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Is there any option that once when installed there is no option for uninstalling/disabling to unblock…? Pls reply :pray:

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Yes there is, but it is a premium feature (meaning that you need to pay some money).
I had a similar problem in the past, I tried to find the perfect app & adult content blocker, now I’ve found out that the things which works the best for me is blocking the browser completely for a few hours.
Anyway, experiment and see what works best for you. Adjust a little bit and come out with the “perfect combo” for you.
One final note (very important): don’t rely on filters and blockers as your main weapon, instead focus on building the life you want to have. Changing yourself is your strongest tool.
Hope this helps both @auroraborealisss and @AbishekChopin2 :facepunch:

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The question to keep in mind: what are the sources of pain which I try to escape by using PMO?
Two things to improve, identified by analyzing the moments in which I get the strongest urges:

  1. A better study method, to become able to keep up with huge workloads
  2. Building the habit of completing 100% of my daily tasks. Not 90%, not 85%, not 95%: all of them every day. The alternative is eliminating perfectionism when it comes to getting things done.

next steps to improve and make my vision real
for tomorrow’s journaling session

  1. Determine when to read Easypeasy Hackbook
  2. Start using a cream to remove imperfections on my face, theredore eliminating one of my tics
  3. Reorganize the habits list

other important things:

  • dumbbells for bodybuilding
  • getting enough sleep --> evening meditation
  • videos on how to study more effectively
  • Javascript course

Day 4

I’ve reflected more on the harm caused by porn, realizing how much it can slow you down in your process towards reaching your goals.

Life vision: what did I do well? :top:
The amount of sleep: 8h almost reached. In a week or so I woulf settle into a healthy schedule.
Reading: I’ve read almost every day.

Life vision: how can I improve? :rocket:
Today I’m starting Easypeasy Way hackbook. I also need to increase a little bit the reading speed, in order to read 2/3 books a week, and to find ways to create kore hypertrophy.

Reflection of the week :open_book:
Here is how harmful porn is, if you use it as a way to escape stress. Take into consideration your studies, your job, the uncomfortable conversations necessary to get a girlfriend, the amount of struggle you have to go through in order to master a skill. All these things require you to tolerate high levels of stress and pressure. Every time you give in to temptations, you are reinforcing the following belief: “I can take some rest, there is no need to tolerate this stress, I don’t have to reach your goals. It is fine. Stay where you are, be mediocre. I don’t like pain and I will avoid it.”
Don’t listen to that voice! Refuse to escape temporary pain! Temporary pain is the key to create a better life for yourself!

I wish luck to all of you :wink:
Stay strong :facepunch: :facepunch:



Guys, I fell into the temptation, I have to admit it. I had to reset the counter, and I hated it. I feel very ashamed now, and I’m full of disgust.
I started reading the Easypeasy Way hackbook only two days ago, and probably the reason of the relapse was one sentence of it, which said that it is fine not to stop PMO while you are reading the book and applying its strategies. I thought that I had the permission to indulge in sexual thoughts. I also wanted to test myself, to see wether I was conscious enough about the harm caused by porn in order to resist the temptation.
How silly! Of course I’m not completely changed after two days of reading the book!
It is my fault. However I won’t stop reading the book, because the first changes can be noticed. During the session there was no lust, no desire, I was conscious that there wouldn’t have been any pleasure. I went on simply because I felt like “I had to”. In other words, during the session there was a lot of indifference and also disgust, since I was aware that I was simply going to add further stress to my life. After the session, the disgust is even bigger.
This indifference and disgust are something new, and I don’t know whether my mindset is changing thanks to Easypeasy or because of other reasons. Probably the first reason.
I’ll finish the book, eliminate the brainwashing, put its lessons into action. There is hope, I’m finally escaping the trap…


:pensive: :roll_eyes: Where is our successful Steven?

You can do better, in my opinion. You’re better than that. Why don’t you respect yourself more?

I fell sadness reading you.

Be strong my brother!

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Its a process. The more we relapse we will learn more… But again after sometimes we will start our journey. :innocent::innocent::innocent:


@StevenSuccessJourney you did alot of analysis and it is great, you start to know about yourself more :smiley:

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Exactly where is it? I must work to change the situation. I’m trying to read more, to learn more effectively, to improve in the field of bodybuilding, but I’m not doing enough. Of course, as @_TIGER wrote, with each relapse we learn something more and we can adjust our behaviour.
Somewhere I read that every imrpovement in life consists in an upgrade of our perspective about the world. So in order to learn from the last relapse I’m reading the Easypeasy Way. Thanks to the book I’m gradually shifting to a completely new mindset, and PMO is losing its “attractiveness” as I consider things more clearly.
Don’t worry brother, this is the time I’m changing my life. This is the time I’m working actively to change things, to fix my problems and create the extraordinary life that I want. I’m escaping the trap! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :facepunch:


Please… Stop comforting yourself by telling that with each relapse you are learning new things. We don’t care to learn things to stop jerking off in front of porn.

There is nothing to learn! You just have to stop.

Stop overthinking and be more serious in your engagement! You do it for you because you try to prove you that you love yourself and you deserve it!

Nothing to learn… Just don’t do it!


Well, this is the point. Thank you, sometimes being “kicked in the ass” (sorry for the expression) with harsh words is necessary to awaken and to stop kidding yourself. :grimacing:


You can do this Brother. But we have to commit 100%
Nothing less than 100% works when you are on nofap. This is not easy, but we have to do it anyway. Keep focusing on your purpose and goals. Soon you’ll be 18 then 20
The decisions you take now will decide who you become 5-10 years from now.
Small decisions matters


You’re absolutely right @Tagore.
We never consider this carefully: if we don’t stop we will remain addicts for the rest of our lives. The ones who don’t succeed now maybe won’t be very conscious about the gravity of the issue in the future, but one day after years they will find themselves asking this question: “wait a moment… for how long have I been an addict? 12 years?!!” and then continue doing nothing.
Logical conclusion:

Stop now, or remain a slave for the rest of your life.

So what is required is the constant willingness to say no when the little voice tells you to have "just one peek", and the awareness that PMO doesn't provide any satisfaction: it is an empty, useless activity without any value in it. It doesn't even remove stress.

Weekly report

I haven’t posted last week, I’ve been really busy. But here’s the entry of this week! :smile:

Life vision: how can I improve? :top:
:rocket: sleep: meditation before going to bed, to fall asleep incredibly fast
:rocket: sleep: stretching as a part of the wind down ritual
:rocket: coding: follow Javascript lessons every day, except on Saturdays

Reflection of the week :open_book:
After the last relapse I decided to read the Easypeasy Way hackbook. And it was one of the best decisions of my life. I’m still reading it, indeed I’m going at a slow pace in order to absorb the concepts, but the results are dramatic. The journey to escape the trap is smooth and enjoyable!
So I would definitely suggest reading the book, but making sure that you create a mindset shift. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time.

Quotes of the week :fountain_pen:
Life is a university, and you never graduate. Accept that whatever happens to you, no matter how terrible, it is there to teach you. Your job is to learn and do what you have to.

Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned.

Hope you enjoy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Stay strong :facepunch: :facepunch:


Perfect mindset bro!


I am doing :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Brothers, I can now consider myself finally free from the addiction.

I completed the last visit to the harem. By following the Easypeasy method, I'm now out of that cage. You may remember Tagore's revelation, the final post in his diary in which he announced that he was finally free.

Well, I experienced the same feeling after completing the last visit. It is fantastic!!! I can feel excitemente and enthusiasm, the consciousness that from this very moment I won’t have to watch p*rn for the rest of my life. Isn’t it awesome? From now on, finally free! No need to do that filthy thing, and the curious thing is that we fool ourselves by thinking that we need it. There has never been such need, still most users fail to realize it!

Now it is time to let my mind heal gradually, and to continue working to build my life. And don’t worry, I don’t want to leave the forum for ever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The diary is a powerful tool in order to track my progress towards my goals, plus there are many brothers who are still trapped in the addiction. Let’s give them our help!


I’m glad you understand it’s a powerful tool :wink:

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Haha😂 correct…a legend only knows the secret.

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