Starting with meditation


Hi everyone

Something that helps me a lot, not only for nofap but for my whole life is meditation.
So, I thought, for the people not knowing where to start, here is what I’m using:

I know two amazing apps.

  • headspace: there is a basic introduction (10day course) about mindfulness for free. I really like mindfulness for getting more peaceful and calm. There are many other topics but for them you have to pay (as a student there is the amazing offer of a one year pass for 10 Dollar which I will definitely get).
    The app is very intuitive and straight forward.

  • insight timer: More complex, with different topics. There is also an introduction course: learn to meditate in 7 days. But more importantly, this app has daily new guided meditation sessions aiming for all kinds of topics. From happiness, managing anxiety, staying in the flow and so on.
    All the single sessions (duration from 3min to 1hr meditation) are FREE.
    There are 10 day courses too which cost 5 Dollar each. where you can focus on one topic. Like which meditation is perfect for me -> 10 different meditation for 10 days. But there is tons of free stuff which is absolutely amazing

I would recommend everyone who never tried meditation, to start with the 10 day course of headspace and from there continue with insight timer to search for specific topics.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Lets make it easier for new ones. Need your help
Help with Meditation
Tips to start meditation to get rid of porn
Share your experiences with the "new guy"

Yes it’s help a lot me. I already use this app
but i’m indian, Indian people use everything for free :laughing::grin:


No worries bro, another Indian here😁. Use “Deep meditation”, it basically has all the features for free, absolutely free. Best app for meditation i have used so far.


Thanks @neveragaintw for bringing it into the light as there are many newbies coming with a full motivation for the journey but without a proper knowledge on how to deal with things on a real basis, they relapse. I think we should write more on practical things than fictional that could literally help others in their journey.

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that’s exactly the problem i had. after sometime here it can happen that you have all the ideas and strategies in your head. your building a wall off ideal behaviors, weird strategies and stuff, but at the same time forgetting the easy but really important things.

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I have been meditating for the past 1 year (but not daily)
Whenever I do meditation more than 30 minutes,
WHY I feel sleepy :sleeping:
This is the reason, I meditation leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start leave start :pensive:


Hard to tell. Don’t think that I have enough experience to tell that. But maybe it depends on the kind of meditation?
I’m currently experimenting around with different kinds and I feel that each one has a slightly different impact on me. Some make me really self aware, after others I feel a bit dizzy, some give me the ability to focus on one task

But on the other hand, I never meditated for much more than 30min straight :sweat_smile:

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