Tuku's diary - a new hope

Hey, man. :wave::slightly_smiling_face: Since dream occurred i would say be a little aware during present couple of days. Be aware to not allow any hesitation.
Take care of yourself. And take care of your journey. :slightly_smiling_face: Just a thought. Nothing urgent.


Congrats on 80 bro. Surprised you didn’t even mention you were 10 days from the big 90. That’s crazy. So happy for you, keep going!


I did mentioned it but in the whatsapp group, people were cheering for me . Hate to admit it but I am an emotional guy. It’s like an unexpected dream coming true. Thankyou @Sacred

@ERNOL Yess I know exactly what you are trying to say. I won’t let my guard down . Thanx :blush::clinking_glasses:.


Day 83
So a beautiful girl was sitting on a bench alone while her friends were chatting in a group a little bit far away from her. So I decided to approach her.
Without any difficulty I asked​ her, was she waiting for someone ?, she replied that she was just sitting by herself.
So I introduced myself and started a casual conversation. Turns out she was a doing a major in psychology and from nowhere I came up with great questions like depressions and like how you guys deal with annoying patients or are they also cool like you, etc. We were really enjoying the conversation.
But after a while I went ahead of myself and made a dick move.
I asked her number directly without any direct hint and she said no. Later I realised I asked her number in a weird way like kind of a playboy or fuckboy type.:grimacing:

But after getting rejected I handled it pretty well. Even she started apologizing . She said it was very nice meeting you and we did share our insta I’d . And she left. And I decided to move on, since I was just trying to socialise and getting her number was never my intention on the first place. But got rejected , god dammit !

Moral of the story , don’t rush into things. Be patient and if something is going well just go with the flow.


I am laughing a lot man. I hope you got your lesson and thanks for sharing the experience. It will help others. Be patient.:joy::joy:


Day 86
Started preparing for competitive exams. I am determined to change my life from the very start of 2020. I am also working on finishing my book (both the first and second volume) by the end of this year.


Great bro !! Keep going and do share your journey


Well done and congratulations for your streak!


YES BRO! Fantastic start to the year - keep it going!


Day 91

It’s all in your mind , I repeat it’s all in your mind. You control it and you win. Ask questions, be curious , what is no fap , what is it to be on a 90 days streak, what is it to be in a 1000 days streak, what it feels like to be a PMO free person. Remember you are the only one who can get the answers, yes you can read it on books , on the internet but don’t you want to actually feel it? Don’t you want to actually taste the freedom ? I have and it’s great. Yes reading my post might give you a sense of satisfaction but trust me it’s a whole new world outside PMO . If i can do it than you can do it too !!! See it for yourself.
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Honestly I started feeling alive from around 30th day of this current streak ( including the 46 days of the previous streak ) with one relapse in between. So that makes a total of 137 days with one relapse in between.
There comes a time in this journey , you will know yourself that you have moved on. Those videos don’t have any power over you. You won’t be feeling horny everytime . Yes I am free , I control what I want and don’t want

It has been a phenomenal journey with lots of ups and down.I made a lots of friends in this forum and I was also able to inspire some of them as well which I am really glad to hear. It means a lot. I have shared everything that I felt and writing them down sure gave me a confidence to face them and the SUPPORT that this community gave was one of the main reason I was able to keep going.
I have stop counting days now, and I don’t see any reason in continuing this diary .
This diary’s goal was to create a new hope that anyone can break free from this addiction and it will live on as a solid proof.

I will be lurking around this app though. I will be participating in the Challenges around the forum , it’s really fun (specially at the beginning, if you know what I mean).
And also I am planning to share a success story on reaching 100 no. of days , writing in detail what steps I took and were actually effective and about those dark days as well that I haven’t really disclosed since I thought it was not that necessary. But I will be open about it. Nofap have changed my life and I will be forever thankful about it.


Congrats brother. You beat me to it damnit! Lol nah but you deserve it man. Never sell yourself short by relapsing. :blush:

We’ll always be here if you decide to continue writing on some days. God bless bro.


Very inspiring post but I think you should continue your journey with us. You are a core part of this community!


Very well done brother. You’ve achieved a lot by Succeeding in this campaign and this is very inspirational post. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors @tuku


wow man woww!!!

I feel so exhilarated to see you reach Day 91. Bless you brother. Stay strong and never relapse. Stay completely free from this wretched addiction. Please guide everyone of us.


Ayee thanx brother , you are almost there. I will remember this line. @Sacred
@Antares @SelfMadeNinja @HE-MAN123 thanx for your wishes guys. I will be around this diary , I am not quitting :blush:. This is just the beginning. And I want you guys to succeed as well , I am waiting for you.


Day 0

As mentioned in this post how I lost my Highest streak of 200+ days
Hey guys! Glad to see the forum with new faces and I am willing to start again.

I have realized one thing that I am missing and that is clarity!
Its a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration.
It leads you to procrastination right away. The more clear you are for achieving an objective , the more focus you get.

Right after I wake up in the morning , I will be assigning myself a task to write down what I will do throughout the day.

It will be a matter of HOW and WHEN I will be doing things through out the day completing daily task. I will write down the tasks in a sheet of paper following the below template :slight_smile:
The template will be like this :

Today I will complete _____ by ______ time.
This is how I will solve _______ problem by ______.

And at last I will be rating my productivity here.One step at a time.


Smart plan, I find focusing on goals daily really helps me focus and acheive whatever it is, instead of just mindlessly going through the motions of daily routine. Hope it goes well :+1: