The winners will be the First 8 persons...90 days streak on your counter challenge from 28-04-2020


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It’s a simple Challenge…

The 90 days challenge…

From 28-04-2020…

The winners will be the first 8 members who reach 90 days first…

You have to update your streak one’s in 12 days…

If anyone failed to update his/her streak …you will be # removed from this group/challenge…

Note: For new commers …
The streak will be counted from his/her joining date…

Don’t forget to Update yourself in scoreboard…

Winners must update themselves in scoreboard…




Starts from 28-04-2020…

  1. Ashu321 (8gheah) 17M :india: 180d
  2. ERNOL (4g5ayc) 24M :bangladesh: 141d
  3. Brahmachari_17 (vt9fry)17M :india: 49d
  4. Martial_Beast (xatx66) 21M :india: 34d
  5. HappySoul (5x6e28) 21M :india: 54d
  6. SelfConqurer (hbfj3h) 24M :india: 11d
  7. NEW_CHALLENGER (yenmnh) 21M :india: 32d
  8. TheDominator (eldfmr) 21M :india: 7d
  9. buntyak (jp47rd) 29M :pakistan: 7d
  10. NoFapMaster69HD (3cbebc) 17M :bangladesh: 0d
  11. Shyone (75m7os) 27M :poland: 0d
  12. Yopai (gbza48) 24M :india: 6d
  13. Saksham3 (pfxjly) 22M :india: 48d
  14. Stiphen(usfn3w) 21M🇧🇩3d
  15. Tagore (tn1ii4) 19M :india: 22d

"For seconds of pleasure, you are planting days of guilt and shame"


“Porn is like salty water. No matter how much you drink from it, it will never quench your thirst. On the contrary, it will increase it.”


"You know how much you hate a relapse, Remember"

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I am ready for the challenge. Lets do it @NEW_CHALLENGER! :slight_smile:

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Can I join?
current day: Day 7
Age 28
Highest streak 275 (last year)

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May I join?
Current streak : 3 days
Longest streak : 62 days
Age : 30 years
Location : USA

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My sharing code : 3cbebc
My age : 17
My sex & marriage status : M & Single
My country : Bangladesh
My current streak : 0 Days
Vision of life : To be PMO free and live a sober life.

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150 days is one of my targets. I am joining. If for any reason i am not allowed mention me. I will remove myself from the challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are in… :blush:

what about me? can I join? sharing code jp47rd
country pak
age 29
current day 9

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What is the starting date of the challenge?

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Gender - M
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I Would Love To Join :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Could I???

Count me in…

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Two participants are already 90+ streak holders. @NEW_CHALLENGER

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It was for 150 days initially and then was changed to 90days brother @HappySoul


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Why I want to create a group -
Beacause I like competitions and challenges.

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I know this @selfconqurer but what is the rule for those participants now? What is their challenge? Are they declared first two winners or not?

I think @NEW_CHALLENGER should remove their names

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