Things that happen to me during nofap

Hey bros personally, I know I know I might be crossing some of the boundries here, but I am actually still wondering what happens in the nofap journey with others… like what are you experience during nofap…

Like for instance with me I sometimes get the random urge to just touch my dick, or this one time on my longest streak of 2 and a half months ( hard mode) I had random boners without being aroused or watching porn or even having a dirty tought it just happens…

Okay and obviously guys getting wet dreams are cleary overly shocked about it because I feel we’re not telling guys what to expect on this journey. Also the constant thought after about a week or so I also read that guys tend to get nervous about touching only, because their dicks are so sensitive that it feels litterly like just want to blow a load just by one single touch…

I hope we can chat more on this and thanks for giving me an opportunity


I crossed 1 and a half months earlier and Yes ! I too had some random awkward boner in the public, it was embarrassing :sweat_smile:. Also had some wet dreams. It’s all natural process.

People started noticing me. Had no problem in socialising.

My hair suddenly become less oily and all my pimples were gone. My face looks clean even today. I got used to morning boners. And the feeling of tiredness was gone. Specially when you exercise you don’t feel the resistance from your body, it’s like your body is saying go for another rep you can do it.


No I think its the opposite. If you have sex during nofap you tend to last long. Sensitivity decreases. But careful about edging. Don’t edge or you will have blue balls


Thanks for the tips like I said, guys don’t know what is happening during this journey and can’t tell what is actual or just made up so that’s why I feel it’s important to tell guys what’s going on and to actually get them to see what can or might be happing during this journey… Thanks for your support in this manner! :slight_smile:


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I think it’s totally fine talking about nofap and it’s benefits. And on the other hand I’ve never heard any side effects of nofap so I like to mention the term “benefits” instead of results.

@Cubenix Curiosity is good. Man would have stayed in caves if they weren’t curious about the outside world.


Thanks man your support it’s just so awesome!


Hey guys… and bros and girls out there… well well I forgotten one of the other effects and I experienced it today. Day 2 and almost day 3 and I noticed I’ve been on a emotional roller coaster.

Especially anger is the hardest to control. If something angers me I have acted upon it… I think was quite good knowning also I might have smashed things up between me and a girl I like because I just blew it with all the emotions flying all over the place…

Well guys I don’t know if any of yall have the same experience then I have just drop a reply so other can maybe learn if it can be a normal thing let’s help our fam out here… Good luck and good night


You’re doing Great brother. Welcome to community.
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Thanks @rowdy_nik will definitely check it out and thanks for the read and support

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Okay, guys update sofar well… I notice after the intense rage and emotional roller coaster i had a heavy sadness, but only lasted for a day or so.

The other thing is for some apparent reason social encounters is a bit less stressful then before…

One noticeable thing now is my brain is trying to trick me into fapping so I assume I might be heading into a mind fog stage, don’t know not an expert in the field heard and read of it before, but one thing I do notice is I get quickly aroused ( like today petting the cat and seeing him enjoying it got me aroused not into bestiality s***) but it did give me small urges, but manageable… Also the unavoidable and obvious thing to man, woman when your in public…

So that’s the latest on my side I have noticed happening to me on this journey so far day 6 almost and stil planning on going strong… Hope it helps and I hope there’s more of you guys who would like to share your things you notice… Maybe I am also imagining things don’t know but would like to know… Good luck guys :muscle:t2:

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I’m experiencing intense rage n emotional rollercoaster since a month and its stronger than before (when I used MO to release stress). This is affecting me n my interactions. But I’m sure not going back to Fap, I overcoming that & will overcome this too.

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Day 13

Almost 2 weeks I can’t believe it. I had heavy urge this morning waking up to a dream where I was fapping and orgasmed and it also felt like I orgasmed. It was so real I also went into regret and on my way to reset my counter, but then I realized I wasn’t nude or touching my dick like in the dream. Then I knew it was just a dream and the just fought off the urge.

My mind almost tricked me into fapping, but it stopped giving me urges so it might be satisfied with the dream orgasm. I hope so then this will get so much easier.

I hope this helps the new guys or guys struggling to fight on… So did you guys had any weird experience on this journey ? Please let’s get the word out to guys to know what to expect. Good luck and stay strong bros.


Yes I often have very vivid dreams of relapsing. Absolutely terrible until I wake up, so relieved. However sometimes they lead to big urges in the day.


Thank you for the feed back @Special_Bird. Good luck on your next goal! :medal_sports::muscle:t2::+1::fist_right::fist_left:

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Day 18

Well I had a date with my crush 2 days back and it was awesome, but afterwards I felt so raw inside it felt bad. Not because I didn’t really go for the score like most of the guys think, but emotionally on just thinking back on the whole date. It was awkward at first, but it was also my first time taking a girl out on a date so I was super nervous… But it was a success, we had a great time.

But like I said the review on that was actually not so good upon myself. It was like I was dying inside one side of me all negative just thinking about it with thoughts like… Your an idiot she won’t have you because who will date such a guy like you and also like you could have done much better with this and that.

I don’t want to sound like a pity party, but the perspective in some of what the negative side brought actually shown me where to improve. I noticed my own feelings which I mostly ignore and as per usual pushing it to one side.

One thing however I pushed myself to get out there which I didn’t really do before and I am proud of myself doing it!

Let’s go! Let us build our new us inside and focus on what our situations tell us. Let’s take the time and truely focus on what it reveals. Be strong and stay awesome

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Don’t worry about it my bro. What is past is in the past. We can only change the future. You should not bother about it. Life doesn’t end here. Life only goes on.

Yes, stay awesome as always :hugs:

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Thanks for your support bro and I agree. I also can confess I might have overshared a bit, but I only wanted to truely express my thoughts and beat this negativity out. Sorry for all those reading it, but I’d also just wanted to show aswell that I have awoken

I have 1 request tho, if you guys would like to share something of your journey here your also more then welcome. If you wanna share something to beat an urge then go ahead and if you liked to share some motivation spread it to here too lets grow a bit in this topic please?

Thanks for all who’s reading, and a special thanks to @ERNOL, bro thanks I will stay strong and awesome and try to help as best I can!
ope you guys have and awesome day good luck on your journey and God bless.

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No problem at all. Share anything you feel the need to. Speaking your mind helps clear things up.
Always know that you are strong enough.
May God bless you & protect you too brother

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Damn those urges hit hard last night mentality and physically. Well last night I watch a bit of YouTube and I love the Pongfinity channel its awesome so I watched their new vids they uploaded. Then hopped around a bit to other ping pong vids. And then bam it struck me the urge to jump to porn, it was calling in the back of my mind then I relised I’m in troubled waters so I immediately switched of my Wi-Fi turned off the phone and went to sleep. But in my body it still called me that urge, so I just prayed until I fell asleep.

But I feel great beating it. This is the first time in 3 weeks on my streak that porn is calling me I can use my trigger for something cooler instead. I know I am like an alcoholic with the glass in his hand and poking around in the fire and can get burnt, but I wanna rewire my mind to use Youtube to inspire me on the things I like and not to encourage me to go back to porn as it was my trigger.

Still going strong, still building this :fire:, I don’t wanna go down, not now. I am stronger, wiser than in the past. Falling for lies and empty promises. I am done with the past and the bad things thereof. With this darkness inside coming out hitting and hurting, but I come and fight back. Knowning this time with the armour of God, I am protected and a mighty warrior.
So the devil is crying saying Cubenix come back to some plesure and some fun. Well I told him he better run… Because I am done with his crap what it has done. If he angers me more he’ll face the wrath of my God, and with God’s blade I will cut the darkness inside out of me all the demons wouldn’t touch me, because their heads will be chopped clean off. Peace!


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