Why-are-you-doing-Nofap-? Challenge


Day 37
I’m doing this for my future family and my girlfriend and for God and myself, it doesn’t help with my problems, it just covers them up for a moment, just like drugs or booze. And I want to be clean from all addictions.


Day 0

I hate this! I had a bad situation with my GF and got mad and irritated. That I relapsed again. But I won’t give up. Got to get back up and fight the good fight like a warrior. Blood and sweat. :muscle:


DAY 10:

I am doing this to learn to deal with my emotions in a healthy way and relate to others more by actually feeling emotions when they come up instead of suppressing them with PMO.


DAY 35

I’m doing this because I researched what PMO does to our brains. From that point there could be no other sane option but to stop.


I’m doing this because I hate that I enjoy a picture of my girlfriend more than I do being physically with her


DAY 5 of 18 days: Masturbation decreases the ability to orgasm better while having sexual intercourse with a female partner and I want to prevent that. I also want to prevent premature ejaculation.


DAY 11:

I am doing this to have the energy and the confidence to pursue a real relationship.


Day 2

Feeling absolutely hopeless and depressed. I feel that everyone and everything is a nuisance and everyone is selfish.
That’s why I need to settle this once and for all.


DAY 36

I’m doing this because there are a million different ways to spend your time that are better than PMO.



I have reset my counter and because of that I do not want to watch P and masturbate ever again


DAY 1:

Ug, very irritating, but I’ve identified another thing I think I might not be doing right, and so I am trying out a new technique to help me when I am having major urges.

I am doing this to be free from sleepless nights and tired mornings all in the pursuit of meaningless and fleeting pleasure.


I am doing it so I can gain my self confidence and be able to walk tall. I find difficult to face other people especially if there is conflict of ideas. This is part due to my weak physique and partdue to excess pmo. Not I am determined to be better.More over, no fap frees a lot of time. I will use that to workout.


Day 1

I am doing this to gain the confidence I need and must have to be more than conquerer.


Wow! This thread has gone viral. Thanks for the amazing response. @Pedro and his ilk have been the real hero of this thread.


Day 2

Woke up 4:50 a.m. I am doing this to bring out my inner potential out and see what I am actually capable of. :muscle::muscle:


DAY 0 (again):

Porn is so boring that what you turned you on never does the same thing today. Instead you have to search for more in order to get yourself satisfied with PMO, which the brain basically tricks you to think like that and end up with shame and guilt and wondering how long is it till you reach the last day you relapsed and continue from that day forever.

It’s strange really, I like V and when I look at it I get turned on but i dont get an erection. Instead as a heterosexual i get erections by looking at a penis being shoved inside a woman. Why is that?


Keep going bro. Stay strong. We got this.


DAY 1:

I am doing this to feel happy again. Have been stressed and depressed from PMO for too long.


Day 3

I am doing this to be the best version. And focus on more important stuff.


Get angry about PMO. IT’S all about getting mad. This will make you have a vision in your mind. Be mad about PMO But in the same time calmness of body. This is the trick.