Steven's Success Diary

Hello everybody!
My name is Stefano, and I’m a 16 years old boy who is striving to constantly get better and to achieve success. This involves many different activities and habits: Nofap is only one of the tools I use to achieve success. :muscle:

After fighting against porn for more than a year (and one month with this app), I keep having the same insight after every relapse: the reason I haven’t achieved great results in my Nofap journey so far is simple: I don’t feel connected enough to other people, and being a fapstronaut is not completely part of my identity yet. This is probably the reason why other people as well keep failing during the rewiring process: I hope that this diary will help others who are facing the same problem. :grin: :grin:

The reasons for this diary
However, the main reasons behind the decision of writing this diary are the following:

  1. It is a way to keep myself accountable :facepunch:
  2. I would like to establish deep and profound relationships with other people in this community :handshake:
  3. Writing will give me clarity about what I want to achieve and why I’m doing Nofap :eyes:

**about my posts in this diary **
I will write every day about the insights and the reflections I get during the course of the day. The reflections will be not only about Nofap, but also about success and life in general.
I will write around 10pm(time-zone: Italy), which is around 01:30 in India :india: .
If you want to, you can ask me any question: I would be glad to help you. :blush:

One final sentence to keep in mind for everybody reading this diary:

Stay strong guys :muscle: :muscle:


Good luck bro I’ll also try my best to get rid of PMO forever and I feel grateful that I found such an amazing community on this app


Thank you brother, together we can make it!


Here’s my daily post :upside_down_face:
After 13 days of freedom, I’ve fallen into the trap of PMO once again. :grimacing:This is exactly the reason that pushed me to start writing this diary.
I’ve come to the conclusion that Nofap is like a skill: in order to become good at it, we need to practice, practice, practice; and to push ourselves up to the pont where it becomes uncomfortable to keep going on. It’s an interesting concept called ‘deliberate practice’. :thinking:
Now, the problem with most of us, including me :sweat_smile:, is that we aren’t ACTUALLY willing to embrace discomfort. But learning how to do it is important to get success. So I experimented with 3 simple ideas to apply when we don’t feel like facing the tough part of Nofap:

  • meditating :relieved:
  • praying God
  • forcing yourself to be accountable thanks to other people’s help :innocent:
    In conclusion: EMBRACE THE SUCK :joy: :wink:

Today I’ve had another relapse…
It seems like I’ve just fallen into a downward spiral: the last time I relapsed for two consecutive days was ages ago! Anyway, I guess that the more people will start reading this diary, the more I will feel the pressure necessay to stay accountable. :muscle:
From now on I’m making a commitment: I will be on Nofap hard mode at least until 31th august.
As one of my brothers, @Tagore, reminded me, a commitment is a commitment. Once you gave your word you can’t decide to give up. My goal is very small, I know, but big goals don’t motivate me a lot because I currently find them too ‘abstract’.
From now on I’m moving away from this downward spiral, and turning these small goals progressively into bigger goals.
I will progress over time.
Patience will bring incredible results.


I was about to go binging but then I quickly opened this app and saved myself, I’m about to get the day 10 badge but my streak could have been ended if not for this app and all the strong brothers on this forum.Feel the urge? Open this app instead of your browser.


I admire you for the strength you use in fighting the urges, it’s time for me to develop the same strength, I definitely lack it at the moment :joy:


This is an early post, but I had this incredible insight and I decided to share it immediately. :upside_down_face:

I’ve been reflecting a lot, and I think I’ve come to a conclusion regarding the deep reasons why I’m doing Nofap.
Once I read that there are three types of people who try to break a porn addiction: those who do it because they feel forced by others (for example those who try to quit because otherwise their girlfriend will break up the relationship); those who do it because the addiction has become too painful; those who do it because they’ve finally found their own profound motivation.
In the first two cases the efforts put in to break the addiction will fail sooner or later, in the third case they won’t.
Up to now I was doing Nofap because of the second reason, that’s why I kept failing, but I’ve now found my own personal motivation: becoming a ‘people person’: both a charismatic individual, and someone who can be completely honest in front of others; both an enjoyable person, and a man whose soul is crystal clear.

After being used to spending almost all the time alone, I’m slowly getting accustomed to staying with other people and enjoying their company. My relationships with family, friends, and companions in this app start to provide the necessary motivation to go through the hard moments.
The deeper my relationships, the more I will feel motivated to fight against PMO.
This insight is probably the key to succed with Nofap in the long term.


Success requires also taking some time to reflect. That’s exactly what I’ve done today.

Pondering and reflecting is the key to improve your life, to determine where to steer it

After an intense thinking session I've updated the blueprint for my future, and I've determined 2 priorities to follow in the near future: 1. Nofap --> I've just embarked in a 30 days challenge with Kakka :muscle: ; currently I'm not having any urge :upside_down_face: ; 2. My spiritual life -->I will put more efforts into meditating and connecting with God. After these 2 priorities it will be the right time to start developing more my social skills. Time to build my future.

Kudos to you my man @StevenSuccessJourney. You are on the right path. Do Meditation exercise Affirmation etc regularly without fail. Those things are almost fundamental in beating this addiction. Get Disciplined. Focus on your purpose. Work hard
Iam with you. We are together in this journey. There is no looking back now. This time it is almost impossible to look back. We can either choose our life or pmo.
Both of us are choosing our life. Now hold hands.



Thank you!!
I have my own set of habits, which includes working out, meditating, reading, helping my family, studying etc. : following them is the key to achieve success.

Other people's help though is as fundamental as habits.

Ready to go with you!


During the course of the day I’ve been experiencing something which is really interesting: I repeatedly surprise myself being grateful for little things that usually I would never notice. For example while I was having a shower I saw a small bubble and I started laughing without a clear reason, just like a child would do.
It’s something surprising! I believe this gratitude comes from the compound benefits of prayer, meditation and Nofap(Nofap benefits are starting to come now).
The sense of guilt caused by my last relapse is almost disappeared now, and I’m turning my attention towards improving my speed reading skills. Slowly getting better…


I’m not completely satisfied with today’s performance, because I screwed up part of my daily plan: my speed reading practice definitely took a lot more time than I expected :joy:
today’s workout was amazing: I felt incredible pump in my biceps and calves. If I keep up with this pace they will grow enormous, I guess. :grimacing:
And there is also one thought that I’m glad is continuously coming to my mind: I want to find more ways to feel uncomfortable, I feel the need to stretch my limits.
I want to share this with you:

Do what makes you feel uncomfortable, find ways to stretch your abilities: embracing the pain is the only way we can achieve greatness

Have a good day everybody :facepunch: !

These days I’m not having many urges. I feel my connection with God slowly becoming deeper and deeper, and I know I can count on him whenever I have to face a challenge.
I’ve just joined a great challenge:

No auto-eroticism August

If you want to increase your chance to succeed, I highly encourage you to take part to a challenge

It's definitely a great way to improve in your Nofap journey. God is with us :innocent: . He will bless us with success

You are on the right path man. Everyday Iam keeping an eye on your diary. There is no going back for either you or me. We are men of greatness.
Yes! Push your limits. Become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Trust me there is unlimited potential within you. all we need to do is unleash it with hardwork and semen retention.

About no eroticism August I’ll continue that Challenge for 4 more months bro. I’ll continue it till we reach 100 days. Stay together :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Thank you for reading my diary @Tagore. Yes. We have unlimited power within. Let’s unleash the beast!!! I will go on no matter what. If the challenge will continue until 100 days, then I am ready: we will shoot for the moon. :muscle:

I can feel the energy coming from semen retention slowly coming back to me: each and every day I become more productive. :laughing:
Now I can see that I’m gradually reducing the amount of time I spend procrastinating each day: today I only spent 20/30 minutes in a state of tiredness and procrastination, while in the previous days I sometimes wasted an hour. :grimacing:
This energy also allowed me to do a lot of deliberate practice with my homework (becoming uncomfortable, pushing my limits to upgrade my skills).
One interesting reflection:

focus on end goals, not on means goals.

Find the ultimate goals for your life, the ones that make your soul vibrate, and every day strive to get closer to them. Don't focus on the 'means goals': they are only a way to get to your ultimate vision. Don't look at the details of your journey. Remember the big picture.

Exhausted. That’s how I’m feeling right now. I used every single drop of energy available today, however I’m not completely satisfied with my performance. I could have done a bit more. But I helped a lot my mother, and I’m grateful for it. Small regrets are always present at the end of the day.
Last night I had a wet dream, I lost part of my progress. Probably the reason for it was quite silly : I should have peed before going to bed. :joy:

Here’s an interesting tool that I want to share with you: the MBTI personalities test.
It is always exciting to learn about yourself, and knowing oneself is also a way to find out about your strengths and weaknesses. :upside_down_face:
I will keep grinding.


This wasn’t my best day. Not at all. I found myself a lot demotivated and without a clear direction about what to do. Fortunately I didn’t have any urges, though.
The reason for this lack of productivity? Yesterday I organized my day when I was completely exhausted, so I didn’t have any willpower to do it in a productive and effective way. But now I’m aware of my mistake. I eill avoid it in the future.
I am sure my brother @Tagore will rise again with full power. There is strength and incredible potential within him. Soon he will come back up. :wink:

During the dark nights of life you will experience pain, you will be tempted to give up, you will lose hope, but if you keep grinding you'll see:

There is light at the end of the tunnel.


9 days! Small steps towards greatness…
After a great afternoon spent with two friends I entered into a reflective state, and I started having many insights. And I had this realization.

The world is messy, there are many problems, and we should do our best to solve them. Up until now I’ve been focused entirely on what I think is the best way to change the world, to solve its enormous problems: become a wealthy, succesful, skilled dindividual who can create an enormous impact by working alone.
One person can do a lot, he can create a big impact, but this mindset is very limited. A much more powerful way to change the world, to create an enormous impact and not just a small one, is influencing others. Change others’ mindset, and they will change the world.

And this is related to PMO. Help other people get rid of the addiction, and they will start aiming for their goals, they will start seeing the problems of mankind, they will start acting upon them. And this is way more powerful than doing everything on your own.

It is a long post, I know. :sweat_smile: But there’s a lesson to remember:

Do you want to change the world? Don't focus solely on yourself, try to change the way people think. Help them get rid of their problems. And they will start changing the world as well.


Thanks man. Yes I’ll surely come back. We are together. You are a very strong man too. Just go forward. Don’t look at anyone. People will relapse. They’ll fall down. Don’t get discouraged by it thinking that you are missing a great pleasure they are enjoying.
This is one of the no 1 reason that made me fall. Some of the people in my companion list were relapsing regularly. I saw it and I felt Iam missing out a lot. Iam going through pain.
Don’t think this way. PMO WILL GIVE US NOTHING.
I unfollowed many of them who were doing that.