A little update about NF Companion platform

It’s been about 2 months now there has been no update to NF Companion app, nor the iOS app has been released. Why? You ask. Let me clear that up.

So if you guys remember, when this new forum was launched, things were going at quite a fast pace. We had new forum, redesigned bits and pieces of app, new devices manager screen, linking donation version, and the awesome community section of the app. Also my.nfcompanion.com (which now seems to be forever stuck on Work in progress). So basically I have a plan and everything is going accordingly, and the things I mentioned went by rather smoothly and quickly.

The next thing on the agenda was complete sync between all the devices to the cloud. You pickup any device, login and all your information is synced to your phone.
Now this is taking more time than I originally thought. Basically the way the app database is right now, it can’t happen without data migration, so I had to do lots of trial and error so that the database migration is easy for existing users. Also few others technical issues I had to resolve.

So cool, is it resolved now? Where is my update???
The basic design is done now, only the implementation part is remaining. Maybe till the end of April there will be a new update. NF Companion 3.0. Also I will probably need to beta test this update, I hope some of you guys will help in testing.

I am an iPhone user, what about iOS???
iOS will come after android update. No ETA as of now. I will continue pushing beta updates. Also the response for iOS hasn’t been that great either, and I want to focus my efforts where they benefit more users. If things pickup again on iOS front, I’ll be more active. :slight_smile:

After that, a new competition section will be added, no more copying and pasting codes and cluttering the forum(It kills me seeing that), also chat functionality. PMs, rewards, relapse notifications, leader boards and much more! But for all this, I need data on the server first, that’s why data sync is so important.

Edit: A translation interface will be online soon, similar to this. It will make translating a breeze, and that’s why translations are outdated for some languages.

Thanks for everything


You’re doing a great job man.


Can i be a beta tester ? I like helping ^^

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I will create a separate post when the beta build is ready :slight_smile:


Awesome.This app is gold. thank you so much developers.:slight_smile::heart:


Thanks man! We’re grateful for your work and so appreciate all of your efforts


Our Admin is the best :grinning:


This app really helps, thx! <3

Taher huh? U arab bro if so tell me habibi i am too!

@Taher Thoughts on pausing counter after relapse and check-ins for milestones? Counters still continue when someone no longer uses app. This influences badge stats right?

It doesn’t, badges doesn’t work that way :wink:

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What are you using for android? Native kotlin or java or something? Maybe I could help with iOS with react native. Did you try to make the iOS one also native?

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Android is made of kotlin. iOS beta one was made with Swift.

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