The Hero's 90 Day Challenge! 👑

Congratulations, hero @Consecrator! You’re an adventurer!

Great work brother! Stay busy and keep enjoying the benefits.
Keep moving forward!


Welcome, hero @exhander! Your apprenticeship has begun!

Welcome back to the forums brother! Powerful start to the challenge. Keep up the momentum brother - looking forward to you breaking past your highest streak and beyond!


Welcome, hero @rah110! The journey has begun, apprentice!

Great start to the challenge, brother! It’s good that you’re trying something new and making changes. You can do this man! 85 days is awesome. You can learn from the mistakes and go all the way this time, and be in the best place to achieve great success in your upcoming exams.


Sorry for the late response brother. You’re doing the same - working on positive and productive habits along with this journey. Too many people are simply waiting for their streak to increase without doing anything else to improve their lives; I did the same for a long time. Recovery isn’t simply abstinence, and I had to learn that the hard way. We have to make real changes to our lives in order to make lasting progress.

@selfconqurer Glad to hear the advice helped you.
Practising is something unique to this challenge. It’s making use of the urge-overcoming method, even though you don’t have an urge. This practice helps build the habit of reacting to urges in a new way, so we don’t panic and can deal with them mindfully. With this method, we can get rid of urges within minutes, instead of fighting them for hours, using lots of willpower.

Urge-Overcoming Method
  • A. Acknowledge the urge immediately by saying to yourself: “I want to view and do.” (View and do is a more positive way of saying watch pornography and masturbate.)
  • B. Accept the urge. “It’s normal. Everyone is tempted, it is our actions which count. I don’t need to feel ashamed or guilty for any temptation.”
  • C. Acknowledge your freedom to choose. “I am free to choose. My choice is for this urge only. I am free to choose differently the next time.”
  • D. Choose your vision, picturing it in your mind each time: “I choose my vision where I am happily engaged in the pursuit of my goals, I feel comfortable in my own skin, my confidence has skyrocketed, I’m full of love, peace and joy and I achieve success daily.” (Example)
  • E. For best results, carry a physical piece of paper or card with you and write down the steps A-D, and read the paper/card aloud in your mind each time.

@raj10 You’re more than welcome to rejoin the challenge brother - there’s no elimination here. Good job in having the courage to return. You can recommit to the rules of the challenge and start again.

What issues did you have using your phone to access the forum?

Check-in Day 37 (Day 217 hard mode with GOD’s Help)
:white_check_mark: One affirmation: I am resilient.
:pray:t5: One thing I’m thankful for in my life: I am thankful for every new day.
:shower: Progress for the day: Another day free and clean!
:exploding_head: Number of urges: 0
:person_fencing: Number of practices: 10+


Thanks a lot for the motivation, @Forerunner . :pray::innocent:


DAY :five:

  • :pray: One affirmation - I can stay strong for a week.
  • :gift: One thing I’m thankful for in my life - The power to choose to say no to the urge to fall back.
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Progress for the day - Free and clean day.
  • :dragon_face: Number of urges defeated - I had 0 urges,
  • :crossed_swords: Number of practices - I practised 10x

:hammer_and_pick: Days Completed: 8
:yin_yang:Affirmation: Let my mind be at ease without a care in the world like when we first met.
:pray:t2: I’m thankful for: The fact that today was the first day I’ve fealt like I’m madly in love with my spiritual wife since the first month of our relationship (like 3.5 years ago). I always of course loved her to the moon, but it saddened me I had trouble feeling those butterlies & frog in your throat like when we first met. (I’m sure if you’ve fell in love before I don’t have to explain). All due to the fact that I’m taking huge action.
:white_check_mark: Progress: Another productive and clean day!
:dizzy_face: Number of tiny urges: 3
:dizzy_face: Number of urges: 1
:martial_arts_uniform: Number of practices: 11


Ah, thank you brother! That means a lot for those kind words.

Yes, I’ve been working on NoPMO for past 3.5 years. I knew I had to be productive, but I had the wrong intensions in mind.

I guess I wanted to be productive just so I could feel smart. This was mildly in an egotystic way. That’s why I think I had a lot more trouble then, compared to now. Because, now I’m being productive to put an end to PMO.

I think before I shrugged off PMO and thought it would never work as a motivator. For some strange reason, I thought I could do it by just ignoring & watching days go up like you said.

I didn’t realize how important quitting PMO was. Or, how much of an insanely massive negative effect is was putting into my life. It affects so much, you don’t even know.

So, I ended up not really progressing mentally because like you said, abstenence alone will not help you grow mentally.


Day 2
One affirmation - Everything passes, everything changes, just do what you think you should do.
One thing you’re thankful r in your life - I’m thankful for this day.
Progress - Clean day
I defeated 1 urge today and practised 10 times.


:trident:DAILY CHECK-IN:trident:
:sunny:Days Completed - 23:fire:
:beginner:Affirmation - I’m the king
:pray:I’m thankful for everything
:white_check_mark:Progress - Another busy and clean day with good mood all day
:dizzy_face:Number of urges - 0
:weight_lifting_man:Number of practice - 5


Day 80

  • Affirmation - I am a champion
  • One thing I am thankful about is the community.
  • No. Of urges - 0
  • Practice - 5x
  • report of the day - had a wet dream this morning.

Day 2
~affirmation- i have high determination and will power which i use to achieve my goals.
~i am thankfull about-my friend who told me about meditation class
~nos of urges-2
~practice -10×
~daily report- clean day


Check in 21

:gem: Affirmation - I am successful. I am physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.
:gem: I am thankful for - I’m thankful for the help and mercy I receive from God and friends.
:gem: Progress - Clean day! :smiley:
:gem: Benefits/Mood/Productivity - :grinning:
:gem: Number of mini urges defeated, practices completed - 1, 10


Reporting day 20

One affirmation - Mental and physical capability are much improved.

I am thankful for - This beautiful planet

Progress - clean day

Urges 0 / Practice 3


@Consecrator You’re welcome man! :grin:

@EmeraldArcher Glad to hear you’ve made real changes since, brother.

That sounds like a powerful experience you had today - more benefits of this lifestyle and taking charge.

@BenThor How’s it going bro?

@Bytewar My friend, don’t feel defeated. You can come back stronger than before. If you share what you’re going through and what mistakes led to the fall, we can support you through it. There’s thousands of relapses between us all :sweat_smile: we can work through it together brother :handshake: Don’t feel ashamed.

@selfconqurer @Spirituals11 You still with us brothers?

Check-in Day 38 (Day 218 hard mode with GOD’s Help)
:white_check_mark: One affirmation: I am committed to recovery.
:pray:t5: One thing I’m thankful for in my life: I am thankful for the ability to improve my circumstances.
:shower: Progress for the day: Another day free and clean!
:exploding_head: Number of urges: 0
:person_fencing: Number of practices: 10+

New video: It’s Not Porn Though…


:hammer_and_pick: Days Completed: 9

:yin_yang:Affirmation: Fake it until I make it. Not ignoring my demons and then just existing. Instead, not thinking about my demons, but staying productive AS WELL AS EATING ENOUGH to deal with them vs dwelling on them. Cut them at the roots and seise all water channels.

:pray:t2: I’m thankful for: My spiritual wife really putting in an effort after we had an argument. I told her I wanted to have a discussion to end all arguments. I think we made very good progress, and I assured her I’ve been doing a lot of mental work the past week without spilling the beans early on the group. I’m also grateful to her for never giving up to drill into my head "ask my therapist & nurse for help even if you’re good most of the time because the 10% of time you’re not good is REALLY not good… Well, I finally listened & left both of them a message. I can likely expect to come in for an emergency meeting with Spiritual Wife there too speaking about the major issues that happen only 10% of the time, but very important (me getting agitated easily or hard to deal with for not eating enough for example).

For the most part it’s keep doing what I’m doing, but I believe I now need to smoke my medical cannabis daily as I realized a big reason I can’t eat is stress. For peaking anybody’s interest on the cannabis subject, I use Charlotte’s Web for stress & anxiety (13-15% CBD - 0.01% THC)

:white_check_mark: Progress: Another productive and clean day!
:dizzy_face: Number of tiny urges: 1
:dizzy_face: Number of urges: 0
:martial_arts_uniform: Number of practices: 10

I believe in all of us as long as we stick together utilizing as many of the tools we can from this app/community. Just remember to not commit to too many challenges. Obv this 1 is a must, but everything else is bonus points.


Sharing: Yesterday night, I was wiping my organ after pre-sleep peeing. I had a little urge to touch unnecessarily. But I resisted easily and realised that it was boring. Then I slept peacefully.
The other types of urges fade away when we go away from p. p is the main thing we need to avoid. If we do not feed bad input to our eyes and mind, everything becomes easy.


DAY :six:

  • :pray: One affirmation - I can stay strong for a week.
  • :gift: One thing I’m thankful for in my life - Strength to endure challenges.
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Progress for the day - Free and clean day.
  • :dragon_face: Number of urges defeated - I had 0 urges,
  • :crossed_swords: Number of practices - I practised 3x

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Thank you brother. I’ve updated my post. :slightly_smiling_face: