 99 :thinking: (1 more to reach 3 digit #100)
I’m doing this for power

@Special_Bird Thanks.
The book you told is very helpful for me.

Man’s Search for Meaning” By Victor Frankl.


DAY 4:

I am doing this to give respect to my body, my mind, and my spirit. Because when I PMO I disrespect myself and destroy what my true self worked so hard to build.

@BruceLee good to hear! I know that book is what brought me back from my darkest times. I’m glad you found it equally helpful :slight_smile:


I want to be free form this addiction


Day 0

I relapsed again! :cry:. I got tempted by a friend of mine who watched porn and hentai. Bad decision. Remember friends can be a major thing when walking in NoFab. I must not only change my mindset and addiction but also what friends I have. I must change everything. I won’t give up. Never. The addiction is telling me to give up. But I won’t. The more this addiction tries to belittle me the more its pushing me to conquer more days in NoFab.I won’t let my family down, girlfriend down from future, and myself down. No I must not be moved. :muscle:


I am doing this in order to regain my freedom.


Day 100 :dart:10%
I’m doing this because i hate this addiction

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Im doing this become the person I want to be.


DAY 5:

I am doing this so that when my little cousin hits puberty I can give him an actual solution. I want to be his mentor for recovery not his companion in addiction. He doesn’t deserve to be brought into this because I was lazy and couldn’t help him.

@WalkWithoutFear good to hear you’ve got a good mindset and are getting back on the horse! Good luck to you brother!


Day 0

Doing this so that I can regain my confidence and not be an slave anymore to porn.!


I’m quitting porn because my reliance and borderline obsession with it has ruined my love life. I met an amazing girl and I put her through hell with lies and insecurities because of this unhealthy relationship that I have with porn and masturbation. I’ve been living this way for most of my life, and now I’m drawing the line to save my relationship.


i have a similar thing going on with my relationship or at least did. it has ruined my love life as well. unfortunately i broke up with her because i couldn’t put her through my issues. I tried to make her understand about my addiction but she always has an attitude of not caring and ignores that issue every time and always says she is the one who isn’t understood. when in reality i put her through hell and made her endure that all because of the addiction. I understood her but clearly she didnt understand me because if she did she would support me or be more serious about the issue. instead of treating it like its an easy obstacle to overcome or its not a big deal. and i cant have that mentality around me.