Update on what's going on

Few months ago I posted this update

So where I am now? How much progress is made?

If you read the post you’ll know I was having problems getting the right setup. And I still haven’t found the optimal solution, there are things that work, but not as perfect as I want them to be. So after long research and much thought, I’ll be doing this the easy way, it will be a little bit less flexible, but it will get the job done.

What’s that? Very simple sync of the database using Google Drive API. Everything is handled by Google so my work is reduced by 90%

My main focus was just this all along this time, but I did add a few features in the app here and there just to keep things fresh.

I was also preparing the app to be more lean and fast. Removed lot of old and slow code. Basically the whole app was rewritten in Kotlin. And the performance improvements are quite visible.

So yeah, that’s about it for now. Have a nice day/night.


Thank you for being an active and passionate pioneer for this community. I appreciate these updates greatly and your care and attention helps us all to feel a part of something together. These aren’t hollow words I really mean them, keep up the great work :slight_smile: