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Tab Meftal spas nahi leti kya pain k liye?
My exes used to have the same problem, it helped them a lot.

Hmm…rarely leti hu…
Mai actually kisi medicine ki aadat nhi daalna chahti plus mujhe cramps periods k ek hfte phle se start ho jate hain…and periods k 1st and 2nd day to damn mt pucho…to in 8-10 days me mai phle liya krti thi like 1-2 saal phle pr fir jaise ek din Li to 3-4 din thik fir vhi shuru isliye socha kb tak lu…to chhod di…
Plus mujhe beech me kuch problem ho gyi thi , my MC actually got disturbed to Mai risk nhi Lena chahti ab koi isliye bhi mene chhod rkhi h


March 15 , it’s 10:49
Just want to share some mann ki baat…( Heart to heart conversation :sweat_smile::joy: )
Did nothing today…studied for 1.5 hours…
Was feeling very off… don’t know why…
Feeling left out and kind of late ( for what ? ) Like for everything…by late I mean I am kind of criticizing and blaming myself for not setting career as my first priority rather than that relationship plus for investing much ( hell much ) in my previous relationship…seems like ( 100% truth although not ‘seems like’ ) I haven’t forgiven myself…
Yes I know I shouldn’t think about all of this and give my 100% and like forget everything that happened and all stuff but kisi ne ye to bataya hi nhi ki ye ek din me nhi hoga ( not even in a month ) that it will take time…that move on jaisi kuch chij nhi hoti it’s just ki tum accept kr lete ho…pr accept krne k baad bhi kbhi kbhi chije yaad aa jati Hain and then khud ko criticise krte ho and btw ye khud ko maaf kaise krte hain ?? And tum har us waqt rote ho jb tum us relationship ko yaad krte ho ( not ex but the time , the energy , the emotions that you put into the relation ) plus now you are feeling like hell stupid ( sometimes daily , sometimes 2-3 times in a month , sometimes you are just at peace with it ) plus aapki ( kind of ) reputation bigad gyi of acha bacha in your parents and cousins eyes…sbki chhodo…khud k hi najro me bigad jaye to bhut bura lgta h…or ant me bs dar h ki koi samjhega nhi par dusro ko samjhana jruri q h ( I don’t know )…
Hmmmmm…well thik h mujhe nhi pata in sabka solution ya jawab kya h par thik h option bhi nhi h na koi aage badhne k alava ( khud ko santvana dete hue…)
Hmmm…karte hain kuch…dheere dheere hi shi aage badhte hain…or khud ko compare karna bnd krte hain…
So yeah…that was some mann ki baat…quite deep or stupid whatever you can say…it is as it is… unfiltered I can say…:sweat_smile:
Well that’s all for now…
'll be sleeping in a while…
Namaste :pray:t2:
Signing off


You’ll still get plenty of career opportunities and opportunities to prove yourself.
Plus yahan mere roommate ke breakup ko ek saal hone vala and he still gets sad about it sometimes :sweat_smile:. Toh yeah time lgega.


Hmmm…tumhari baatein sunkar mujhe ek do podcast yaad aa rhe hain…ek podcast h TRS ka ( I’m huge fan of him actually :sweat_smile: ) usme Matthew Hussey ( world’s renowned dating and relationship coach ) yhi khte hain ki initially jb aapka breakup hota h to vo aapki life ka main event hota h aap ek min bhi kisi or chij par focus nhi kar paate and vhi chal rha hota h constantly ki why that happened and mere saath hi q hua , mene to sab kiya tha 100% diya tha and all par fir with time vo main nhi rhta background me chlta rhta h aapke , aapke subconscious me , to yhan pr you should be like happy ki vo main event nhi h ( rather than blaming yourself ) and now ab aap focus kar paate ho thoda ( it’s not ki aapko yaad hi nhi aayega ) it’s ki ab aap at least 1-2 ya 3 hrs tak lgataar vo ek chij k baare me nhi sochte ( jaise phle socha krte the ) baki hmm…waqt k saath hi jayega…as they say - Love and Time heals everything…
hmmm kbhi kbhi chije hme pata hoti hain par sunni hoti hain dusro se…so yeah thank you yaad dilane k liye


I also never heard of any period simulator !!


:pray::pray: :dizzy_face: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :saluting_face:



I am heartily saluting all women and especially @SwatiV for bearing such kind of pain throughout their lives. Period pain , Breakup pains.

One of my friends (girl) told us ( boys) about period pain and child-birth pain in class when I was in B.Ed. Most of girls in B.Ed college were married and had one or two children. They were coming to college completing many household chores.

In addition recently last year, one of my girl student was unable to attend the class because she had severe pain because of periods. Her mother ,most of the time , called me and told me that her daughter is unable to come to the class today.

When I asked for the reason, she was hesitating to say.

One day I asked why she is continuously being absent from the class in every month. I received the answer !


Man , I was studying in my room and damnnn that creature eeeew !! That disgusting creature again came into my room , I am talking about lizard . I literally like just hate it plus fear of it ( don’t know why ) . It’s been two days I am not studying in my room , why ? Because of the lizards and all . Today I finally gathered up some courage and went to study in my room , i was studying very peacefully and mast ek dam from 2 hours and then there a voice came at first I thought it would be a mouse but then again the sound came and then it appeared and I literally just screamed !!! My father came and asked what happened ?? When I told him about this he started laughing . I told dad that i won’t gonna study in this room , he started giving me lecture that these are natural creatures and found in everyone’s home and all…
Bhai please bata do bhut upkaar hoga How to get rid of lizards ???


This post is deleted by author because it went offtopic :warning:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Who knows, the lizard at her house is male or female? But fine, loving someone is a loosing game. This is the way to get rid of lizards. :rofl:

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Okay!.. So here is a practical solution for your worries.

  1. Remove their food source as they’re often attracted to insects, so keep your home free of insects by regularly cleaning up any food crumbs, keeping your kitchen tidy, and using insect repellents.

  2. Seal off entry points. Example? Small cracks and crevices…

  3. Use a lizard repellent. Example? Coffee powder, garlic cloves, and onion peels. Ghar ke darwaze ke pas rakh dena ji…

  4. Install mesh screens… Ye konsi chidiya hai? Hai ek… kar lena google…

  5. Catch and release… Tumse nahi hoga… papa se keh dena… (using a box or jar)

Remember, lizards are harmless and play an important role in controlling the insect population. It’s important to find humane ways to discourage them from entering your home rather than resorting to inhumane methods of getting rid of them.



This post is deleted by author because it went offtopic. :warning:

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Love your partner. Respect your parents. Simple!

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This post is deleted by author because it went offtopic :warning:

Parents love is a bond relationship between a child and a parent.
Loving someone is bonding an external relation in humane world.
Kissing is an act and she isn’t going to kiss the lizard. Why are you going off topic? Loving you a loosing game, is just a famous phrase I typed there in support of lizard-rid statement. Don’t go for love relationship GF BF…


Me and my mom have to deal with them daily during summer as our house is way too old and they always show up in summer. We actually use a broomstick and divert them outside by using the lights. They don’t really like staying in dark, they are always attracted towards light. So it’s more like you have to turn off the lights of your room and turn on the lights of other room (in my case it’s the outside area) then use the broomstick to scare the lizard, it will make them rush towards the light or any hidden spots, so you need to be a little pro with it or they might hide in any small spots. :sweat_smile:

Other methods can include pest control where they will drill the walls and fill some chemical which has a very bad smell as it contains sulphur. That mostly kills lizard and they won’t show up for a couple of months.

Once you clear them out, next step would be to seal your entrance and windows with a mosquito net like this one.

Deal of the day: Classic Mosquito Net for Door Fiberglass Magnetic Curtain Auto Closing Insect Screen for All Door Types with Self Adhesive Hook Tape (200X90cms, Grey) https://amzn.eu/d/27kLINk

Also if there are some gaps in walls or doors from where a lizard can enter, you need to seal it.

I used a PU Foam spray which quickly helped in sealing the gaps.

King ston Polyurethane PU Foam Straw Grade, 750 ml - 1Pc + 1Pc Straw https://amzn.eu/d/91keSep

I am hoping this year there won’t be much of them, because I have already sealed majority of the gaps from where they can enter.


Nice one bro… :+1:t2::+1:t2:
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@anon47910755 All of us understand, what you said was right bro…but you didnt looked that it was a light convo and had a element of fun.
And, you drove it towards much greater philosophical and social problem discussion.
I was of a similar thought few years back, but realized that its required for us to be casual in our thoughts, opinions(specially online). It is much better if we implement what all we say on forums/websites in our real life, and become a solid example.
Here, I saw, you became rigid and started to thrash @Sarmin for not immediately accepting your opinion.

Keep this easy and fun bro…life me already sabke tension yha sab relieve krne ko aate h…so keep it like that

Bhai @SwatiV , ye tmhare forum pr kya kya hota rehta h :rofl::rofl:


Have his account got deleted again :thinking:

I like the way you have written…

True well :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Hmm…dekhti hu inme se ab apply krke…haaye bs ye chli jaye…

Hmm…yep :+1:t2::blush:

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