Update on Rewire Companion 3.0

The work has been going on for quite a while and I am near completion. The funny part is, after updating the app you won’t notice any change whatsoever, but the underlying code and api has been rewritten from scratch. You will notice performance improvements in the network side though.

The main goal of this rewrite was to modularise the api, so adding and changing features becomes easier.

The hard part for me was taking decisions, actual code writing time is very little as compared to the massive amounts of research done in order to make sure things will work out as I want.

Also for the first time, this update will be mandatory for the users who want to use any sort of network related feature. (My companions, message board, signing in…). There will be a little downtime as I migrate databases to switch to new api.

After that? Next stop? Let’s take care of that precious statistics and journal going away. Cloud backups!

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