Resurrection Journey towards enlightenment


Hey there great forum indeed. Congrats for your journey. Do you practice any sexual energy transmutation excersice.?


The Beauty of Sexual Transmutation is that it happens on its own. We dont have to do a bunch of excercises like yoga, meditation etc. The one who says that it requires a technique are selling you a silver bullet. They will run away with your money as fast as they can. The energy mixes with your emotions on its own. It starts to heal your body & mind. You starts to become one with the FORCE. You just only needs to not watch porn & not to have an Orgasm


You’re on the right road man
Continue like this👍


Thanks a lot.
I am getting Urges today because of the sexdream last night.
But i will not let you down bro. Thanks for believing in me.
Its time to fuck some urges.


Oh really be careful man the chaser effect will follow you for around 5 days be extra motivated just like when you startwill a new streak. The weekend is going to be hard for you but if you succeed you will come oit stronger than before.
We believe in you man keep the great work going!


Guys I need your opinion and advice here.
It’s been 15 days now that I havn’t cummed and resisted to wet dreams every single time. But yesterday, when I was at work, I felt that I was getting aroused. First, I though ok this is normal no problem. But after 10 minutes, it still wasn’t over and it kept getting harder. I found it surprising and I tried to calm myself down, but it didn’t work. Then I got the feeling in my head that I was really going to cum if I didn’t stop it in the next 5 minutes. I really panicked, and finally I calmed it down after 30 minutes of erection or so, but I had to focus extremely hard on my religion and all the hard work I had put in NoFap. I guessed that since I had zero cum since 15 days my body was just trying to do its natural cycle. So now I’m really afraid that I’m going to cum out of the blue in some strange situation and that I’m not going to be able to stop it.
Do you have any advice I could use?
And does cumming by accident without even thinking about anything sexual counts as a relapse?
Thanks for your answers


How can you resist a wetdream ?

Its not a Relapse.
Erection in public is strange. You did a good job on calming things down. It was not the right place for cumming. Dont worry, things will get better as we march forward in our Reboot.
Only 10% of Reboot is completed. Clear your mind. We have to do it in 2018. 100% Reboot.


How can I resist a wet dream?
A few weeks ago, I thought it was impossible. But then, something really strange happened in my brain. I don’t really know how to explain it, it felt like a switch turned on in my subconscious, like he was against fapping too. And since that change, when I get wet dreams, I usually get aroused, but then, when it starts getting serious, I have some kind of voice coming from my head saying no I won’t cum because this is wrong. Then the dream stops and I suddenly wake up checking if I have cummed and I havn’t. I don’t really know where this voice comes from or why did I get it, but it’s really good to be released from the chaser effect you get after having cummed in wet dreams.
So you see, I don’t know much about all of this.
Do you have a similar experience?


When i have sexual dream, i masturbate in dream but then i realized in dream itself that i have edged & i get upset about in dream.

In last wetdream i was dreaming that i was watching porn on mobile & i suddenly ejaculate actualy but this ejaculation is very different to actual. The liquid is not white & thick like fresh semen. So, it confirmed that it was prostate juice. Wetdream is good in a way.


Patience is the key

Most of nofappers relapses after 2nd or 3rd week. The reason is frustration due to no progress. They stop receiving benefits,They have a stressful day,They are bored, They want it quick…
We have to understand one thing completly that our problems cant get fixed so quickly. If someone has fucked himself realy hard over the years, he requires a less or equal time to heal. But one thing is sure your social anxiety & fears will go away within first month of nofap. The repair of your other body parts may take a year or more. The more life you save the more powerful is the recovery by that i mean dont spill your seeds out… let them blossom into flowers within you.
Start appreciating life man.
DAY 17 :muscle:


If ya relapse before day 40 I’ll hunt you down and kill you myself :joy::joy:


I have decided that next time i ejaculate… i will ejaculate it inside my wife for a son.
I have a daughter just 3 months old. We are not planning any child until 4 years.
So i can make my streak more than 1000 days of hard mode.


That’s it man you’re a winner you know it deep down you will do this and think with humour avout the time when you used to be addicted to this stupid thing called pmo.
Now is the right streak, the one that will bring you high and out of all this. We all look on our friend list everyday and check where you are, so don’t you dare to deceive us🔥
We believe in you man
Lets go💪




That’s real man. We have to be patient to break this addiction.


That’s an important point too. Patience is needed, therefore we need to stay alert and never let our guard down. See these messages on the chat with «day 100andsomething, I just relapsed today. You definitely don’t want to be part of that.


Yes , people are posting like
Oh man day 45 just relapsed upvote for motivation… i mean fuck yourself…
How upvote going to get them back on track.


Feeling like a piece of weak shit.
Day 19.


Exactly! its pathetic. What good does it make? If I get 30 up votes I will suddenly be able to reach hundred days from the scratch? God.


{ Social Anxiety gone }
Thank God,
The almighty & the one in me… finaly by your grace the biggest hurdle in my life is gone. Social Anxiety is the disease of the weak person. A weak person with no energy develops fear of death. And it is obvious. If you waste your semen like water in tiolet… you will die. We must practise celibacy in first 25 years of our life so that when we enter into marriage we can deal sexualy with our partners. Unfortunately i leveled what i gained in 14 years and i actualy killed my self to the point that i was about to die but he had other plans for me.

At 25 i realized my mistake… and here i am washing my sins. Anyway… my social anxiety is gone. I can do my work now without giving a fuck about what others are thinking…
YEAH… BINGO… CHEERS :champagne::cocktail:
The streak continues…